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Wave Money is a no-fee business bank account and debit card that works with Wave’s accounting software to be your one-stop money management solution for your small business. Wave Money automatically manages your bookkeeping for you while giving you faster access to funds. It seamlessly connects to the rest of Wave so you can easily track income and expenses, manage customer invoices, accept online payments, and pay your team when you need to.

Wave Money is currently in limited release and only available for select existing Wave customers.

Save money with no banking fees

No monthly, transaction, and ATM fees
No account minimums
No money transfer fees
No transaction fees
No ATM withdrawal fees
No bookkeeping fees

Free doesn’t mean fewer features. Wave Money comes with core banking features and much more to make it easy to run your business:

Core banking features, such as mobile check deposit, ACH and email money transfers and more
Separate business and personal transactions
Connects to Wave Accounting in real-time
Auto-categorizes transactions as you spend

Save time and get paid faster

Access to your funds immediately when a customer pays you through Wave Payments for free, if you are an eligible Instant Payout user.

Built-in bookkeeping also ensures your transactions will sync with your accounting in real time.

Signing up only takes a few minutes and is completely free with zero long-term commitments.




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Wave is not compatible with Shopify. If you’re looking to sell a product and use the worlds most popular platform, look elsewhere. Wave can’t handle the deposits, etc. Total waste of time!


Beta is no excuse for an app with this many bugs. Won’t open smoothly, can pay bills to Bank of America, doesn’t work with Plaid, gets stuck in cycles of sending text codes but never progresses, frequently shows a message that don’t have permission to see this page when I’m trying to see my own account, glitchy and takes forever to load. In the name of human decency, FIX this. Just opened an account at another bank, just as free but with checks and an app that works. Aghhhh.


Many vendors I’ve tried to set up a subscription with (business insurance, multiple software subscriptions), don’t accept Wave as a payment method. They interpret the business debit card as a prepaid debit, and won’t allow transactions to go through. Wave has been investigating this and trying to get answers from Visa for at least six months, but no resolution. Issuing a new card will not resolve this either, as the card type would be the same. So, if you plan to use a card for recurring business payments, select another card.


These idiots messed up my 1099k and there’s no way to contact them. After the HR block buyout the service has gotten worse and worse. They literally disabled the contact button in the help section of the app.


Mine doesn’t work…12/7/21


I’ve lost all confidence in Wave. I’ve been using wave for invoicing for several years and was excited to switch from BofA to Wave Money earlier this year. Sadly, my excitement ended there. The app is awful. More than half the time when I open the app I get a login screen for Wave Accounting, which doesn’t take me to my bank account. I typically have to close and restart the app several times to get the WM screen. Now today I get a “Can’t load content” error message and a Return to app button that doesn’t do anything. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, to no avail. I’m shopping for another business bank account because I no longer trust Wave with my business money.


My vendors cannot get paid with this account.


I like the idea of having a separate business account with no fees, but Wave Money needs more improvement. Wave Money’s sign-up process has been exceedingly difficult on my end. I got stuck twice trying to get past the “enter your business name for your card” and the “scan your ID” steps. Both times, they just were stuck in showing the eternal ring of processing the information. I have no idea if my registration is completed at this point.


I’m sure this is just a bug that needs fixing, but I’ve tried several times to log in to the app, only to be met by a spinning wheel…


I downloaded the app today after giving in to the pop up advertisement. After entering my account information the app loads a white screen. I’ve left it setting for 10 minutes and still nothing.


It never actually loaded. It’s stuck on the loading screen after asking for camera permission, and at times it just shows a white screen


I’m excited to try this out but once I submitted my personal information then the ap quit responding. I’ve exited out and gone back in multiple times but it just spins.


Ever since I have applied for an account the app gets stuck on the loading screen. I am running the latest iOs as of writing this review.


I wanted everything just right for my new Virtual Assistant business by having everything in one place! But, whenever I open the app it just spins on a blank screen like it’s still loading and nothing happens! I’ve been trying on and off over a week now, but I think I will just have to find something else to use! Hopefully you guys and get this fixed soon I was really excited to give this a try!!!


I recently purchased a new business insurance policy for my LLC which is a sole proprietorship. I received an invite to participate with Wave as it is affiliated with said company. I signed up on desktop,setup banking etc. I downloaded the app, logged in and was met with this is an invite only for sole business owners!!! Which I am!! No way to contact anyone. I don't carry my desktop with me on the road. I need to do my accounting quickly through an app. What a joke, some project manager was too busy on Reddit to flip the switch allowing full access to ALL invited users. I'm glad I didn't cancel QuickBooks, move on business owners.


I love waves software but the bank they partnered with is terrible. I got $365 stolen from my card, I reported fraud, they are reviewing my report and doing nothing about returning me money. Chase instantly deposits your money back if there is some sort of a problem. They offered me to send MAIL OR FAX to get a deposit. Are we in 1900?? $365 is not that much, but now I'm not trusting my money to this bank. What is it was $365K?


I used their service I lost more than $500 in a numerous fraud transactions and these guys even didn’t detect, after contacting them several times and sending fax and documents explaining all those transactions are fraud then finally they didn’t dispute those fraudulent charges. I was smart on the they of incident I transferred remaining balance to my personal account otherwise I would lose more than this. DON’T BE TRAPPED BY THEM.


Does not work and a lot of fake reviews


My card gets declined for every single transaction despite how much money I have in my account. They’ve told me there’s some bug that makes my card look like a prepaid card, and they have no idea how long it’ll be before it’s fixed. Have to changed business bank accounts yet again.


Wave loves to take artist-gig paid workers money. They will take unnecessary fees all along the way, and with NO phone support this enterprise is one to watch out for. There’s plenty of other apps out there that don’t take as high of fees as WaveMoney does. There customer service is a bot and the people are unhelpful a**h**** Be careful!