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Bug Fixes - Fixed a bug that was affecting the Widgets - Optimized internal code to make the app more accurate when creating the calendar/schedule view. - Fixed a bug that was affecting the dates between the months of February and March. Also with these internal updates we are setting the building blocks for more upcoming widgets and upgrades.


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Crewline allows Flight Attendants and Pilots to download their Flica schedule, as well as pick up and drop trips into daily open time and the trade board.

– Currently Supported Airlines:

Spirit Airlines

– Coming soon

Frontier Airlines
Silver Airways
Hawaiian Airlines
Mesa Airlines
PSA Airlines
Republic Airline

*** Standout Features

-Open Time & Trade board

Crewline makes it very easy to see open time and trade board. It sorts them by the total available trips per day and you see them right on your calendar. Tap on them and you’ll be presented with an organized list of trips that are already sorted for you.
Once you decided which trip you like, simply swipe to the left and the app will submit the request for you.
Not only you can pick up, but also drop your trips. Look for the “Drop” button on the top right corner in your pairing details.

-Saves one year of schedules

We know how annoying it is to want to go back to a schedule to find out it no longer exist. Well with Crewline you will be able to see up to ONE year of your schedules.

-Faster Downloads

With Crewline you will see faster downloads of your schedule.

-Crew Profiles

Need to contact one of your crew members but do not have their information? No problem, we got you covered. Each Crewline member has a profile that will offer you ways of contacting them. You can toggle on and off which contact information you want to display for your own profile.

-Map View

Map view offers you a great way of seeing your daily routes of your current day.

-Gate and flight status information

When you start your pairing, you will be presented with flight status information as well as the gate which you should report to. You’ll also notice a flight status indicator ( green = on time, yellow = delayed, red = canceled ) right next to each flight for the day.

– Original Pairing

Crewline saves all your downloaded pairings so that you can compare them to your most up to date changes.

-Beautiful Design

Not only we have all these great features but we also have a beautiful design that includes a stunning Dark Mode.

More features are under way.. And we can’t wait to show you.

Crewline offers six subscription tiers:

Economy Class
– Monthly: $0.99
– Yearly: $10.99

Business Class
-Monthly: $1.99
-Yearly: $21.99

First Class
-Monthly: $2.99

Economy Class: Offers the basics of Crewline and 3 months of your schedule’s history.

Business Class: Upgrades you to be able to submit open time requests such as drop, pick and swap trips and up to 12 months of schedule’s history and more.

First Class: Includes everything plus advanced flight status and flight search. With the advanced flight status, you can see all the details about a specific flight or flights you are scheduled to work, including tail number, distances, aircraft type, and more.

Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period.

Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your Account Settings.

You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase.

To read about your Privacy and Terms & Conditions go to:


For any questions you can e-mail us at: support@crewlineapp.com




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This app is nearly perfect. Love it! Shows open time in my monthly calendar makes it easy to predict reserve calls. 👍👍


I use Crewline everyday that I’m flying. I love the ease of the app! Recently, I upgraded my phone and had problems logging in. I contacted them and they replied quickly and got me back up in no time! Great product and customer service. I highly recommend!


As a new FA, I cannot even imagine not having access to the Crewline app in my life right now! It has all the information I need. Now, if only you can help with the meal prep. 🤪


This app does not provide reliable support and needs improvements. The app frequently does not refresh and keeps on heading into no mans land! They need better support and better fixes in updates! Until then I won’t be returning either until they address the issues and or improve support for the application.


Definitely love this app!! As a Newbee has made my life sooo much easier! Thanks!


Superior customer service, honesty very responsive and professional help from developers ! Jhoan thank you for your help and constantly evolving, looking for ways to make it even better!.. Makes Flica life much better experience and streamlined futures of the app very easy to focus on trips and make change to schedule. Thank you for your hard work.


I love this app Thank You for keeping it up to date and all the work you do. I have one suggestion.. would it be possible to see open time in other bases? Maybe the ability to add,drop, and swap from Other bases.


I use paytrack already and this app is super sweet! Good job! Update: this app doesn’t stop getting better, with every update it’s FULL of new features ❤️


I just started working as a flight attendant, and this app is amazing , also Jhoan was so helpful and patient with me , I must for everyone in our industry to have


I don’t think I’ve ever written a review on an app, but this one deserves it. I used to use two different apps and two different websites to see everything. This app puts it all in one- crew members, where’s the plane, all flights, all loads, opentime, even how much a trip is worth based on your hourly and per diem. I’ll never go back to the days without Crewline.


I had an issue one day and was going crazy. I contacted Jhoan who was not satisfied until my issue was completely resolved with continued communications and inquiries. Now I love it even more..!!


I can’t believe it took me this long to get this awesome app! Best crew app!!!


I love that I’m able to see open time and how much I’ll get paid for working a trip


This app is actually the only app needed if you work in the airline industry. It is the go to app that I use daily .


My favorite flight work app…being able to bid and drop are amazing. FLICA is a drag, but this app is so user-friendly!


I love the app the only thing that's missing is that we can submits on open time even though it's close. But when it open it will submit automatic. Other than that I love it.


I’ve had issues loading the future or current schedule and it happens when we get ready to change months. A few bugs still.


I love the app, but the new update is a pain. The old one was so much easier on my eyes. Why do we have to “fix” something that isn’t broken?


I’m new to the inflight side and I have tried every app and this one by far the best option!!! Could improve? YES but like every airline 😂😂😂


I am a B6 FA. I was formally NK. So glad Crewline works on both. This app is INDISPENSABLE to my life. I’ve tried other apps. This is the best one out. I have first class subscription. I can see my friend’s schedules, which is sooo important to what we do to spend time. My family has this app as well to see where I am at. I love it. I can also pick up and see trips from opentime right on the app. I can’t do my job effectively without this app. Get it.