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--- New function --- 1. You can view uncounted inventory list on inventory sheet 2. You can view transfer statistics on individual product --- Optimization function --- 1. Lock inventory if inventory does not get approval 2. Allows employees to modify products and customers at a given time 3. Enable filter by stock=0


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MC App is a stock management solution that has been designed to meet the needs of suppliers, wholesalers, and brands.
Our field experience has given rise to a management tool perfectly adapted to fashion professionals, it supports wholesalers and suppliers in their stock management, order taking and customer relations.

Optimize your sales with the sales solution, advanced sales representative management, and remote sales. Indeed your customers, shop managers, e-commerce site buyers or semi-wholesalers can visit your warehouse to make purchases and stock supply but with MC App they have the possibility to buy and stock themselves through distance selling.
Thanks to MC App and the MC application managing it, you have complete management of your articles, your customers’ stocks but also your cash flow
MC app is a portable management software that makes it easy for you to manage your business.

MC Manager is intended for the manager for the complete management of the business. It is the stock management application that manages your company’s back office: product management, stock management, and inventory management, as well as sales representatives and customer relations management. In addition, MC Manager provides a detailed overview of physical and remote sales order intake.
It also has the possibility of managing cash flow and anticipating supplies.

The advantage of MC Manager, management software is to optimize your business. The challenge for any manager is to find the right balance between stock supply and stock rotation. With MC Manager you have the possibility to follow the evolution of stocks in real-time, to follow the accounting, to analyze by articles the sales performance and to see the purchases by the customer.

MC Manager is THE management software that also masters the other MC App applications. Thus MC Manager manages the access rights of these sellers, sales representatives, and sales representatives. With MC Manager you analyze the sales history and performance of your salespeople. Each sale is integrated into the MC Manager software, and you can carefully track each customer: purchase preference, frequency of visits and financial status in your books.
Monitoring and analysis of sales performance are important to set new objectives.

In addition, you can manage the turnover of your salespeople, sales representatives and sales representatives with greater peace of mind. Sales history and customer data are only accessible to your salespeople by the right of access thanks to MC Manager.

Finally, you are constantly informed of cash flows. Because controlling your cash flow means above all anticipating expenses and receipts.

MC Manager accompanies you throughout your commercial career and guarantees you control and clean and professional management of your business.

MC App is a complete management software: products, stock, inventories, physical sales, remote sales, treasury, procurement, and customers are centralized in this portable solution accessible to all.

MC App offers one application per business line:
MC Seller is the application for sales. Your salespeople, salespeople, sales representatives can easily place an order and close a sale at any time and in any place. Stocks are synchronized in real-time: orders are placed with complete peace of mind.

MS Manager, the application for managing your online store for your distribution network. Customer relationship management, customer access to your online store and online order taking. You also manage the layout and display of your online store’s items.

MicroStore is your online store for your distribution network. Online sales solution that facilitates the replenishment and purchase of your customers, store managers. With better visibility of your products and simplified inventory management from MC App: your distance selling process is made easier.

All these applications are interconnected and synchronized in real-time, know more in




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