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Stack up cards to make combinations to get points. Two identical cards combine to make a larger number. Star cards combine with anything. 2048 clears the row. When you run out of placements – the game is over. Try to get the highest score possible.

The longer your combo the more points you can get.

Can you break one million?

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Combination of 2048 & Solitair
New Merge Solitaire 2018 is a super fun card game which consists of awesome features.The only aim is to maximize your score by merging the cards from smallest to biggest value and reach till highest card as long as you can! HOW TO PLAY? In 2K48 Solitaire Merge cards of the same number the more cards you merge the higher you score. Game ends when all columns are filled up and there is no empty space available for card. GAME FEATURES: - Beautiful graphics - 2K48 Solitaire Draw 1 card - 2K48 Solitaire Draw 3 cards - Auto complete option to finish a solved game - Crisp, beautiful, and easy to read cards - Single tap to place a card or drag and drop - Fun & challenging achievements - Unlimited Undo - Can be merge with any card - Undo your previous move - Remove unnecessary card - Efficient, fast, and sensible card games interface - Daily Challenge - Intelligent hints and auto hints - Can set Timed mode and Unlimited mode - Sound that can be disable/enable -..
2048 Solitaire
About Game An intriguing mix of classic Solitaire game and 2048 puzzle. Pull cards and drop them on the Solitaire stack. The cards of the same value will sum by that card number. You can also use the discard card too. How to Play ? You start with 2 numbered cards in your hand. Like in 2048 you goal is to merge cards to get number 2048. You do it by dragging cards from your pile to the board, if you put 2 cards with the same value they will merge and add up into a new number. Wild card can merge with any number. Missile will destroy entire column. Flip is used to swap dealer card. Also, if you have a card in your hand that you don't want to play you can discard up to 2 cards per game. Who can play ? Anybody can play this game. No age limit to play game. Game Features Realistic graphics and ambient sound. Realistic stunning and amazing animations. Real-time particles & effects Smooth and simple controls. User friendly interface and..
New twist on a classic game!
A new twist on the classic game! Merge cards and numbers
Merge bigger, score higher!
Best merge card game! How to play: Drag a card from the hand area and place it above a list of cards. The cards of the same number will be combined into a card with a larger number. The larger the combined number, the higher the points you earn. A combo allows you to earn points. You will upgrade when there are enough points. Game features: A variety of props to help you pass. Beautiful cards with a variety of themes. Easy and soothing music. Dazzling picture effect. Simple and easy to use. Friendly interface. Challenge your friends to see who has the highest score.
Classic Casual Card Game!
• Merge cards of similar value! • Reach the goal: 2048! • Solve the word puzzle and get rewarded! Play a new solitaire game: A family friendly game that challenges your math skills. Find the hidden word in our fun word puzzle. '2048' cards unlock a new letter in the daily word puzzle. Joker cards give you a free match with any color or number. If you like Mahjong, Uno, Spider, or any other casual classic card games, then this game is the best for you! We hope you will enjoy our game!
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Stack cards and clear the row
Stack up cards to make combinations to get pointsTwo identical cards combine to make a larger numberStar cards combine with anything2048 clears the rowWhen you run out of placementsthe game is overTry to get the highest score possible. The longer your combo the more points you can get. Can you break one million?
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I love the combos


I don’t play a lot of solitaire variance, but I find this one very fun. I can play several games in a row, and once you get good at it the games last quite a while. The ads are fairly unobtrusive.