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You can play now in portrait and landscape mode: whatever is the most convenient for you! Performance optimized New ways to boost your factory production added Engine refactored to easily add your great ideas into the future releases


【图】20000 Cogs under the Sea(截图 0)【图】20000 Cogs under the Sea(截图 1)


Start your awesome underwater steampunk adventure. Build underwater factory, connect the cogwheels for the most efficient work in the idle game mode. Tap volcanoes for oxygen, drill the seabed and mine the ore.

Employ octopuses and whales, explore the world with mechanical crabs, fish and submarines! Even the squirrels will help you, if you supply them with oxygen. Upgrade your incredible contraptions to become the ultimate sea tycoon.

Features of this addictive incremental idle game
– Various mad science contraptions, which can be connected in multiple fun ways
– You start in a small research station at the bottom of an ocean, but then you expand down, up, left and right
– Tutorial gives you the basic concepts, but to ultimately succeed you must be a real researcher and uncover hidden gameplay mechanics
– Engines will work while you are away, producing you idle cash
– Big community in facebook: share your creation to 7500 group members
– Contains only rewarded ads, which are launched by the player to increase earnings
– Works in offline mode without internet connection
– Receive your daily reward by catching a FB submarine

This is the fifth, Underwater, world of Steampunk Idle Spinner series. The first version of idle game with spinning cogwheels was made in June 2017 during a 3-days gamejam. As the concept proved to be interesting for the players, the development continued. The development of the game is screencast and then published as 1:60 timelapse video. Some development phases are broadcast to the players as live videos and often the players’ suggestions are implemented online.

The Underwater world was the most demanded, according to the players’ vote in the game’s facebook group. This world introduces many new concepts unique to the series. They are:

– Reworked game engine with “pins” concept, which let design even the most bizarre machines interactions;
– Resources production chains. Money is produced from air, various gases can be combined to create new substances;
– Playable area expansion. Sideways expansion is performed with clockwork crabs and submarines, upwards expansion: with main base upgrades and downwards: by drilling the seabed;
– Wide usage of taps together with spins for interaction with machines;
– New objects are not only bought, but also discovered (treasure chests, more underwater volcanoes, ore deposits);
– Machines purchase interface is the most convenient here.

Players continue giving new suggestions, which eventually appear in the game.

Available machines and entities:
– Underwater volcano – produces oxygen or other gases
– Cog 2:1 – increases rotating speed
– Hammer – automatically hits the attached machines
– Clockwork engine – spins the cog it while you are away
– Tap accumulator – stores your taps and transmits them to the coins
– Bubble duplicator – duplicates the bubbles
– Clockwork crab – discovers new territories for you
– Drill – as you spin it, drills down, finds the deposits of ore and produces coins
– Mechanical fish – transports resources to your base
– Octopus – extracts tentacles and spins cogs
– Air pipe – transports air
– Whale attractor – emits infrasound, which attracts whales
– Squirrel wheel – powerful engine, when fed with air bubbles
– Water filter – filters gold from the water
– Gas mixer – mixes air with the red gas and produces green gas
– Base booster – gathers red or green gas and boosts your base
– Treasure lootbox – you’ll find it occasionally on a seabed. Tap it do get some gold
– Submarines factory – floats in the water, as you spin its cog, will produce Scout submarines
– Scout submarine – expands your visible aquatory




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I love dis game, idk why, I just think it’s neat


Unique and addictive, I would love to see a remove ads purchase!