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FreeGet is a shopping platform for all who wants to buy the best deal. You can not only use points to get affordable goods, but also can get a certain percentage of rebates after purchasing the goods, which is equivalent to buying goods at a discount.

The main features of FreeGet include the following:
1. Provide discounted goods, reduce user purchase costs, and return part of the cash, which is equivalent to discounts.
2. Provide free merchandise and use points to redeem free merchandise.
3. If you sign in or purchase goods every day, you can earn points and redeem the corresponding equivalents again.
4. After the user gets the cash back, they can withdraw the cash.

What will you get?

● Safe shopping.
● A wide range of commodities.
● Quick to buy.
● Use points in exchange for goods.
● Quickly check order progress.
● Cash back.




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Downloaded this app with hopes I could make some extra cash. It turned out to be a waste of my time and money. I purchased 3 different things from this app and I passed the whole review and purchase verification process. Once I saw a credit on the app I tried transferring it to my PayPal and it has been pending for about a week now. No customer service to reach out to. App said transfer should take no more than 24 hours. Here I am 7 days later. I don’t have high hopes.


This app is a waist of time do not get it it doesn’t work you need a invitation code just to start but how do you get one? can’t


If you value your time and money stay away from this group, a bunch of scammers.


Where do I get an invite code from???????


Beware this app is full of “free” products but they will not refund you, and it is against amazon policy for them to be asking for reviews. If I could rate this 0 stars I would. I was waiting for 3 months to be refunded and never did. They scam you and take your money. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Stay away from these people, they are rude and don’t keep up their end of the deal.


It’s all great at first. App always crashes . Takes forever to get your money back . And you have to leave 5 star reviews which in turn makes amazon delete all of your reviews. Which, in turn, FreeGet takes the money back from you . Putting your acct. in the negative. The products you test , are mostly JUNK. The stuff you can buy with points and codes, JUNK! Waste of time, effort and energy.


App keeps crashing constantly after last update. I have not been able to select anything because I just get sent right back to log in page. Reinstalling app and force reset on phone didn’t work to solve issue. Was an awesome app prior to that.


It was a hell show first of all you can even withdraw with out no number and I can’t edit my account dumb as app spend like over 100 dollars do not download it a scam. I will change the review when they resolve my problem 😡


Make you soend money and review without having any support if something goes wrong. Poor customer service since it is non-existent


App is ok. Website on desktop is easier to Navigate Invite code is: 1clfsej7ilk


Account got frozen, very hard to signup , no support, your balance will go negative if amazon delete ur reviews. They only allow 5 stars which will bann ur account. Thats not honest review. If u successes it with couple items sooner or later ur account will get banned.


App is a little clumsy, it does have some bugs and my account has been frozen twice now. No customer service available but I still paid for and got my money back for 5 star reviews should be allowed to review whatever you want. This app is better than going to individuals for review rebates. Every other option is harder to keep track of.


Error message about everything. No submit button, error message on placing order, sent customer services messages after messages and nothing.


How do we contact you guys, live chat has been turned off for over a month


App isn’t worth using anymore. I’m at -$ amount because my reviews get taken down in less than a month now, so I lose commission and at that rate whatever I buy, will eventually not be giving me my refunds because it will be adding into the -$ amounts. I really think this app should have allowed users to give 4 star reviews not just 5 star reviews. 3 stars should have also been acceptable for certain items.


This app worked great for awhile until amazon figured out what was going on. It’s against their rules to get paid for reviews and since you only get rebates for good reviews on freeget, it was only a matter of time before amazon figured it out and put a stop to me being able to write reviews for those products.


As of right now, I have yet to be able to successfully put my PayPal info in, it keeps showing up as error messages. Now, my sister does this app and she hasn’t had an issue- but personally- I have almost 200$ i haven’t been able to get back yet and it’s making me start to worry.


I can’t get back into this app. It’s just reads loading constantly. Just in time to receive rebate. Guess I’ll be returning the goods


If you’re having issues go to that’s the website platform but PLEASE get this fixed!!! I cannot load my app nor sign in. The app is pretty much dead!


Can’t even sign up to use 😞