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Fixed a crash happening for some users when launching the Coming Soon tab.


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Kernel is a movie tracker that lets you countdown your favorite upcoming movies all in one place.Explore through the massive collection of upcoming films and check out the latest information on the movie such as the synopsis, trailer, release date and more!

We know you’re not interested in every single movie that comes out, that’s why we created the option to add your favorite movies to the watchlist. The watchlist hosts all your favorite movies that you decide to follow. Once you add a movie to the watchlist, Kernel will send you personalized notifications to countdown from 100 days, 50 days, 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, 2 days, 1 day and premiere day!

Our team of talented writers are writing every day to bring you the latest curated movie news in the Kernel blog. Professional and in-depth movie reviews will also be uploaded to the Kernel blog. (trust me, you don’t want to miss out on those)

Kernel is also available on the Apple Watch to bring you the best experience right on your wrist. We’ve added Kernel complications which will allow you to track your favorite movie straight on your watch face. The Apple Watch app has a stunning and minimal design to bring you the most simple experience on your wrist.

Kernel is available in 9 regions and full support for English and Spanish, along with partial support for many more.

Photos and certain artwork used on Kernel are the property of their respective owners. Studio logos and other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.




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Though this was awesome but it won’t allow me to add any movies being released over 60 days.


I don’t write many reviews. I have to say though this app is really nice! I am a huge movie buff! I love how u can set up when to be reminded of upcoming movies. Only suggestion for a future update if possible is being able to add friends. So you two can have like a separate section or something so you and your friend can have the same reminder and set up like a day to see the movie. Hopefully that makes sense. Anyways I am on a iPhone X and runs smoothly. Thanks developers!


I’d love to see support for the Siri Watch face!


This app is something I never knew I needed until I saw it. It’s an excellent way to track upcoming movies and get reminders when they are ok’ing soon. Then it tracks digital and physical release dates! Absolutely incredible for keeping track of movies I want to see. HIGHLY recommend this app!


*Needs a search *Different Views (Grid, list, etc.) *More under “Description” (Actors, length, etc.) Other than that it works great.


This app has been really good for me. I used to use a movie release calendar but I could never select the movies I wanted to. I wasn’t interested in every single movie. This allows me to pick However, I’d say something that can be improved is that the movie should automatically been removed from the watch list after a certain time. I have to manually do that by myself every now and then and it can get annoying.


Very good. When I want to see if a movie is coming soon or is planned, this is my place, I have my watchlist on my Apple Watch


This app is great! Love the blog and the ability to track movies coming out. One feature I wish this app had was the ability to add movies I’ve watched. So once I see a movie and can say that I’ve watched in the app. Otherwise the app is sweet!


I like it but how about expanding into tv shows? This app needs a community section where people can comment and chat about their favorite movie scenes.


I just wanted to say that this app is amazing


This app is awesome! I’ve had it for about 5 months now, and it keeps getting better! The new update is awesome as well! I always had a hard time finding when movies could come out, so that’s why I got Kernel, but Kernel also gives me reviews, future movies coming out, movie news and much more! Being able to look at the cast is always nice, but I’d also like to see some kind of rating when you click on a movie (like a Kernel Rating, or what Kernel thinks of the movie) but not every movie. Also being able to sort future movies by genre would also be pretty cool!


I really like this app. I use it for all the movie stuff and I like getting updates about new developments in movies. However, so much of the app is unpolished. I constantly have to restore my purchase of premium, the dates for movies are constantly incorrect and sometimes movies will show up twice on my watchlist at different release dates. Also the writing is abysmal. The reviews especially looks like someone just rushed a bunch of words together and didn’t read it over before publishing. Some sentences can range from flawed to straight up unreadable. I can tell that there’s a real passion for movies from the creators of the app but please smooth out your kinks and issues.


This app is Super helpful, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.


Nikias Molina is the best 💛


This app went from completely awesome to completely useless overnight as they removed all historical releases from the app for no apparent reason. More specifically, while you used to be able to see all movies recently released, now it only shows movies which are going to be released in the future. Why on earth would you limit the capability of the app like this?


This is one of my best apps for phone and watch, I really enjoy using it. If they just could add tv shows and anime it will be perfect.


I really enjoy how easy it is to search for movies and add them to your favorites list. It’s nice to have a list of movie release dates for just the movies your interested in. I think a great improvement to this app would be to make use of the new widgets added in iOS 14. I would like to add that to my Home Screen to see the next movie coming out on my list and how many days are left until it’s release. Thanks for making such a great app!




I really like the app but the notifications have not been working for me.


Purchased. But when I click on it, it disappears after a couple seconds and takes me back to the phone homepage