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What's New - The app is now compatible with iOS 13. It's now dynamically adapt to dark and light mode. - Added feature that allows users to create a bookmark within the app. - Added backup feature where users can back up their data locally. Please use this feature to backup your data regularly. Bug Fixes - Various bug fixes and performance enhancements * After you update, please use the new backup feature to backup your data. If you need more information, please visit our website.


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uBookmark, a Universal Bookmark Manager.

Save all your bookmarks to uBookmark, and it will sync your bookmarks everywhere you need them. it’s clean, simple and easy to use.

Saving Bookmarks
To save a page, just select the “share button” and then select uBookmark.
Any bookmarks can be edited at anytime.
You can view a bookmark within the app or open it in Safari.

Organising Bookmarks
By default, you will have 12 collections to start with. Organise your bookmarks by adding them to those collections. You have the ability to create, edit or delete a collection.

The only thing that we care about is producing useful app for macOS and iOS. We do not collect and sell your personal information. In fact, we do not want to access your data at all. Every piece of your data is stored within CloudKit, which is encrypted with Apple’s private keys, and we do not have access to the user’s credentials or sensitive data.

Pricing Model
uBookmark uses Paid Model, so you only pay once at $19.99*. This is a one-time payment and you can start using it for as long as you like. Comparing with other apps with subscription model, they seem to be cheaper at first, but you may end up paying more than $20* for only one year.
* The amount is shown in Australian Dollar. Price may vary by location.

Why uBookmark?
If you are a person who works with multiple devices and multiple browsers, you will understand how much time it can take to find your bookmarks. With uBookmark, your bookmarks stay in one place and you can access them with ease.
Unlike others, we care about your privacy. That’s why we choose Apple’s CloudKit, where your data will be stored and protected. We have no knowledge about your data.
Finally, with our Paid Pricing Model, you only pay once, which can save you more than other subscription apps.

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Just downloaded it. Nothing works. I can’t add bookmarks and, if there are any preset bookmarks in the categories provided I can’t access them. Also, this might be free now because of an upcoming new version, as mentioned in the advantages of having backups… - to be ready for the next version. So, another click bait!


I’ve spent the last 2 months trying to find a bookmark manager or a simple, private , and centralized filing cabinet I can quickly save all my bookmarks or random info I find while browsing online. For those of us who don’t care for sharing every second of our lives on social media this is literally the only app I found that was designed for true personal and private use, and definitely the only one offering a safe place for everything to be safely stored so I can access from my other devices as needed without having to think about where all my data is going. If you’re reading this review then you too probably also made several bad, expensive decisions trying out the other apps before really diving into the weeds to stumble across this option. The app simply works, feels as slick as taking a new Porsche for the first drive. Worth every penny for the one time upfront cost, most underrated & unknown app on the market. Buy it, save the bad choices for Vegas.


I like that this app can sync my bookmarks across my devices and I also enjoy the design. But I have to admit that there are several inconvenience parts that I found. No widget available to access my bookmarks from the Notification Center I have to click the edit button instead of the text box to start editing my bookmark details. The visual feedback for the edit button is too subtle that I often tap it twice and exit the editing interface because I thought I didn’t hit the button. Can’t save bookmarks to certain collection(catagory) from share extension so that I have to open the app later to categorize it every time. Lacking of share extension that allows user to open bookmarks inside Safari. It should allow users to set a default browser instead of letting us choose in-app browser or Safari every time. I hope these minor issues can be fixed soon. Thanks : )