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Capital One Shop for Safari App DESCRIPTION

A simple and free way to help you save online
Here’s how it works:

Available coupon codes are instantly applied to your cart at checkout.

Capital One Shopping searches for a better price while you shop at Target, Best Buy and more. You’ll see a friendly little pop-up if a better offer is found, including tax and shipping details.

Earn Capital One Shopping Credits while you shop, then redeem those Shopping Credits for gift cards. Cha-ching!

Forget multiple tabs and browser windows, and stop spending time looking for deals online. Let Capital One Shopping do it for you.

It’s kinda genius.

Capital One Shopping is 100% free to use and dedicated to watching out for you and your money. In the last year alone, we’ve saved users over $160 million (!!!). Time to cash in.

Don’t buy without Capital One Shopping. Add the Capital One Shopping button to your browser today and stop overpaying online.

By installing, you agree to our terms of service at

Some services may not be available outside the United States.


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The extension has access to all personal information, including banking, personal emails, etc. Could be great if it could be enabled on a per-site basis or on demand.


I have gotten offers to my email giving a special money back offer. I have the extension and I click the offer but I never get the money back stated on the email. It also said I would get $10 for using this extension and nothing. I have waited the stated 3 months and not a dime. Deleting extension as this is false advertisement.


App Store keeps notifying of update even though it's been uninstalled, I shouldn't have to use a 3rd party App to completely uninstall.


Use this app at your own risk. As a part of the setup process they ask you to input your email address and literally the very next day my inbox was filled with over 100 spam emails. They clearly sold my information to other companies who are now harrassing me. I'm going to have a huge headache getting my email sorted out. Please don't use!


This keeps asking me to ‘UPDATE” it and I dont want to install or update it. How do I delete this??


This extenion might as well be a virus. It regularly chews up my CPU and I have to kill the task to regain control. On Amazon it always shows me prices that are higher that the Amazon price. If I could rate it negative 5 I would.


I wasted 5 minutes clicking on this app's site looking for working coupon codes - the site said there were some - when one of the links said I needed to download this extension for the most current codes. Mind you I didn't realize at the time I was on the CapOne shop site that there was an app. I downloaded the extension, and unknown to me, another CapOne app was installed with it. Of course there were no coupon codes for very site I was trying to obtain one for - the very reason I was on the CapOne website and downloaded this extension. And the app interfered with the site's data entry and wouldn't let me fill in some of the fields. Summary: Website lied about availability of codes to get me download the extension. CapOne didn't tell me that there was an additional app installation involved. And then the discount codes weren't available. It got deleted immediately - it was during extension deletion that I discovered it had a piggybacking app. Just awful


I use the Capital One Shop extension on Google Chrome, and it's useful and flawless there. With Safari, even after restarting my computer, Activity Monitor shows the extension using 100% of my CPU. Ridiculous. What is it doing, crypto mining?!


When I tried to install it, Safari froze. Wouldn't accept clicks on tabs, etc. If I went to different applications - they worked but there was 15 or so second delays between clicking and corrresponding action. 
I've tried to sign up for this numerous times and always get some kind of problem. I have email & password from signing in before in my 1Password, but CapitalOneShopping doesn't register this. But I can sign in manually. 
Furthermore - Capital One and CapitalOneShopping are two different thiings. The web keeps trying to link me to one (or the other?) and with the above confusion, I have no idea what I'm connected to.


Lots of advertising. Waste of time


I didn't get the chance to real try out the benefits. I had a week with it on my Macbook pro M1, and started over heating my Macbook. i checked the activity monitor and it was using 100% of my CPU. my laptop is new there is no reason it should over heat the way it was. Unfortunately i had to delete it. we all want to save money, but not at the expense of our new electronics.


Not sure since when, this Safari extension causes 100% CPU loads and high tempature. This is happening on both Intel and Apple M1 Macbooks, have to uninstall!


As many others have noted, this thing uses a whopping amount of CPU (it was at 100% for me at times even when not using Safari) and thus drains your battery very quickly. I'm on a 2022 MacBook Air with M2 chip that normally lasts 15 - 20 hours easily with web browsing and email use, and after installing this my battery was draining from 100% down to 20% in just a few hours. The other thing is that I didn't find it nearly as useful as the Honey plugin anyway (and Honey doesn't require full access to your Safari Internet data), so I uninstalled this garbage plugin after only a few days of use. Avoid!!!


It can see all of your website passwords, CC information, etc. I’m trying to remove it without any luck. Thanks for your help.


This extension routes all internet traffic through their servers. Performing a speed test with/without this extension enabled showed a massive improvement when disabled.


Im not saying it does not work however LARGE CPU usage when it was added. I noticed this alot even when I wasn't using.


This app/extension causes the fans to run continuously. Activity Monitor shows over 80% CPU dedicated to this task. This stopped immediately after I disabled the extension in Safari. While the extension is useful, this clearly has a runaway process.


Seems OK except for the 99% CPU usage, I have to force close the app everytime I use it so it doesnt kill my macbook! Still debating if the savings is worth the hassle.


How is this even legal??? You have to sell your provacy to have this app? No, thank you!


Eats up respurces and causes computer to slow down, fan to run like crazy. Killing the process returns things to normal. Not worth it.