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At craft beer kings we specialize in bringing you the latest craft beer creations from the best breweries! We also carry fine wines, sakes, ciders, meads and more.




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Hands down the best place to go for all your craft beer needs. Huge selection, whenever I can’t go in store cbk app makes beer buying so much more convenient. Shipping rates are great and they even offer In-store pick up if your worried you can’t make the hottest and newest drops upon release.


I ordered beer 4/30 it’s 5/17 today and still no beer


These guys have so much potential, they get a lot of hard to come by beers. The issue is they take 14 or more business days to ship.. that means that your NE IPA lost most of its flavor in those 2 weeks. I would potentially order stouts, but I would recommend staying away from their IPAs if they are charging $6-$9 a can.


Takes about a month to get your beers, terrible communication, can’t keep beers in your cart, have to immediately buy, etc etc...... do not recommend!


Pros: Great variety and options of different new beers. Great packaging for shipping. Cons: Little slow on getting items shipped out. Beers do not ship cold...c'mon man! Everyone knows you gotta keep those dank IPA's cold!!


Literally can go to any beer spot in town to find these beers. I’ve had and can get these beers for my own beer wall at my store. Where is the rare and hard to find beer?


Definitely a good app. Only problem is, I can go to the store down the street and though I may not find all these at once, I see most of these over the course of a few months. And they are cheaper. I usually don’t spend more than $5 a can, most of the time $3-5 is where I’m at and I get a discount of 1.50 for buying 6. Once they stop over charging, this could be an awesome app.


I don’t do many app reviews. This one is my first. I’ve had this app for a few years now and I have to say it is excellent. These guys are accommodating, pricing is fair, product selection is great, and I’ve had 1–3 damages over do years and they have made me whole and every single one. Highly recommend you never know what you might find!


Really don’t rate Apps but CBK is an awesome app for craft beer and the culture around craft beer! ✌🏾🍻


Love their simple to use, very fast and convenient app. Their selection is constantly updated, no lags and the homie Moe is awesome!!! Best brews & selection around


Craft Beer Kings stays true to their name. They carry the most exotic beers in the world. If you are a beer connoisseur, I highly recommend trying out their beers so you know what I’m talking about. My favorite is the Drekker’s Blueberry and Pomegranate and Plum. Why is that one my favorite you might ask? Because it tastes straight up like a smoothie 😂🔥


Literally takes a month to get your order. After you pay for the order it notifies you that it takes 7-14 business days to FILL the order. Then shipping takes another couple days on top. Will never buy from them again knowing It takes this long now. So bummed who wants to wait a month for 4 beers lol.


I absolutely love Craft Beer Kings app. The selection of beer is incredible. CBK consistently has the hard to get “whale” brewery drops and also supports the up and comers too. I love browsing the new arrivals section for beers from breweries I have not heard of yet. The ordering process is easy and efficient. Cant wait till my most recent order arrives.


While they have a great beer selection the shipping is outrageously expensive and the customer service is nonexistent. 2 stars for the beer though.


Don't bother ordering from these folks. Order takes forever to ship. The IPAs I got were old, but all the dates were mysteriously missing from the cans. The selection isn't very big and the beers that I got weren't great. A couple I just dumped out because I couldn't even drink them. $10 a beer, down the drain. It's not worth it.


This app makes it incredibly easy to find what type of beer you are looking for. The selection is amazing and is constantly being updated by Moe and his team. Shipping is quick and easy. Highly recommended app for craft beer enthusiasts. Keep up the great work, CBK!


Was able to get 450 north brewing and k J Wakefield delivered to my door! So long beer trading, the cbk app gets me all the rare beers


I have been so lucky to know the boys at CBK for a long time now... easily the best in the biz. Best selection, best prices! and now an app to make it all easier! Love these guys, their stores and this app!


Great app. Extremely responsive with no glitches. Doesn’t lag and has best selection of craft beer around.


App is great 100’s of beers at a touch of a screen. All the hard to get breweries and exclusive beers you can get delivered to your doorstep. Moe the owner is humble and down to earth and will help as much as he can.