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Say “yes!” to living your best low-carb or keto life with the Diet Doctor app. You’ll get everything you need to succeed, lose weight, and improve your health.

What you’ll get:
– Personalized meal plans: Tell us about your goals, and we’ll make you a custom meal plan!*
– 1000+ free and delicious low-carb and keto recipes.
– 130+ Diet Doctor-tested meal plans with recipes and nutritional information you can trust — backed by the world’s leading experts on low carb and keto.
– helpful tips and evidence-based information
– easy weight tracking*
– visual guides that let you see how many carbs, or how much protein, are in common foods.
-access to a dynamic and supportive in-app community, Connect, of others doing the low-carb or keto diet.* Moderated by Diet Doctor staff, Connect is a safe place to ask questions, share progress, trouble-shoot challenges, get inspiration, and celebrate triumphs.
– The meal plans and recipes allow you to select your desired number of servings and have your weekly planning, recipes, and shopping lists all done for you.*

– Our shopping list feature works even offline.* Plus you are able to save your favorite low-carb and keto recipes — all in one place.*

This app is available in English, Swedish and Spanish.

* Requires a Diet Doctor membership. Not yet a member? Sign up for a one-month FREE trial to get started right away.

Why Diet Doctor?
Diet Doctor is the world’s #1 keto & low-carb site. Our goal is to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health by making low-carb and keto simple.

Strict keto, moderate, or liberal low carb — you decide! We do the planning so you can focus on cooking, eating, and enjoying delicious and nutritious food.

Millions of people have used our site to lose weight, reverse their type 2 diabetes, normalize their blood pressure, or change their lives for the better in other ways.

If you’re interested in low carb or keto, we’ll help make your journey simple and inspiring.

Quick breakfasts, luxurious brunches, hearty dishes, simple snacks, and gorgeous desserts — all low in carbs! Search for an ingredient or dish type, browse vegetarian or dairy-free recipes, or dig into our seasonal collections to find new favorites. Grocery shopping is easy. Simply add all recipe ingredients to your shopping list.

With a Diet Doctor membership, you have full access to our collection of 130+ keto and low-carb meal plans. To save you time, most of our meal plans include yesterday’s dinner as leftovers for lunch the next day. If you practice intermittent fasting, you can easily remove one or more meals. And if you don’t like a recipe, you can swap any meal for another recipe — or create your own meal plan by choosing from our 1000+ other recipes.

Want support and companionship as you embark on a low-carb way of eating? Our moderated in-app community gives you a safe place to hang out with others. You will never feel isolated or alone. Help, support, friendship and motivation are simply a tap away.

How many carbs are in your favorite nuts? What is the protein percentage of that chicken breast or piece of fish? Getting a fast, accurate reference is easy with our visual guides for the carb counts and protein percentages of a wide variety of common foods.

With all our support and delicious recipes, you will want to track your weight loss progress. We make it easy with a simple weight tracking tool.

Download Diet Doctor to start your health journey today to get everything you need to lose weight and improve your health with a low-carb or keto diet.

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I want to open the and go straight to searching for recipes without having to scroll past needless content


This could be a great app and subscription, but I’m about to cancel because it crashes constantly on my iPad. I’m using the latest version and my iPad is not even a year old, so it’s definitely not outdated.


I started out trying a keto meal plan, but now I want to switch to a Mediterranean diet, and I cant seem to change…most of the recipes are still labeled Keto


This app is very well thought out! It makes meal planning and grocery shopping so easy. I love that you can change serving sizes per meal before you create your shopping list! Some days I have more kids eating with me than other days. Also, it lets you swap recipes for quicker ones on nights when dinner needs to go fast (like when you need to get your children to their practices). Love everything about this app!


I love the app but since the last update it has been unable to remain open. It crashes constantly. Too bad because I found it very helpful prior to this.


The recipes are great, but the User Interface can be confusing to navigate to quickly look up recipes on the go.


I like the app, good recipes BUT is no videos on it. Will be great if will have it on each recipe.


Used to live the app. Now they have made it almost impossible to find my favorite recipes!


I’ve been trying to cancel this way before my trial and you have not done so. Now you keep trying to charge me $9.99. Please cancel my account.


Any app that makes it difficult to cancel your subscription is bad business and corrupt. Don't bother with this app. They don't even have a section within the app to cancel after you subscribe. They are hoping you forget and let the monthly sub continue. Shame on the developers. Thought you were supposed to help people not take advantage


Update 12/23/21 The last update really messed with my head. I lost all the items I had added to the shopping list for my household. I also had meals under the meal planner - but the meal plan has a separate shopping list than “recipes”. I can’t do two shopping lists so the meal plan got deleted and I am trying to start the shopping list all over again by adding recipes - and household items. Definitely a boo-hiss moment here. If they disappear again, the rating will go to. “1” star and I move onto another app - because we don’t live in a a keto/dietdoctor world alone. I have other stuff besides food - laundry, home, that I depend on a simple shopping list to be able to manage. Original review - 4 stars: I’ve been gluten free and keto for a few years, and low carb for over a decade. This is one of the best lifestyle apps. The app is fast. I don’t have to sit waiting on it. The shopping list is the bomb. I still haven’t used all the different features to the app. 2 stars deducted for the majority of recipes being too complicated. Even though prep and cook time may be low (30 - 60 minutes), the number of ingredients and steps involved for the majority of the recipes is unrealistic for me - and I think most cooks. If unknown ingredients have to be googled, or if I can’t find it at Walmart in the backwaters of Alabama, or if the recipe has more than 6-7 ingredients total, it doesn’t make it on a plate.


Canceled my subscription and they charged me again after I hadn’t been on the app for over a month . Remove my subscription u scam


For whatever reason the survey to create personalized meal plans does not work.


Again another app that gives you minimal features and tries to get you to upgrade


I have change my outlook on heathy eating with this app I have not come across a recipe that and family haven’t liked . I have lost 20 lb by change my outlook and bad habits. It’s still a work in progress but I’m glad I have a place to go for great heathy recipes.


Muy buena aplicación todas sus recetas son muy buenas y de fácil preparación


Love Diet Doctor. The recipes are all simply delicious with real ingredients. Combined with coffee in the morning with MCG oil and intermittent fasting, I am well on my way to losing that stubborn 10 lbs. The foods make it so easy to skip meals for me, and I look forward to dinner time with real butter, cream, and cheese. I have always hated “low-fat” type diets. When I eat a meal, I want it flavorful and satisfying, and that’s what I get from Diet Doctor.


I just made my first recipe from this app and it was delicious. White Cod with Brussels sprouts. I love the shopping list and ease of creating meals. I do two meals a day.


I love that the app stays open on my phone while I am cooking! I love that when you tap on the directions as you go, you can see where you are in the steps (the tapped steps turn a lighter color). I Iove that I can choose my meal plans and create shopping lists. I love that I can favorite my recipes. I love that it keeps track of where I am in the meal plan and opens to the next recipe of the day. I love that I can print them if I want. I love the nutrition facts for each recipe. I love that I can change serving size with just the tap of a button. I will definitely be continuing after my free subscription runs out. Thank you so much for this wonderful service!


Where can we create or add our own recipes and log them on a daily menu?