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Such promise, such an exciting prospect. Utterly useless. Constantly fails when sending from iPad to appleTV. Support is garbage - never reads a troubleshooting email thoroughly, constantly asks the same question over and over and often replies to questions that haven’t been asked or are completely irrelevant. Been trying to send helpful emails about what’s going on, in the hope that it can be fixed, for most of the year I’ve been subscribed and still no nearer to getting an answer (latest support email asked me to tell them - again - what device I was using “if” I was trying to cast. I’ve been writing for a year that the problem is with the casting). Works fine on the iPad itself and on desktop computers, but this situation is intolerable, frustrating and utterly demoralizing Interesting that the day after writing that, I am suddenly locked out of my account on the desktop computer


Really needs the ability to pop out video so you can surf while watching the race. Also desperately needs an ATV app.


Race streaming is pretty good - but when changing between feeds it is super easy to get multiple playing in parallel. So you’re trying to watch the new race you’ve clicked and the old one keep playing as well - very annoying. Results in having to shut down the whole app and restart it. Happens often when streaming to an apple device.


Still have to stream from iPhone/iPad to the TV. May we have an app for Apple TV and Roku? Otherwise is a great app and wonderful content. :)


Why doesn’t the app work with Samsung tv’s?


iPad, large band width, optical fiber up to house, chromecast to a quality Roku system. Takes five minuets to boot, when I hit the broadcast button. Ometimes it’s doesn’t. Then when I switch races it fails to drop the previous race that was playing.I outdone be receiving a race video with two sound feeds. When I do have a race I will receive sound from the cameras but no commentary sound. Maybe you can help?


Update: this is now fixed as of 3/29/22. As another reviewer mentioned, you cannot start movies from the GCN+ page on iPad. To watch on iPad, I have to start the movie on my phone, then close the movie, then go back to my iPad and am able to watch the movie under the “Continue Watching” section. Seems like nobody tested the iPad app


Update: I’m trying to watch when I’m not on my IPad. I got these instructions from the following from the developer, BUT THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK. It 404s. Ugh. Go to this link in a browser Type your email address and password If you have forgotten your password, tap “Forgot password?” and follow the steps You can email address, password and username by tapping “Edit Account” (top right of the screen Prior review: Bought an annual subscription. All I want to do is change my PW so I can log in front my laptop too. There is no viable way to do it bc the GCN app tools for PW change were not tested on iPad. Worthless.


I love the GCN app. But I run into issues casting it to my Apple TV when I need to use my phone. It will often interrupt the stream. A native Apple TV app would be a great thing.


I love the GCN group from YouTube and wanted to watch the longer features. Downloaded and subscribed, the app won’t play any videos on two of my iPad or iPhone. Such a bummer …


Nearly impossible to watch races on my iphone or casting with airplay. Seriously garbage. Customer service seems to be nonexistent. I want a refund. Update: no assistance from GCN, and today I’m trying to watch a men’s stage race while the app is giving me commentary from a women’s one-day race that’s happening at the same time.


The content is great. Actually watching the content you paid for can be a bit more problematic. I subscribed to GCN+ before the 2021 season, paying through Apple after downloading the GCN+ app on the App Store. Renewals were authorized through Apple, automatically hitting my credit card. Everything worked fine in 2021. I noted that Apple had charged me for the 2022 season so figured I was all set, and invited some friends over for breakfast and to watch the final 40km of Milan Sanremo. I couldn’t log in through the IOS app or on my laptop, using the same credentials that I used last year. I contacted Support and got an email, and then several emails as I kept trying, that were irrelevant to my issue. Nobody was really willing to sort it out. I was told that they had revamped their systems and that all subscribers would need to log in through whatever means they used to subscribe in the first place. I also couldn’t log in through Apple. I sent Support proof of payment thinking that someone might authorize my account, but that didn’t help. Finally, I decided to just purchase a second subscription, which I did on their website using an alternative email address. The App Store wouldn’t let me use my regular email address as they said I already had an account, but creating a different login and paying again worked. Then I requested a refund from Apple for the unusable subscription, which Apple easily refunded. I understand that no system is perfect and I do enjoy the content, but I wish it hadn’t been such a hassle.


Great service to watch pro cycling, but how about an app for Apple TV ?!?!


This pertains to the iPad version. Every GCN+ content I try to click on just takes me to a endless loop of the “recommended” page. Can’t watch anything on the GCN+ tab. However the race content works perfectly. The only way I’ve gotten the GCN+ tab to play content on the iPad is to start the video on my iPhone then click the video under “continue watching” on the iPad.


This concerns the fire stick app. Literally every time I load the app it crashes the entire system after a few minutes. Happens with no other app.


No sound, casting via airplay not working on live races.


I am so frustrated with this application and the impossible customer service resolutions.


I can’t log in, so I can’t watch any races. I contacted support, they told me to update latest version, and log in. That didn’t solve issue, and support isn’t replying to my messages. They have my money, I don’t have a product. Buy at your own risk knowing this


When trying to airplay with Apple TV it crashes ALL the time. You can’t touch you phone or open a browser without the risk of it crashing the app. Please make an Apple TV app!!


You can’t change from one race to another at all. No matter how many times you hit stop casting it and then go to another race it will keep playing that old race. So basically it does work at all.