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- Added a grabbed animation for butterflies! - Redesigned the home and credits microapp! - Improved smoothness of swipe to rotate when rotating objects and animals! - Added Bird View for navigating Virtual Reality quickly! - Added new features and major performance improvements to VR Mode! - Added support for vertical swiping to move forward or backwards in VR! - Added support for ambient soundscapes in VR Worlds! - Added Developer Tools including MLTrainer, 3D Predict, and Hard Reset! - Added PlantID, a realtime machine learning model supported by CoreML, Vision, and ARKit! - Improved support for the creation of and formatting of system calendar dates! - Added new icons for Safari Mode and VR Mode! - Added support for the coaching view! - User interface improvements across all microapps! - Added mini tutorials for 3D Stickers, 3D Decorations, and the 3D Brush! - Small bug fixes!

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1001 Butterflies Game DESCRIPTION

Discover more than 1001 unique butterflies wherever you are! With the help of augmented reality, you will unlock your creative talents and finally have some real fun, all while finding a new pet!

Includes a powerful augmented reality camera app, and a butterfly themed sticker app for iMessage and FaceTime!

– Safari Mode allows you to tap anywhere and create randomly generated butterflies in the real world! Use the 3D Camera to take amazing photographs in augmented reality, including selfies!

– 3D Stickers can be scaled with a pinch, or draw fascinating shapes and lines using the colors available in the 3D Brush!

– Transform the world around you with 3D Decorations like trees, flowers, and garden gnomes! Tap anywhere to use the 3D Cursor as a shortcut to reach art supplies, create a butterfly, and more!

– After you enable the included iMessage sticker pack, press and hold a sticker to place it anywhere in your conversations!

This app is built using our powerful reality engine AugmaOS, capable of supporting 1000+ independent butterflies! Every butterfly is individually influenced by the art and the environment you create! Simply tap any butterfly to grab it and relocate wherever you please!


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Hi I just got this app and it is amazing but however you need to I think do the subscription for more options for the decorating and to all developers this app is amazing 🤩 but please make more options bye!


I love creating butterflies in the VR worlds, this app has so many cool tools that let you create an entire world around you!