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Forms, Forms, and more Forms. Search and find probate forms for any state. Other minor updates, improvements to make Atticus better for you, one release at a time.


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Losing someone is hard, enough… let us help.

Atticus is the first and only mobile inheritance platform, providing all individuals with access to affordable, easy-to-use, and transparent D.I.Y. estate-settlement services.

Atticus helps:

• Provide an interactive step-by-step guide, allowing you to manage the entire process by focusing on completing tasks one step at a time

• Individualized with access to local laws, forms and relevant deadlines

• Effortlessly organize an inventory of the entire estate by snapping photos of any assets with financial or sentimental value

• Centralize administration from the palm of your hand, offering transparency anytime and anywhere

• Magically produce easy-to-understand reports summarizing all assets, decisions made, time spent and actions taken

• Customize your notifications… keeping you focused on what matters most

Proven to make the estate settlement process more simple, more understandable, and more affordable.




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I’ve been trying to settle an estate. App doesn’t allow for pay-out tracking, only assets. System won’t recognize my email not and has locked me out. I’ve been trying to get a reply to help resolve the issue but no one will help or even reply, since September 16th!! They are charging me and there’s no ph#, no response, no resolve. Guess I’m taking it to the next level. I need to get a final report and cancel payments. It’s a ridiculous trap!!


So many bugs in this app.


I downloaded this to help me as executor. It is mainly a series of checklists with a simple inventory database and the ability to generate reports. After using the inventory tool to map an estate inventory, I could never get the reports to work, either in the iOS apps or in the online portal. And I never got any response to my pleas for help from Atticus. I finally had to give up and ended up using Under My Roof to build the inventory. As far as I can tell, the app is dead and they are just taking money from the unwary. That, or their customer support is nonexistent.


I downloaded this app as I was overwhelmed with all the duties required of my role as an executor of my father’s estate. While it was somewhat helpful, it was also pretty basic. You have to pay a monthly subscription to use it, mine was the plus version for $15. They make it difficult to find out how to cancel the subscription when you’re finished and when I finally figured it out I got a message saying they could not cancel and to contact their support. My email and website message went unanswered and when I called the phone # provided on the website it went straight to google voice and they weren’t available, could only leave a message. I will have to have my credit card company issue a new number in order to stop ongoing monthly charges. So disappointed that I can’t trust the apps offered through Apple, learned my lesson. Hopefully this will save others from having to deal with this.


Someone gave me this as a gift... I never would have known how much I would need this or how much is involved in the process. Dad had a will, but there was still so much to sort out, months and months of talking with my two brothers. Reporting was really great. Easy to generate and really useful for family and court stuff.


The information is very clear and detailed.It was easy to fill out and use!


This app is easy to use. It helps to guide me on what to do next, by when and keeps me organized throughout the process. It has saved me so much time and money. I don’t know where I could have gotten such great helpful info without this app. From our family, thank you Atticus!


Having this is so much better than just googling around. Had no idea where to even start before...


When we lost my Mom in 2015, not only was this one of the hardest things emotionally to handle, but the whole process of the settlement wasn’t making anything easier. This past year when we lost my dad, this app helped smooth out the process and also saved me and my family so much time! Super thankful for the platform.