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Optimize the experience of app running in the background. Fixed some bugs. If you like Sidus Link, please leave comments to support us. If you have any advice, please send to Thank you.


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Optimize the experience of app running in the background.
Fixed some bugs.

If you like Sidus Link, please leave comments to support us. If you have any advice, please send to Thank you.

Sidus Link® App 1.7 version now has the new Magic Program™ GO function. It lights up every creative work with vivid lighting effects easier. Multiple layout shapes help with quick set-up; With only one click, users can easily apply various preset lighting effects; The Effect Store could run lighting effects across scenes, making the lighting program much more effortless. Magic Program™ Go, free the creatives!

1.Multiple layout shapes for quick set-up
With the eight most common layout shapes, users could quickly set lights in rectangle, circle and star shapes. The Magic Program™ GO also supports flexible numbers of fixtures. Users could customize lights numbers in the range of 1 to 25 freely.

2.Apply multiple lighting effects with only one click
The Magic Program™ GO has three brand new quick lighting effects modes: Flash, Pixel Chasing, and the Color Chasing lighting effect modes. No need for complicated operations, set lighting effect up with only a few clicks. Users can even preview the effect during the setting operation, giving quick lighting effects access during busy on-site shooting.

3.General Effect Store
Users now can save the lighting effects to the General Effect Store and apply them on the same types of fixtures even across scenes. Let creativity shine and be immortal.

4.The mobile App is now supporting team account functions, iPad users could use the team account and sub-account to log and use the mobile App.

Sidus Link® provides a new solution for film lighting control. Based on the Sidus Mesh™ technology, it allows the user to connect up to 100 fixtures with one smart device.

Make the film-making easier, and enjoy it.


1. Compatible with all new Aputure fixtures;
2. Up to 100 fixtures connection with only one smart device;
3. Professional lighting control modes: CCT mode, Gel mode, Color mode, and Effects mode;
4. Fixtures Console quickly adjusts the intensity of all fixtures;
5. Smart battery usage monitoring ;
6. Quickshots: save multiple scene lighting sets and resets up easily;
7. Unlimited fixture Presets;
8. Free Sidus Cloud Synchronization service for Scenes, Presets, and Lighting Effects;
9. Collaborating the scene with team members via CC Group;
10. Pick up any color and apply to the fixtures with the Color Picker function;
11. Sourcematch: match the color temperature from different lighting source;
12. XY Color mode provides tri-Color Gamut: A gamut(similar BT2020), DCI-P3 and BT 709;
13. Manual lighting effect, creating diverse customized lighting effects;
14. OTA update;
15.Multi-language Supports:
English/Chinese Simplified/Chinese Traditional/Japanese/Portuguese(Brazil)/French/Russian/Vietnamese
17.SidusPro™ FX Support: Manual FX, Picker FX, and Magic Program ™

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This app is the reason that I buy all of my lights from aperture or amaran. There is nothing like having control over all of your lights while you sit on your butt.


So far so good. Works well.


Being able to control my lights from an app is super handy also lets me do advanced things only possible with an app.


Sidus Link and the Aputure/Amaranth lights have completely change how we setup/operate lights on set. It has made life much easier and reduced the amount of running around.


This makes lighting scenes so easy. No issues, used it all day with little interference!


I own multiple aputure lights and having wireless app control all on my phone is a game changer. Lighting gags, dialing in specific temperatures and brightness all from my phone is amazing.


Great for controlling a bunch of lights at once!


Being able to create lighting overheads and designs for projects with Sidus link is incredibly helpful! Once I create my designs, I can pass the project over to my gaffer to make communication and set up time fast and easy!


Investing in Aputure and having the Sidus Link as a companion (really the driving force) has been invaluable to me as a startup. Usually the first thing people see is the lighting and then when I show the versatility they almost instantly book studio time.


This app is very intuitive and has all the controls you need!


This app makes life so easy to control my vast array of Aperture lights that I own! Would definitely recommend!


Use it all the time.


Very convenient


Awesome app with great opportunities and user friendly!


Super effective and easy to use


The app functionalities are impressive but on ios it will time out after a few seconds in the background and take 7 seconds to reconnect, which is 3x longer than other vendors. This points to a design flaw or a marketing choice, neither is acceptable on a set.


I’ve been using the light stand alone for a long time and has been great but when I tried to use it with the app it says it pairs but never shows up on the scene screen. I start over resetting the BT on the light only to have the same results. This is with a new iPhone 13 pro. 😫


Won’t connect to P60x. No way to troubleshoot. No real documentation online.


Hey you know what I don’t appreciate having to update my app in the middle of a job


I was locked out of my account. I went on the desktop version reset my password but I am still locked out. Why do I need a account to use my Bluetooth devices -____- ??? Plz let me use my items I purchased without an account. Accounts should only be needed if you want to save certain settings.