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Never miss another patient referral with nH Intake on your mobile device. Over 25% of the nation’s patient referral volume flows through naviHealth software. Nearly 1,000 of the largest hospitals and health systems in the U.S. use our tools to place patients in post-acute care daily. Now, you’ll be able to review these referrals from the palm of your hand.



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This is not helpful with being mobile because there is a need to be able to download the clinical to e-mail to my office or print…. This app does not allow this as it does on the wed site version.. Please try to make this happen!!!


I was so excited to hear there was an app but once I downloaded and started using it, I was very disappointed it is not useful. We have to click page by page instead of it downloading the whole referral to be able and review it. It makes us login every time and doesn’t save the login info. That hold us back on accepting a patient on a timely matter. Please update and make this app better


This app is cumbersome to use. You must sign in EVERYTIME you use it. I have to go back and forth between the Curaspan site to see all the active and archived pts because they are not accessible in this app. It was a much better system BEFORE changes were made. Another big problem is that we are unable to send uploaded info to our branches from this app and since we can’t access anything but the first page of uploaded info in the other site it is extremely frustrating and time consuming. Thank you


Very user unfriendly. Cannot send referral, cannot keep track of referrals easily. If referrals are sent to one facility and another one of my facilities is added, I have no way of telling because I answered referral already, albeit for diff facility. Cannot use navihealth from iPad any longer and this app stinks


This app does absolutely nothing beneficial to checking referrals. It does show the new referrals when you sign in. Unless you know the patient you are looking for them you won’t be shown anything new. It doesn’t mirror the website at all. I still have to go the the website to check the referral. The app doesn’t do what it suppose to do. Such a waste.


If you’re going to wreck functionality on mobile browsers - and why would you do that? At least make your app work. No list to see patients which means you have to search specifically for every referral and can’t easily see if there is anything new or changed. No way to export documents, which might be a hippa thing, but why would that be different on an app vs on the site on my computer? They also totally broke use on Safari on my MacBook too. It’s actually impressive how bad this app is when you’re forced to try and use it.


The app is ok for accepting referrals, but I cannot send orders from it so it is useless. We need a dashboard so we can see all of our referrals and we need the capability of sending documents. If we can get these things, the app would be fine. And now we cannot get onto the website from our phones so it is delaying everything. You basically took us backwards. Very upsetting.


I wish the app was more like the website. I wish it had a way for the residents to be categorized by new, pending, accepted, and booked. I wish I could save the documents and upload them into the system. Once it can do these things this app will be a lifesaver!


Needs a list of patients broken down by category (accepted, pending, new, etc..) like the website. Needs a way to save documents. Needs to look and function more like a scaled down version of the web browser so everything is on one screen and you can see it all at a glance. Since the update a short while back, this service has become increasingly hard to use for the hospitals I service and the referral sources. It doesn’t flow well AT ALL. Sticking stuff in sub-menus just for the sake of doing it is pointless. Hospital employees are constantly complaining about their end being difficult and the people I know with access on the referral side don’t like it either. I didn’t know there was an app until earlier, but it seems that with such limited functionality, it’s going to be useless. Will update my rating if I’m wrong, but initial impression isn’t very good.