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This update fixes a bug that caused some touches to be registered twice. Thank you for playing bit ballers!


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They say ball don’t lie… neither do I. This is the best college hoops game on the App Store!

bit ballers is a perfect blend of arcade basketball gameplay and nuanced coaching strategy.

Coach your team to victory in each rapid-fire game as you call the shots and tweak your setups! Then make the right decisions behind the scenes by recruiting, scouting, and coaching your way to a ring!

Featuring beats by CashMoneyAP (Migos, Young Thug, Chief Keef) so you can ball in style!

If you want to cut down the nets, you’ll have to prove it on and off the court…

Rain threes from downtown, or dominate the paint and dunk all over your opponents?
Rest a star player on the bench, or risk him being too tired down the stretch?
Recruit players through shady means, or play it safe and avoid sanctions?
Bravely knock off ranked opponents, or choke and lose your tournament chance?
Try to land a five-star one-and-done, or focus on developing scrubs into contenders?
Will your hoop dreams deflate? Or does glory await?

Includes 87 teams across seven college hoops conferences. Choose your dream coaching job carefully and create a dynasty!

No ads, no microtransactions. That stuff is crazy!
For real players only – it’s bit ballers, baybee!




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Hello, I just got this app and as I am scrolling through all of the teams I notice that there is no Gonzaga. They are a top team and you should put them in the pacific even though it’s the pac-12. I feel like if you put 87 teams in there you should have one of the best teams in Gonzaga


Please add more save capabilities but mainly the game starts running very slow after a few seasons basically making it unplayable


This game is an 8 out of 10 but has potential to be the best IOS game out there. The gameplay is very fun, simple, and entertaining. The only problem is that it gets repetitive. The seasons are all to similar as stats aren’t kept, the opposing teams have the same players, and you can’t see national rankings or even your schedule for that year. Recruiting is simple but only giving you 2 options to either bribe or talk to a recruit. I haven’t seen any other game let you do something like this and it is cool but almost impossible to land more than 1 recruit by only doing the conventional means. I wish more depth was added to recruiting like give you bonuses if the player lives close or things like that. Also it would be better if you had more players on your team and if you had to compete against other schools in recruiting. This game could be so great but I think the developer has moved on and that is very sad to me. In my opinion it is not worth the 4 dollars but stay tuned for updates because if he does this game could be amazing.


In the career you should add a scroll so you can see all of your banners. Furthermore you should make a custom schedule and make recruiting harder


When u play a season you can have a good record but still losses interest then u lose


It’s impossible to get through 1 season without getting fired. Player fatigue is terrible. Shooting the ball yourself rarely goes in. I want a refund. The tutorial button does not work.


Love the idea of the game and what it click bring to the table as there are not many CBB games. BUT the half of the icons needed to play the game don’t even work. I kept trying to change the team I was trying to start my coaching career with and it wouldn’t change. Also when just trying to play an exhibition game the switch teams button was so messed up it was almost impossible to get to your desired team. Would not buy until they get the kinks fixed


Player Fatigue is a huge problem. Only one player to rotate out is crucial. Also we need a way to convince players to stay after there freshman year . I Played this game constantly and only won a conference tournament... disappointing.. Can y’all update this game ?


Are you still working on the app? It could use possibly actual stats when it comes to 3’s and defense, better scouting and it just ending so easy makes it hard to keep playing and still have fun


This app would be so much better if it was accessible with VoiceOver


Great game, fun, but too easy too get fired, I won two conferences championships and one National Championship, In two years and got fired for giving money (which is bad but let’s face it NCAA doesn’t care only if you make money by viewers) and losing one game after winning the first, I kinda understand but I lost to a team wayyyyy better then me, other then this, amazing game, 3s a little hard but it’s NCAA so they bound to be


Whoever made this game is unrealistic ranked team in the game or really any team shouldn’t turn into the golden state warriors. They also shouldn’t be able to block every shot possible. I shouldn’t get 50 pieced due to “lights out shooting” that’s unrealistic. If you’re going to make it realistic at least add a starting five option and more management.


It’s good I like the idea but it’s way to easy to get fired. If you’re a 3 star school it should take longer to get fired. And whenever I’m recruiting and pay them and the board finds out it takes a ton of hearts away but that is literally the only way to recruit because the other way takes forever. Make the game harder to get fired


So I downloaded this game and can't even click on the question mark button to play the tutorial. I tried other buttons and can't even click them as well. I don't know if it's all iPhone Xs resolutions but it's happening to mine. I even restart my phone and still the same problem. Please roll out a update that fixes this


This game is great but a few things are wrong. The rankings make no sense whatsoever I won the national championship and Kentucky that I beat every time (as UTK) is always ranked ahead of me and if you could view the top 25 and their records and stuff that would make this game so much better other than that it’s amazing love everything about it!


This game is really fun and addicting. I like how simple this game is to play and how fast it is, but I feel like it needs more. To make this game even better I think you should add a thing where we can see our schedule of games and see the standings and rankings of the other teams. Also please add a pause button and a go to main menu or something because sometimes I accidentally press the scrimmage button and then I have to exit out of the game completely, but other than that I really like this game and I can’t wait for the updates in the future.


Fun game. Would enjoy more tactic options, as well as defensive tactics to counter the offensive ones. Also, board trust needs some tweaking, as losing to highly ranked teams as a 3 star team will knock off trust, but beating much better teams and getting ranked has done nothing to prove the trust


I was super excited to start this game when I used 4 bucks on it, but that didn’t really live up to the price range. The mechanics of playing a game are a bit rough. Your players are only making 3 moves and their is nothing you can do to defend, just watch. I also think the games take to long(with no pause button) and a season could take you more then an hour long. Also, it is incredibly difficult to rank up. I went undefeated and finished the season ranked 16 :(


Love the game already and has potential. One thing that should be added is you should be able to see you players stats in coach mode and a option of a simulation mode instead of a tap in coach mode. Other than that it is awesome 😁🔥


I pre ordered this and to start it’s a good game but a few things are missing. It would be nice to save your coaching game, and have more than 3 players. Just a little more depth would really be nice, and maybe an option for simulation instead of tap play