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Lectio 365 is a daily devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day.

Written by leaders from the 24-7 Prayer movement, this resource helps you engage with the word, fix your eyes on Jesus, and connect with God in prayer.

MORNING PRAYERS – P.R.A.Y. every day – P:ause to be still. R:ejoice with a Psalm and R:eflect on Scripture. A:sk for God’s help, and Y:ield to His will in your life.

NIGHT PRAYERS – Reflect, rejoice, repent and rest each evening to process the day and prepare to sleep.

TEXT & AUDIO – Read or listen to every devotional.

JOURNEY THROUGH THE YEAR with Pete Greig, Carla Harding, Phil Togwell, Jill Weber, Izwe Nkosi, Hannah Heather and other international guests.

TRY SOMETHING ANCIENT – Lectio 365 is inspired by Lectio Divina, a way of meditating on the Bible that’s been used by Christians for centuries.

SHAPE YOUR FAITH – Explore how to love God through prayer and creativity, love others through justice and hospitality, and love the world through mission and learning. (Matt. 22:34-40 & Matt. 28:18-20)

SPECIAL SEASONS – Be inspired to pray through Advent, Lent and current events with hosts from around the world.

DOWNLOAD DEVOTIONALS up to a week in advance and read or listen to them later.

24-7 Prayer can help you encounter God in prayer and become an answer to prayer for others. We began in 1999, when a simple, student-led prayer vigil suddenly went viral. Today, 24-7 Prayer is an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice; a non-stop prayer meeting that has continued for every minute of this century so far, in over half the countries on Earth. 

Download Lectio 365 and give us your feedback.




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This has breathed new life into my time with God each day. Highly recommend!


Any chance we could get an iPad native app?


Somehow my app has gotten off the proper date. I’m currently stuck on Friday morning and it’s now Sunday morning. How do I catch up to the correct date?


I love this app and incorporating as the beginning of my day and ending of my day.


I’ve been using the app for 2 weeks now and love it. It helps me set the tone for and settle into my day with the right godly mindset with the morning devotional. The evening devotional allows me to shed the day and accept God’s peace for my rest. In fact my 11 year old uses the evening devotional before bed to help her to settle into sleep.


I like the app. Sometimes when I try to use it the screen has nothing on it.


I love this app! It is very well organized and timely! I can read scripture here and meditate on it and also feel connected with the universal church through common prayers, poems etc! I switched from you version to this for my daily Bible reading. I highly recommend it!


I can’t get it to advance beyond Saturday. Can you help?


Thank you for designing this clean and simple app that really puts the focus on each day’s devotions. I’ve been enjoying Lectio 365 and the diverse cast of narrators and it honestly does help me get up earlier and make time to refocus on God. Thanks again for making Lectio 365 available to us! :)


I thought this would be a classic Lectio Divina with the regular 4 stages. Instead, it’s a daily devotion organized like a Lectio Divina. The app itself is good, just realize that if you want to do a real Lectio Divina you should find another app.


I’ve been using this app as one of my main daily rhythms for about a year now. The evening devotional is my go to on nights when I can’t shut my brain down. This app has become a mainstay and I’m incredibly appreciative of all of the obvious work and care that’s been taken in its creation.


Love this gem of an app. I listen first thing in the morning and feel God’s presence and love as I fix my eyes on Him with the calming voices that read scripture and guide me in thoughtful prayer. I listen again before I go to sleep and it soothes my soul as I again focus on God and His everlasting goodness. I wish I had started this years ago. Calming, encouraging and peaceful. Best way to begin and end my day—with Jesus! 🤎


This app is just what I was looking for! The voices are so calming but not cheesy. I love how the studies are the perfect length to listen, and everything is read and guided. Thank you so much for creating this, God is good!


The meditations and Scripture readings have been much appreciated and beautiful, but now I see a straying from Scripture and personal (somewhat leftist) opinions creeping in some days. Can’t you just leave it to Scripture and prayers that don’t involve hints of politicization?


Love quiet times that the app facilitates. My only recommendation: please PLEASE make an Apple Watch app that will play the audio. Something simple will work. The only thing I don’t like about the app is that it requires me to grab my phone early in the morning and late in the evening; something which I really try to avoid. Whereas I nearly always have my Apple Watch on. That being said, great work!


So thankful to be told about this app. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last at night. Has really helped me to slow down and process the beginning and ending of the day and to reflect on the day. I love that sin is brought up for confessing. Also the asking of how I saw the spirit work is asked. I cannot say enough about this app! Thank you!


I’m glad to see I’m not the only one annoyed and dismayed at the political slant of this app. I loved it, and even though they would have a day or two of slightly leftist ideas, it seems to have become way too much of the focus since the beginning of Covid. I loved the voices, the readings, the commentaries (usually), the prayers. Now I’ve deleted the app. Go back to Christ and off the political agenda! Don’t go woke!!


Overall, I really enjoy the app. I also love the addition of the night prayers. I feel like this app has helped my walk with the Lord. However, the prayers sometimes focus on political and controversial issues and seem to choose one side of the political spectrum over the other, which feels unfair to me. Other than that, good app.


I was enjoying the app every day for a couple of months and able to ignore one day of liberal leftist politics, until… And entire week of climate justice??? Anyone who believes that politicians can improve the earth’s climate is extremely naive and believing that policy can affect change on a global scale without India and China involved is delusional. But what does climate justice have to do with my walk with Jesus? I am a faithful steward of this world He created and I don’t need to be told to pray for the success of hypocrites meeting together for photo ops. A devotional app should be a-political.


Such a beautiful app, I am so grateful for it! If you’re reading reviews and not sure if you should give it a try - do it! Such a wonderful way to connect with the Lord each day 🙏🏻