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This is an exciting puzzle game with simple and addictive gameplay. Swipe to roll tiles into one and complete the levels! Try to complete as many levels as possible. You will get real pleasure.

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Relaxing Puzzle
This is an exciting puzzle game with simple and addictive gameplay. Swipe to roll tiles into one and complete the levels! Try to complete as many levels as possible. You will get real pleasure.

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WHY DO DEVELOPERS MAKE GAMES WITH WHITE BACKGROUND?!? I really dislike it as there’s so much glare. Some pieces are in pastel colors. Ugh. Imagine playing that in the dark? Whoo so much glare. Did you hear that having less white background helps preserve battery charge? Oh yeah. Please add haptics (vibration option.


This game is just plain bad. There’s no challenge or anything to it. The levels repeat themselves after a while, and they never get any harder. The only “progression” is the number at the top of the screen. I spent maybe twenty minutes playing & never once got stumped on a puzzle. The good part is that there are no ads!


This is the best relaxing game. No more “Do not call your game relaxing!” It’s a bit easy and loads of fun. Best game! Download this game right now!