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Performance improvements and feature tweaks to make your booking experience as easy as possible.


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TOTALLY FREE to use! Fresha Partner (formerly Shedul) is the world’s best platform for salons and spas, independently voted #1 by thousands of beauty and wellness professionals.

Elevate your business to its full potential by joining our community of over 40,000 businesses, 150,000 stylists and therapists in more than 120 Countries. Popular features include:

• Incredibly easy to use appointment calendar specifically suited for salons and spas

• Fully featured Point of Sale (POS) tool to manage daily retail operations

• Mobile notification system for your team to stay informed about updates to their appointments

• Integrations for your clients to book online with Instagram, Facebook, Google and your website

• Attract new clients online and be discovered 24/7 with a business profile on Fresha marketplace

• Integrated card processing for easy in-app payments, with built-in protection from no shows*

• Intelligent marketing tools to boost sales and fill your calendar*

• Automated messaging system to remind clients of their appointments

• Product inventory management with supplier ordering and consumption tracking

• Extensive financial reporting and business performance analysis

• Plus much, much more in our fully-featured FREE business software

* Feature currently available in selected countries




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Fresha is a great app. I would highly recommend.


I thought this booking app was good until they charged me for my new client who discovered me through my current client. Fresha is taking money from that clients saying she discovered me through their fresha marketplace. I have tried to email and send them a message on their website 3 times and no one responds. They just want the money and won’t help you if its a mistake.


I have owned lash business for 5 years now and this is the best booking app I’ve used, fees are low, customer service will make sure everything is taken care of also, will help you promote. Great for my staff of 4. I highly recommend this app to beauty pros!


I been using it for years. An Im very happy that its free. Im not always busy busy but It helps that I don't half to pay for service when Im only booking. Don't have account for credit but hopefully when I'm steady, i will add credit services. So thank you Freshia!!!


We love this app! But recent update (version 2.8.253)broke screen formatting on iPads. Grid lines for time is no longer uniform and does not align with current times. Part of screen from day before is now showing on current day and part of current day screen is now pushed into next day screen Please fix. Thanks


This app is amazing! Let me start off by saying what a great way to introduce scheduling on line versus The traditional making appointment by book. Call costs you nothing and it has many features. I am a huge fan I have been using for 3 1/2 years and I would not switch to any other systems!There are no fees or hidden fees unless you are looking for the added features in which it states. I was not looking for anything complicated, just wanted a simple system. I love that you are able to create categories/subcategories & adjust timing into what you need. I can go on and on, but it is just better if you try for yourself what do you have to lose. Thank you Fresha/Shedul for Giving us such a great product.


This app speaks for itself!! Ive tried others while using this one and my clients love Fresha just as much as I do! I have a ton of control that other apps charge for. And it is easy to use, well besides the recent update, I am still adjusting to it and it is a bit of a headache when I have a client in front of me and I cannot check out or check prices quickly like before. I am sure i will adjust to the changes. Besides that, I have nothing bad to say about this app.


Stick with square. I hate this app.


I need access to that info and there is never a warning that an update is coming. I don’t notice there’s an update until I go in to get a clients info. At the moment it says there isn’t enough storage space on the device I need to pull the info up on so now I have no way to get to that information.


Since it was bought and renamed to Fresha, it’s been very laggy. My customers keep double booking because they did not receive any confirmations. I am thinking of switching to a paid system.


I used Booksy for 2 months and had a bunch of issues, and Booksy costs $30/month! I have been using Fresha for about a week and I like it overall. I especially love that I can do everything I need to for free, but honestly the interface has been so much better to use than Booksy, which feels bloated and buggy. The only thing I’m missing in Fresha is choosing “individual days” instead of just repeating things daily, every 2 days, every 3 days, etc. which doesn’t work for me at all. Due to the nature of my business (personal training), I schedule multiple visits a week on various days and times. Unfortunately, of all the scheduling apps I have tried, many of them don’t account for frequent scheduling at different times/days like this (and that’s one thing I liked about Booksy; I could see a month view of a calendar and just choose whatever days I wanted). My workaround has been to schedule Mondays at x time, then Thursday at x time, and then Friday at x time and repeat each one of those for as many weeks as necessary. It’s not ideal at all, but it works for now. Overall, using Fresha has been a MUCH better experience than Booksy Biz.


DO NOT GET THIS APP. I have been in the salon industry 12+ years and have never experienced fee’s this ridiculous for a booking app. Like hundreds of dollars worth of hidden fees. They are taking advantage of people and should be taken off the app marketplace.


You are going to get a few for every single thing you do in this app. There are fees for having cancelation protection, for scheduling online OR in person, for running a card, for even opening the app (just joking on that last one but it feels like it right now). Even when you cancel and switch to a different service your going to pay fees. I highly suggest steering away from this booking service. I used it for years as the free version and then switched to the paid one and I have never lost so much money in my life. Pay a service with a set flat rate monthly fee and avoid this at all costs. I am so embarrassed that I ever recommended this to anyone in the past.


I absolutely love Fresha when it comes to online booking. The only thing I don’t like is how they charge you $2-$12 depending on what the service is they’re requesting. Of course they say that their service is free but they don’t mention paying $70-$140 per month just to have their online booking system. Hence the 3 star review. I also wish they would get on board with instant transfers instead of waiting 2-4 business days for your money.


Please do not use this booking. I’ve had it for about 6months. So many fees and every month they take it out your account. If you don’t pay the fees you can’t access the features of the site/ your appointments. You can’t update your hours of Buisness, or edit daily hours. It’s not worth it. I hope this saves someone money and energy investing into a site.


I’m a solo aesthetician and just opened my business in February. Fresha is the most amazing and easy to use booking app. My representative is just a phone call away if I have an issue. I never knew it could be so easy. Thank you, Fresha!


Much better than Timely or Booksy. Much cheaper and more complete app. Eliminates all your banking EFT fees and now I can sell vouchers!


I can’t put photos or archives on my clients profiles?


Not Free. They charge to send emails. Worst part is every 3 month they make you verify your account and hold your money till it’s verified. Extremely annoying and time consuming to have to keep filling out and sending pictures of information.


I been using this app for over 2 years I recently upgraded to Fresha plus and omg I was surprised that they charge for Every appointment that is book manual or online I’m okay paying fees for cc but paying just booking is ridiculous so I decided to keep the free system and use square card reader for my clients during this time is hard so we have to save some money