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We update our app regularly with powerful new features to help you be your strongest. This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements.


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With the Tonal mobile app you can be your strongest—from home, on your own schedule.

Tonal is the smartest home gym and personal trainer. Unlike traditional dumbbells, barbells, and exercise equipment Tonal uses advanced digital weight that continually adapts workouts so they’re most effective for you—all led by our expert coaches. Loved by beginners, exercise enthusiasts, and professional athletes alike, Tonal is reimagining the landscape of at-home fitness.

Get stronger, faster with the Tonal app

– Join a program: No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Tonal has individual workouts and multi-week programs to help you reach your goals.
– Track your progress: See your strength grow. Tonal’s A.I. keeps track of your workouts, measuring your progress and breaking it down by muscle group and workout type.
– Work out on-the-go: From high-intensity, to restorative yoga flows, Tonal has hundreds of workouts for you to try. Filter by focus, trainer, or time.
– Create your own workout: Work out your way with Custom Workouts. Choose your favorite movements, reps, sets, and advanced weight modes, like Burnout and Eccentric to maximize your results, then save for later.
– Get stronger, together: Connect with friends and stay motivated to get stronger while cheering on other members in the Tonal community.

Tonal uses HealthKit to export your Tonal workouts into the Health app and to sync your weight and height.




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Just got my new tonal gym installed this week and I love it. There is much to learn and enjoy while getting healthy. I look forward to working out with all the different training options. Para pa pa pa, I’m lovin it !


Overall … Tonal is awesome… I have a full home gym but barely use it. The app is great for when I am traveling and need to get in some body weight, HIT or yoga.


I want to have a profile pic. I DO NOT want to associate with Facebook in order to do so. Please decouple this integration. There are a ton of people that love Tonal but hate using FB.


App won’t open after phone update.


I wish there was a way to view your workouts on the app. I would like it to show up like it does on the Tonal.


Total joke!


Easy to use machine, setting up custom workouts is easy and intuitive. Not only does Tonal save you the travel time getting to the gym, it saves you from waiting for machines to free up allowing you to optimize your work out rotating between muscle groups without having to walk across the gym or waiting for that annoying guy to stop chatting on his phone whilst pretending to exercise. Indeed I’d be more likely to go to a gym that has walls of Tonals rather than classic machines. The app lets you explore workouts and setup you own. Two things stop me from giving the app five stars: 1) Analytics - sure any analytics is better than you get from analog exercise, but given the rich data they generate like watts per muscle group, peak power etc, they could do more to give you that data and let you explore it to better hone your workouts. 2) Dials for intensity - we’re all pretty busy, and some days we have more energy that others, some days we want to go longer but lower intensity and other days we want to go as hard as we can. Would be great to have two simple dials to alter rep count and weight across all exercises. Let me quickly alter the style of workout in the fly without having to do it on each set individually (which is also a bit depressing if it’s been a long day and you have little to give). Still overall a great machine and highly recommend.


Can we get a “share” button in the app? I’d like to text workouts I find to my wife.


Our Tonal has been perfect for our whole family. Phenomenal investment!


The tonal isn’t recording more mine and my partners workouts correctly. Mine doesn’t show me working out yesterday and I did, however it shows my partner to had workout today, when she didn’t! Again, the classes themselves, WONDERFUL, however the system has an error. Lastly I noticed it doesn’t always record my classes as completed, leading me to do it again. Not to discourage anyone from purchasing the actual Tonal because I do see definition and gains; however the system itself needs some improving.


Perfect for any age. Trainers are knowledges and encouraging. Perfect system for in home use.


Would like to be able to set up my workout videos in advance as well as see stats on the app


I would love to make a routine by combining individual instructor workouts. For example, legs with Coach A and back with coach B on Monday and Chest with coach C and arms with coach A on Tuesday, etc…


I would love to be able to see how my strength score compares to people in my age group. I can currently see how I compare overall to the Tonal community and by male / female….but that’s everyone in the community and not in my age group. Thanks for a great app and for the Tonal; we are loving our Tonal.


I would like to use an alternate photo for my profile since I no longer use Facebook. Please allow me to use my own personal photos. Thanks


I love my Tonal but I’m on the road for at least 2 days a week for work. I want to record my hotel workouts and runs as well. The developers need to either expand the functionality like the under armor or Racery apps, or just allow for a free form entry into the workout calendar function at the very least.


would be really cool to be able to compete against your friends with strength scores or leaderboards for strength scores and better division of age on leaderboards


This app is easy to navigate and use. My favorite thing to do is curate my own sessions by choosing the best exercises to fit my strength needs. Recommend 10/10.


Add interactions, (hyping up your friends when their activities are low) and sharing of custom workouts with friends please!!!!


Best thing I’ve ever done for my fitness in my life. Very user friendly and highly effective. Tonal produced real results I could see and measure in just a few short week. Two thumbs up.