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Hello from Yay! Admins! Thank you for always using Yay! App, We are very excited to present to you, a new version of Yay! app. ・keyword filiter feature ・You can hide specific user's post who want to mute from timeline ・Add more call search options ・When group owner is away for a long time, group vice owner can take an offer 7 days in advance before members accept Please enjoy the new version!


【图】Yay! – community app(截图 0)【图】Yay! – community app(截图 1)


Community connected via call

◆ Ways to use
You want to talk to someone or chat to kill time. In those moments, find someone using Yay! You want to talk to someone with the same hobbies, you want gaming friends, or you want to talk to someone in the same age group. In those moments, join groups you are interested in and talk to people!

◆ What kind of app is “Yay!”?
Yay! has exceeded 3 million registered users, and is one of the largest free SNS apps in the country. With various functions such as the ability to have group calls, “circle” function to allow users with the same hobbies to gather, one-on-one chat, individual calls, etc, you can make new friends and places to belong just by opening the app. Yay! checks your age, so you can use it safely and with peace of mind! We also patrol posts 24 hours a day!!

It is loved by many users, especially high school students and university students!
Enjoy making communities with various people and talking on the phone or chatting online!

◆ Recommended for these people!
・People who want friends with common interests
・People who want to talk about common interests and have a community
・People who want to fall asleep talking to someone on the phone
・People who want to talk while playing games
・People who want to talk to someone while studying
・People who want someone to help them study
・People who want to kill time by talking on the phone
・People who want to kill time by chatting with someone online
・People who find it difficult to talk in real life, but want to talk about their worries to someone
・People who are good at imitating voices
・People who want attention from someone
・People who want friends in their age group
・People who want to show their drawings to someone
・People who want to gossip
・People who want relationship advice
・People who want to be healed by cool, cute voices
・People who want a community

◆ Introduction of Features
1. Group
You can join or make groups based on your interests and hobbies! There are various groups for games, anime, music, sports, comics, voice actors, voice immitations, studying, idols, consulting about worries, and more!
2. Chat
You can send one-on-one messages or pictures!
3. HimaNow
You can find users who have free time now to chat, without having to worry about followers
If you touch the “Hima Now” button, you might find completely new users!
4. Individual calls
You can talk to other users one-on-one from the chat screen!
You can’t call someone who you haven’t interacted with at least 5 times, so there’s no worry of spam calls.
5. Anyone can call
You can find people to talk with via time line or circles. If you post in “Dare Tsuu”, you just have to wait for everyone to enter.
6. Timeline
You can post in the timelines of followers, the open spaces of people in the same age groups, and circles! You can also like and reply to other people’s posts!

◆ Precautions
*The use of the app and exchange of external IDs for dating purposes is prohibited.
*Posts are patrolled 24 hours a day, so you can use it with peace of mind.
*Your age is confirmed before use. Please be assured that you will not be kicked out due to this.
*Please note that if you lie about your age, your account may be frozen or reported.
*If there are any other inappropriate posts, please report them from within the app.

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I used this app on android and I had no problems with language but currently I use it with IOS and I change app language to English . How can I change it back ? I had already chosen language to English in setting but nothing changed ..