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• Background color theme updated • Dark Mode is now available • Send email to your Care Team with one tap • Import phone contacts directly into Emergency List • "Enter Things to Ask" at your next Office Visit • Health Screenings replaces Preventive Tests • Swipe Left to Delete unwanted Conditions • Tap Discontinued box for inactive Prescriptions • User Interface updated for MacBook users • Lots of under the hood fixes and tweaks • Still need your feedback to improve Tidy


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Tidy Health PHR is more than the #1 personal health record.It is a one-stop healthcare management hub for you and your loved ones.

Use it as a dedicated contacts list, tracking toolset, file manager, reminder app, vaccination wallet, healthcare vault, personal diary, info research, and much more. Best of all, Tidy app is free, without in-app purchases or advertising. Your private data is stored locally on your own devices. We never ask for personal log in information. And you may add and follow unlimited family members.

Some say decluttering can empower. Nothing is more important to organize than your healthcare and that of your family. When all your medical records are there – tidy and secure – you feel calm and reassured that you and your loved ones are getting the best care.

Tidy Health PHR keeps your Personal Health Records together in one place – so you can find precisely what you need when you need it. It approaches your health as a journey – a lifetime of care – and helps navigate a medical system that sometimes can feel overwhelming.

Tidy Health is not merely another medical summary maker. Open its Home screen, and you will view all your medical information neatly tucked away inside 6 digital folders –

Health Profile – Allergies / Medications / Conditions / Past History

Care Team – Emergencies / Providers / Support / Facilities

Tidy Files – Documents / Labs / X-rays / Archives

Progress Chart – Office Visits / Diagnostic Tests / Vaccinations / Preventive Tests / Critical Care / Telemedicine / Allied Services / Outside Data / My Covid Journey

Health Log – Diary / Expenses / Topics / Trends

Medical Records – Insurance / Vision / Family History / Legal

Best of all, Tidy is totally private and stays with you forever. Save records from anywhere and share them seamlessly with those who need to know. Access value-added features such as reminders, notifications, graphs, IBM Newton database, Harvard Health, appointment alerts, and more. All records are saved on your device and backed up by the cloud service of your choice. Data is seen only by you and those you choose to share with.

We love working with user like you. Please send feedback our way via chat in app’s Help section or send email to We release version updates regularly and appreciate your input.

Disclaimer: This service is intended solely as a tool to assist you to self-organize and maintain your healthcare information. We have made best efforts to be a resource to, and not a substitute for, the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of medical practitioners. We do not assume responsibility for any aspect of patient care administered with the aid of information provided by this service.




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Nice app. Seems they are moving forward & making improvements in the various areas to store health info. Moved all my medical info over from other app


WAY too much info that was available before electronic health records, so it’s typing and uploading scans of paper documents. There are very few apps that do this at all, even fewer that do it well. These folks are building a great app that’s going to be even better than the MyMedical app (my old favorite) it’s replacing for me.


This AP may be in its early development but I now know they have perfected it to do just what everyone needs. I can keep track of appointments past and future, lab work, immunizations, surgeries, tests, X-rays, diseases, allergies, hospitalizations, medical insurance, medical POA’s, lab work. Prescriptions and supplements, weight and BP. I can also have the information entered on one Apple device and available on my iPhone too. Even my Dr. Is impressed with all my records at fingertip.


I used My Medical for years and it contains a lot of my medical history. I bought 3 or 4 paid apps in my search to replace it and I immediately regretted spending my money. MM recommended Tidy Health so I signed up. There were a few deficits but some better features. It’s only gotten better over the few months I’ve been using TH. The developer is responsive. This app makes me wish I’d had it when I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2014. I wanted a medical diary and a place to simply keep track of symptoms without having to expend a lot of time and energy. This app makes that easy. Bravo! Thanks for developing such an easy to use and useful app.


So far, I love the app. But one very important problem as far as I can tell is, the blood pressure log is divided into only systolic and diastolic. Now, there may be a need for that for so I’m not recommending getting rid of it or keeping it. But you need to add a place to log both your systolic and diastolic together. I am not going to go back and forth to tell the doc what my BPs are. This is really a very weird problem to have in such a complex, useable great app for keeping everything about you and uour family’s health information in one place.


This simple app is very useful for people who want to keep their medical/health record on their iPhone or iPad. It also allows input for records for family members. Once data such as prescriptions, medical conditions, insurance info, etc. is entered on one Apple device, that data can be backed up on iCloud and retrieve on an other device using the same Apple ID. Outside records can also be incorporated within app. It deserves a five star rating for a well designed app.


