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The fantastic online crane game, TOKYO CLAW MACHINE!
– Rare Japanese character items are waiting for you!
– Guaranteed! 100% getting prizes if you play certain times!
– Free delivery from Japan to your home!
– Install now and you will get 5 free turns!

■ What is the TOKYO CLAW MACHINE? ■
TOKYO CLAW MACHINE is the online crane game to get prizes by using real online claw machines.
There are various prizes which gamer green or toreba don’t have, such as Japanese core fans’ unpacked second-hand prizes, new prizes only for the crane game, accessories and sweets.
We prepared the largest item numbers by using dummies, not the real prizes in the crane game.
The number of play limit is set for each prize. If you reach the limit, you can get the prize for sure.
There are several ways of playing the game. Choose the way of playing you want and get prizes.
You can order to deliver the prizes you got free of charge by using a delivery free ticket.

■ How to Play ■
1. Use a sort function or a keyword search to find your favorite prize to play the crane game!
2. Select a prize and decide how to play!
3. Move a crane with buttons while watching the crane on a video screen.
4. Enjoy the game to win your prize! You failed? Don’t be sad! You can still get the prize if you have reached your limit for the number of plays for the prize!
5. After you get a prize, the prize will be delivered to your home! If you use a delivery free ticket, the prize will be shipped free of charge!
6. You can get free play tickets with a log-in bonus or for some events!

■ Notice ■
In the game, we distribute the video and operate crane game machines in real time.
If your internet connection is not stable, some failures might occur, such as the video doesn’t appear, you cannot make a reservation, or the operation of the crane game machine might be slower.
This game is an online crane game app. Please enjoy the real crane game with a good internet connection.




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Played daily for about 6 months. Weak claws and impossible setups.


Because it’s basically impossible. Super glitchy, and not made to win, even with the “shipping” prices.


It’s lags so much you can’t even play. You have 14 days to claim your prize but some don’t ship unless you have more than 1 prize. If you can’t win another prize within the 14 days, you forfeit the first one.


I was trying to play one of the claw machines and it completely lagged so bad


It takes a while, but it will eventually get to you! Please be patient!


I won’t prizes dating back in March 2020 and I still haven’t received my prizes yet. SCAM!


I won 3 prizes back in 08-18-2020 and have waited patiently for 3 weeks before inquiring about the shipping I requested. They provided the tracking and I have patiently waited for another 3 weeks. It’s now 12-25-2020 and I proceed to inquire what is going on. Their reason is I won be receiving any prizes before I have no prize won since August. This app is a scam. Do not download and waste your money.


Three free plays when you first download, but none after you use them. You can’t get any free points to earn free plays either, every play costs $, around $3-4.50 per play. There are no referral points or codes. No ads to watch. If you win something, you have to ship it within two weeks by either paying over $50 usd or paying $25 usd for 5-6 plays (1900 pts) plus a shipping ticket. I’m not sure if the shipping ticket covers multiple prizes, you may have to repurchase that $25 each time you win something.


I don’t know why people are saying shipping is 50 dollars it’s 4000 cop without a free shipping ticket. But if you spend 25 dollars you get a free shipping ticket and credits and the main reason the prizes haven’t gotten here is because of COVID and there aren’t as many flights from Japan and us but this is one of the best online claw machine games there are.


You’re better off buying what you want. A single item costs around $50 USD to ship


Lately when I try to play the machines are either jammed up or never bother loading. The app also freezes up as well. Not sure if I recommend either due to how scammy the whole shipping process seems as well. So I won two Pokémon plushies on 6-08 and 6-11. I made sure to get them shipped ASAP because it always makes me excited when I win on apps like these. However the tracking number that shows for my prizes has no updates and “doesn’t exist in the system” yet when I try to search them. So I’m pretty sure they haven’t even been shipped yet. I understand with COVID there are delays but I have no luck getting updates from the staff. IMO don’t waste your time with this and stick with Toreba or something else.


It does not give me my prizes and lags


For me, it was not as laggy as the other reviewers said. Not like, impossible to play, just a bit delayed. I love how you get 1 free play per day, because you could really win one of these great prizes without even wasting a dime. This has been my one problem: one time, a long time before the time actually ran out, and right when the claw was reaching down for the box, the app suddenly told me the time had run out and forced me out of my play. I never got to see if I had won. And again, the time had not run out, it was an error. It had also lagged more that usual that play.


Only worth we u play for free


hi squashy this app ok add me on osu i need friends: reimei eggs dee


It’s cool that you actually get the prize you win. I wouldn’t recommend actually purchasing a lot or in general, the easy games appear the hardest, but overall, it takes a lot of strategy to actually win a prize. If you’re not going to purchase anything, the best way is probably the daily ticket. I wouldn’t rate it the best game or the worst but it’s alright.


Game is super unclear and laggy. I didn’t know I would actually have expectations of a game like this till I played and realized it didn’t meet them.


When I first look at this game I thought it would be fun to play, but when I got it and started play it was horrible. I try to get the it like six times! And I still didn’t get and when I press to go somewhere else it goes the opposite direction. So if I give this a rating I would rated a BIG FAT ZERO.


I thought toreba was bad but this is impossible!. Don’t download it or even spend your money or time on it. Worst game I have ever played!.


I don’t like this game it lags and it so hard to win prizes it’s one of the worst claw games I’ve ever tried I recommend not to play it