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Fixed a bug in the photo selection.




It is an application “keebn” to register mood of today.
Let’s look back on what day it was today with a picture and a picture.

■ Display format
“Calendar format” that can be seen on a monthly basis
“Weekly format” that can be seen on a weekly basis

■ Calendar format
The display format is the following three patterns
· “Tabular form” based on mood display base
· “List format” based on comment display
· “Grid format” based on pictures
Swipe left or right to move month
Long press to register (quick, detail)
Switch to “Weekly format” by tap of the day
Tap on the tabulation area in the lower row to “Total Screen”

Weekly format
Display week at the top
Display registered detailed information in lower row
In the lower right “Edit button”, go to “Registration edit deletion screen”
Go back to “Calendar format” with “Back button” in the lower left

■ Register Edit Delete Screen
Mood: 5 stages from good to bad. Can also be set
Photo: Up to 4 photos

■ Setting
· App Lock
· Color selection
· Character selection
· Dark mode
Additional functions
· Widget availability
· Notification function availability
· Presence / absence of background
· Registration totalization display
Presence / absence of information icon display
· Presence / absence of background
· Photo display format specification
· Presence or absence of balloon style display of comment

About character illustration
I use the free material of the following site.
I ‘m sure you (10 points used)
Thank you very much.

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keebn is my fave journaling / calendar app. thank u so much for developing this app— only issue is: i recently got a new iphone 11 and now i can’t properly upload photos:( i didn’t have this bug on my iphone 6 (ios12) so i am still giving it 5 stars cuz the UI and format of this app is perfection!!! please fix this bug if u can, developers 💘 i recently lost my dog, milky, and this app has been really helpful with me dealing with grief and the sadness i feel about her loss. i have never written a review on the app store before, but i did this time, in hopes of you seeing/reading this and fixing the bug. thank u so much! — チェイス (このアップが一番好きです!)


I love this app! It’s got a simple design with a widget and you can choose from several sets of very adorable icons for your daily moods. I would give it 5 stars but the only thing is I wish you could sync it with my other calendars, so 4 for now.