After latest update it crashes every time I click on History. Definitely needs some enhancements like a hospitalization section and surgery section or just fix History.


If you are being forced to switch from the My Medical app to this one, be aware that Tidy Health is useless because it’s impossible to import records from the My Medical app. This is a known bug that Tidy Health has ignored. My Medical has deserted it’s users. Thanks a bunch.


Wasn’t sure what I was going to do when My Health was shutting down I have used it for a couple years now and had a bit of information in it. But I decided to try Tidy as that was there recommendation and am glad I did. Other than finally giving up on trying to import old data from My Health I like this new program better the layout and organization suits me better as well as the user friendly aspects and privacy. Yes there will be bugs and things some people don’t and never will like about any program but for a fairly new one they are off to a good start and seem willing to listen to our input to make it even better I have gotten quick responses to my questions so far, so give them a try I haven’t seen a better one even for $ more (you got that it’s free right).


I have been trying to find an app to replace the MyMedical app I have used for years (MyMedical is no longer supported). I have continued to try Tidy Health as an alternative. The developer has continued to upgrade Tidy Health to provide improvements and new functionality so that it is the best alternative to MyMedical I have found. However, there is one major flaw that keeps me from choosing Tidy Health as my PHR, and from recommending the app to others. Tidy Health is committed to a paperless app. Their contention is that data should be sent electronically to Health Practitioners, and thus there is no need for reports. This was confirmed to me by the developer via an email conversation. This might be true in a perfect world where all Doctors have the same electronic system and all patients have a PHR that contains all of their data. However, every Doctor I see requires health updates written out on their uniquely designed forms. And new patient forms are notoriously involved and complicated. Many times these forms are designed to match the particular software of the company, in order to make data entry more efficient. I have been able to avoid rewriting all of my information by noting “See attached document …” and providing a one page report for each area that I easily printed from MyMedical. This also facilitates data entry because the information is typed and not written in an easily misinterpreted hand writing. The developer of Tidy Health believes that Print screens will provide what is needed. However, instead of a simple one page list of my medications with their pertinent information, I would have to attach several print screen pages (I have 20+ medications). And some information has to be printed one item at a time. For example, you can’t get a screen print of all of your allergies and their adverse effects. You would have to go into each record and do a screenshot of just one allergy and it’s resulting adverse effects, a time consuming and inefficient process. So rather than saving paper and making it easy to provide comprehensive information to my Doctors, I would inundate them with pages and pages of screenshots. I sincerely request that the developer reconsider his position on providing summary reports - or at least provide access to the data so I can write my own reports (e.g., in CSV format).


I do not find this user friendly at all. It is awkward.


It’s extremely difficult as you can not read instructions and import data at same time. Also hard to find where to put info. I plan to keep other one on my iPad for as long as possible.


Very difficult to share on multiple devices


I was using MyMedical and it went away and suggested that I switch to this app. I have been very happy with it. Although the app does not so some features they that MyMedial had it has some additional features. It is a very good app and I would recommend it.


I’m a My Medical user and have come over to Tidy Health as a recommendation from My Medical (as they are ending). What impresses me the most is that I have direct contact with Jon, one of the designers of Tidy Health and I can ask questions, give feedback or ask for specific tweaks. They get right back with answers to my questions. Tidy health has a great start as an app to store all of my medical data! Because My Medical doesn’t sync over to Tidy Health, I’ve had to hand enter all of my fields, BUT it’s allowed me to get to know my way around it. The other thing I like is that all my data stays on my phone and iPad. I have control of it. I tried at least 4 other apps before coming over to Tidy Health. If you like organization and a place to store all your medical data, this is the app for you!


This app is a great replacement for mymedical app that is discontinued. It stores data privately on the device and is getting regular updates with new features. I wish there was an easy way to populate mymedical data with the app rather than manual data entry.


I would like the program to interface with the IOS calendar


Please make an update to your app that people can import their data directly and easily fromMy Medical to your app. I was told this was a recommended replacement. Please make it happen or we will find a better source. Importing them in a pdf file and moving each item separately is inconvenient. We should be able to import directly where they belong.


It seems so buggy. On the iPhone, Every time I choose a field to type in, the keyboard shows, then disappears. In other cases, for example in the Notes field under the billing section, the incorrect keyboard shows (one without a space bar). On the iPad app, which I have password protected and connected to a Bluetooth keyboard, it does not see my typing of the password, so I can’t get into the app. I really want this to work, but so many bugs for me.


When you type stuff in the letter keep disappears take 5 minutes to get 1 med in if your lucky