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CTemplar provides a safe and secure platform for sending emails and sharing files by using 4096-bit end-to-end encryption.
Our service guarantee:

– End-to-End Encryption using Open Source Cryptography (Contents, subjects, attachments and contacts)

– Benefit from the World’s Strictest Data Protection Laws: Iceland. It has zero sharing agreements and maintains the strictest data privacy laws in the world, so your data stays encrypted on our servers and nowhere else.

– Anonymity and Zero Access to Your Data. Our industry leading “Hash & Salt” technique guarantee even we do not know your login information. We do not store your IP logs, which can be traced to your anonymous email account. Your privacy is guaranteed with CTemplar.

– Simple-to-use Interface: Simply send and receive your emails, just like a regular email account, and rest assured knowing your privacy is 100% secure.

– Our code is Open Source: you can check at anytime: https://github.com/CTemplar/webclient

About CTemplar

As governments continues to gather data at an increasing pace, greater data privacy and protection is needed. Use of encrypted email is an important step in achieving greater protection. CTemplar is committed to providing the greatest level of data protection.

The idea to create this service grew out of a recognition of the threats facing internet privacy and security. Our effort to protect communications through encryption is an entirely new approach, one that will continually strive to employ the most advanced techniques in protecting your data.

CTemplar offers users the world’s most secure encrypted email program. CTemplar’s security does not lie solely in its advanced encryption. CTemplar is structured and domiciled so as to best protect your data from information requests.

Our Privacy Policy and Term and Conditions

Privacy Policy ctemplar.com/privacy

Term and Conditions ctemplar.com/terms




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I don’t see the formatting to fit the screen option. The welcome email from ctemplar is half way off the screen on an iPhone max? Am I missing something?


First off so far very confident in this platform and it’s future! Will there be some problems, most likely! So I’ve had this service just a few months and I’ve had minor spotty issues, like this one. I couldn’t log in and now I’m trying to download the app as a solution to my login issue! My login is correct yet the connection won’t go through as my local server is the one being, well to put it nicely uncooperative! “So really I don’t intend to just give up and always blame the first thing! “ which I have done before, so I’m now trying the app, and really i haven’t even opened it yet I just downloaded it but I looked at a few reviews and was confused why this company doesn’t have a 5star or close to rating!! I really feel this rating system across all businesses needs some type of reform! I’m in no way being paid or asking people to use me as a referral! I also can be very picky about things so I might have critical opinions and over explain situations like I am now, and sometimes leave 1 star ratings! And so that is a bit biased as my experience that one time! Before I open this app and encounter issues that arise, All I wanna say is I’ve reached a certain point of trust with this company and it’s goals to actually write this rating before even using the app, and if issues come up I’ll work with them, and if I don’t get the results I want then I’ll do what’s necessary at that specific time but what I won’t do is go off and completely forget the service I’ve been provided and the actual decisions behind the negative results that I potentially get! Really we all need to do that! So my 5 star rating is a little off because it’s not a 5 star for the app but a 5 star for C-TEMPLAR in General!!! Hope that makes sense! Have a great day everyone!


When the app was launched it had issues, now the issues are solved. Solid app


Privacy is essential and the people at CTemplar seem to have a passion for it.


It is supposed to be a privacy respecting app. The first thing that it does is connect to analytics domains. Instant dealbreaker. To make matters worse, they limit what sort of special characters you can use in your password. It definitely smacks of snake oil.


Is awesome, need to get subscriptions. This email reminds me of Tutanota Mail. This email so good that Russia wants to ban it.


My previous complaints about bugs have been addressed. Only issue I have on iPad Mini 4 is the email scrolling is laggy


I’ve had nothing but problems with CTemplar on Android, iPad and now iPhone. Some emails just never load, it’s extremely laggy and I now feel the need to double-check if something I sent was actually sent. I am admittedly using the free version but I can’t imagine the (fairly expensive) paid tiers suddenly jettisoning these issues. I’ll have to migrate to Protonmail or Hey 🤷🏽‍♀️


You need to use a web browser on your mobile device to use the email functionality. Lots of problems with the app.


As soon as the app opened my firewall lit up... It tried to connect to all sorts of analytic, marketing, and data mining domains. You may pretend to care about security and privacy but its obvious you don't practice what you preach.


Buggy, which makes it hard to use, but even more: It logged me into someone else’s account! How do I know other people aren’t logging into my account? Just eliminate it and stick with the web, or don’t use the service at all. There are obvious security issues.


I have tried numerous encrypted apps and this is among my favorite. Reasonable cost and very secure. The latest version of the app is great also.


I love privacy and wanted to love this app but should be removed from the App Store until they can figure this out.


Had issues early on. I had rated it a 1-star initially. However, App performance and functionality is improving! Hope to be able to give an even higher rating in the future.


My two chief complaints with the iPhone mobile app are as follows: 1) I’m not able to view entire emails. They’re cut off at the bottom and on the right-hand side of the screen. 2) Functionality could be improved with a delete message feature on the screen where you view a single email, as is featured on the desktop version of the website. It’s kind of tedious having to go back to the main screen each time I want to delete a message.


Majority of emails do not render properly —don’t fully load, have tiny print or huge and not fitting the screen. Those with photo attachments might not even open. Can’t edit a saved draft. Emails I send vary in font size!? Web browser version is better but emails with attachments are still buggy. I wasn’t looking for fancy, just basic email.


So I guess it’s not a good sign. 2 or 3 days after joining, they had severe data loss which resulted in my account being completely erased from their systems The app leaves a lot to be desired. I have to manually refresh for my mail every time I open the app. Another big issue is every email I get is formatted differently. Meaning some come in super small or super large and pinch to Zoom in or out doesn’t work. I’ll stick with them a bit longer to see if any of these issues improve


1) Lost customer data recently. 2) Requires invite code to use. 3) They apparently don’t hash and salt the passwords because you aren’t allowed to use symbols at all and is length limited. 4) Tracks you by connecting to analytics domains.


Please make it so you can use the password of the Touch ID doesn’t work.


Trouble with the emails framing properly and if there is more than one attachment you can only open the first one