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Fix inverted sensitivity setting after save on smartRV™ controls v1 devices


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The smartRV app let’s you control various smartRV products from RV Intelligence.

smartRVcontrols are smartphone remote control for the following applications!
* AutoLeveling Your RV
* Awnings
* Slides
* Lights
* Jacks
* Relays
* Valves
and more…

Now with smartRVcontrols OEM2 Support!

Works stand-alone, with your existing switch, and can even replace your existing switch!



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I found this on the web looking for a present for my dad so hard to get him something that he’ll appreciate and he has a great RV. At first he wanted me to take it back telling me he never use it then we installed it and he loves it told me it’s the best gift I ever got him! I’ll be looking at this company next year what a lifesaver thanks RVI and thanks for my dad too he loves his smart phone controlled awning now.


We got their level the woblr level to help us level our RV and then Checking out their website we realized realized that we could automate our lights and awning on our old bus We loved our bus and didn’t want to get a new one this allowed us to modernize it quick easy and cost-effective


I am in the RV Products business, and I am an RV owner myself. My company, RV Toy Store, had originally made arrangements to sell this company's Wireless Digital RV Level (the “WoBLR”). It was so simple and efficient, and the app was so nice and simple that we went online to see what other products this company made. The moment I saw their “smartRVcontrols", and I realized that I would be able to operate my electric awning and slides from my smartphone, I knew I had to have it! So, I contacted RV Intelligence to get more information. They asked me some questions about the motors which operate my slides and awning. Since I was clueless, surprisingly, the owner of the company offered to FaceTime with me, so I could be directed to where the electrical motor apparatuses were, and exactly what kind of plugs were needed. Within about 3 minutes, with the help of FaceTime, he was able to gather all the information he needed to fill my order. The product arrived very quickly. I was blown away at how quick and simple the installation was! All I had to do was literally unplug a couple of plugs, plug in the smartRVcontrols, and plug the plugs back in! I called the company again, and they walked me through the simple configuration of the app, and to my delight, I can now operate my slides and awning with my smartphone! It is really convenient, now that I no longer have to stand inside my RV, holding my finger on a switch to extend my slides! At RV Parks, I generally like to park my rig the perfect distance from the electrical hook ups, so that when I bring out my slide, it is fully retracted about 6 inches from the electrical hook ups. This optimizes the space allotted for the patio on the other side of my coach. It’s super convenient now that I can stand outside my rig, right next to the slide, and extend my slide in a manor that I can ascertain the proper distance from the electrical hook ups. It’s also a lot easier to hold my finger on a button on my smartphone, rather than standing inside my RV, with my arm above my head, holding my finger on a switch, while blindly operating my slide. To me, this product is a no brainer. The other thing is my awning automation. I used to have to run inside my RV to retract my awning every time I felt a slight breeze. Being in the awning business for over 35 years, I get an enormous amount of business repairing and replacing awnings due to wind damage. That’s why I’m so cautious! Now, with smartRVcontrols, when I’m sitting in my favorite lounge chair outside my rig, and I feel a breeze coming on, all I have to do is touch “Retract” on my smartphone (which I usually have in my hands anyway), and in goes my awning! For all these reasons, I would highly recommend smartRVcontrol to any RV owner! It’s worth its weight in gold!


I wasn’t sure if I even wanted my RV to have smart anything, isn’t that whole point of camping? To get away from all that technology stuff? A friend showed me this app and its modules, once I saw his working, I went and got one. It is so much nicer to be able to control my awning from anywhere around my camper, I see that you can control more things using their system. If this keeps working the way it has been, I will definitely get a couple more.