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Adventure Game


Update 1.4.04 includes: • iOS 14.5 compliance • Minor bug fixing


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1000 years ago, a lone hero named Dash was called upon to save the world from the nefarious Lich and his dark forces.

Emerging from the shadows, an ancient and unspeakable evil threatens once more. Zaru, Master of Lich, returns to avenge the failure of his creation, vowing to destroy the world once and for all.

The time for a new hero is now!

Can you help Dash’s descendant fulfill the destiny of his ancestors and save the world, restoring hope to its people?

Dash back into adventure with the action-packed sequel, Dash Quest 2!

• Hack and slash your way through goblins, trolls, demons, zombies and more!
• Explore vast lands of the world including scorched fields, barren deserts, haunting caves and more!
• Unlock tons of NEW special abilities like Eviscerate, Ragnarok and the devastating Black Hole! Enchant them to reach epic levels!
• Collect 100s of awesome combat gear! No crafting required!
• Discover ancient relics with powerful effects!
• Deep and customizable skill tree!
• Endless runner and RPG mechanics in a pixel kingdom!
• Classic 16 bit arcade action!

Dash Quest 2 is currently available in English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian!

PLEASE NOTE – Dash Quest 2 is free to download and play, but includes some items that can be purchased for real money. If you don’t wish to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

Are you experiencing problems? Visit http://www.tinytitanstudios.com/contact or contact us from inside the game by tapping the gear icon and support button.

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I like this game! It’s a very good game. Whoever made this game, good job man!


It seems like a cash grab


It’s a great sequel but there is only one problem with it. THEY MADE IT ENERGY BASED. I hate games that do this. Especially games like this where all you want to do is play it to pass the time but you can’t because you have energy consumption that scales with level. Honestly one of the worst game mechanics ever implemented into mobile games. JUST WHY


This game is amazing dash quest 2 and 1 (dq) are so good. But what I think is really setting the game back is pets and the energy system. I really had loved dq1 and I was sad I beat the game like beat beat the game. But then dq2 comes out and I think it’s awesome. But then there is a energy system. I understand sometimes you gotta give players a break and make it slow running so you can maybe update this game or make a new game. But this game and these flaw given and gone can really set the game in a fast forward production set


The game is really fun to play but it feels very tedious having to wait for energy. The game would be a lot more fun if the energy was removed altogether.


Why the energy. I bought the in app upgrades in the last game. Spent like $15 or something on dash quest 1. Now this comes out and I’m so excited, instantly sad because the energy limits. Please remove this. You guys made such a great game before.


Just did a raid, but the time ran out so I didn’t get to collect my loot from it. That’s ridiculous. Fix the game...


I gave it a 5 star cause still has that Dash Quest Mood i love it played it for 2 years the first and the and the heroes and then the second hopefully more will come out I will be really excited


I miss a lot of things from Dash Quest that I’m just not seeing. In Dash Quest, it was simplistic and fun. There was never a need for complicated combat and spells. I like the new spells but I would like the ability to buy potions. I miss my dragon pet from Dash Quest.....


The game is amazing and I loved the 1st one too for years. The only recommendation i’de have is to make mobs drops a little more gold


Original is always best but this beats the original,


It’s amazing, and this is coming from a dash quest 1 veteran, just play it!


Game seems to easy now with no magica you can umlimited use spells so also you get a ream sword right after the first level


It’s a fun game if you just want to burn time


Fun for a month or two but then it just gets boring as there’s nothing left to work towards. No leaderboards but that’s ok seeing how easy it is to buy your way to the top if there were. Plus why would I pay annually for no ads just make a paid version with no ads.


I like the combos which add a bit of flavor to the game. Not a big fan of combo animations preventing blocking. Also I miss multiple lanes. This feels like you rolled back the complexity of DQH but improved DQ1. I wish you’d have expanded on DQH instead of on DQ1. Update: feels a bit more grindy than dash quest heroes.


Very fun game. One thing I hate. I use the ad to come back to life, and by the time the ad closes and I get back to the game I’m dead again. I had no chance. So that’s dumb.


An sich der zweite Teil ist sehr gut, aber die nervige Sache ist die Energie, alle 5 Minuten 1 Energie lächerlich


Just get rid of energy system and it is perfect. Also endless mode where.


The actual gameplay is very simple and relaxing but outside of playing the actual levels I don’t really like the game because the energy system makes me sad that I can only play a few levels before having to stop, I like the equipment better in the first game but I’m biased cuz I love the first one, I would play more if I actual could but since I can’t I just play the first game while the energy regens!!!!