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Dear friends, in the new update we have fixed a number of minor bugs.


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The best hockey manager.

The Big 6 is agroup comprising the six international hockey teams that have influenced the development ofthis kind of sport worldwide and are traditionally considered the strongest ones around the globe. It is composed of Canada, Russia, USA, Finland, Czech Republic and Sweden. If you like ESPN Fantasy and NHL Fantasy, NHL games, then Big6 is your hockey manager.

Game features:
– realistic gameplay, opportunity to participate in major hockey leagues (NHL, KHL, Czech, Finnish and Swedish Leagues)

– tournament regulations of various kinds (regular championships, playoffs)

– self-fulfillment as a hockey team manager (infrastructure management, transfer market, finance)

– self-fulfillment as a hockey team coach (realistic tactics adopted from real-life hockey, opportunity to influence the result during the match). Or you can hire a real nhl teams coach.

– intuitive nature of control

You will play online with real players from around the world, and this is absolutely free of charge!




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I have not been able to log in to this game for months. I have sent emails to the developer and received no response. There is a loop when I try to log in that is impassable. Losing all progress on a game you have spent time on is frustrating, losing all access to a game you have spent money on is absolutely unacceptable.


I wasn’t able to play the game it was freezing while loading. So I deleted the app and download the game again and was able to get back in the game and luckily did not lose anything. So I’m taking back my poor rating and give a good rating. But it still has bugs.


First off, it would be nice to have a more expanded upon help section to explain the different aspects of the game then what is explained in the FAQ and little I icons. Also, either allow people to automate some of the team functions like lineups and tactics or change the league leveling system. That is early league levels allow promotion with the top 16 while gradually going down to 4(with 12 and 8 being for intermediate leagues)


Game has a lot of potential but there is no way to earn money other than wining games. Same goes for training coins. You can watch ads to get one training coin but you’ll go through them faster than anything. Would be nice for some more options as far as Jersey designs go. Maybe player packs. Not a fan of having to pay for legendary players that are 45 dollars. I want to love this game but there are too many downsides


Get the point now?


Hello creator of BIG 6, This is a awesome game. I have playing it for like a week and a half. I felt like this game was special. But it was missing thing. Please let all players actually play in the matches as the players you bought. Thank you and have a good day


I’ve played this game from Day 1 and loved it. I never had a problem with it. I have it set to log me in via Facebook. Yesterday for the first time it asked me if I wanted to log in via Facebook. I pressed “Yes” and then my phone asked if I wanted to use the Facebook app. Again I said “Yes”. The app just loops this process over and over. I deleted the app and reinstalled. Didn’t work. I restarted my phone. Didn’t work. Hopefully this is resolved because during the course of the day you do have to do important things for your team which are time sensitive. As for the game play, it is a great game. A lot of really cool things which other manager games don’t have.


It’s the best hockey game ever you can even be friends get the game/app now


The look and ease of playing this game is pretty good. What I find very interesting since the latest updates is if a team has paid players from the collection are by far more valuable than players that were developed and have an actual higher ranking. For example of bought player has a ranking of 100 across the lineup and they are all part of the collection. The overall team is s let’s say that same 100. You bring in a developmental team with no to very minimum paid players that has a ranking of 110 or 115 with the exact same strategies during an actual game. The team with the lower ranking that has collection players will win 99% of the time. Once a user realizes there is no actual insensitive to develop players since paid collection players are the only ones that matter then this game becomes boring and loosing its addictive qualities. Also the cost of time to develop a player to a level that still losses to a paid collection team is not worth it. Would be nice to play knowing if I improve this player or that player that I could have a real chance at winning against a team with collection players that has a much lower ranking than my team.


Great game


I think this is a good game. The setup for the seasons is great honestly and the equal tournaments is a nice touch but the game just needs, more. There’s no real way to earn money outside of home games every so often. You can’t upgrade or get better players without money. I honestly like the game but without updates soon I feel I might have to leave it.


This game is pretty amazing. For all of us armchair coaches and managers this gives you the ability to control all aspects of your team.


Game is good and addicting. I wish you could design both home AND away jerseys. Also if there were more goal scenes and hit scenes would be a sweet addition. Gets pretty repetitive. Just saying. Other than that I’m liking it!


I thought I would be a training my team to be the best not a game I can tap one or two buttons every 2 hours


Скачал и с удовольствием играю, выиграл пару трофеев со своей командой


This game is a game where you are the manager of a hockey team, that sounds original right? But no. World Hockey Manager is the exact same game, yet it has been around for a year and a half. Also, this game easily loses connection and my game stops almost immediately. 😢😤


Это что то новое! Сделайте больше чемпионатов хотя бы раз в месяц- олимпийские игры, чемпионат мира... твердая 5 за идею !