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(Teens) Have you ever wondered where you will find your next hobby or passion – or just how to end boredom? Whether you’re looking for internships to boost your resume, a competitive sport team to join, a fun arts program to participate in, or just a place to meet other teens, Spotivity has you covered. With opportunities identified via our Pocket Genie, we make it easy for you to spot activities and uncover your next adventure!

(Parents) Do you want a free application that helps you to help your teen fight boredom, improve engagement, and build skills? Would you like this in a package that also supports digital parental engagement and promotes safety? Spotivity is the first of its kind tool to help your teens explore options that could become passions!

Spotivity connects teens to out-of-school-time (OST) activities that promote positive development and creates actionable pathways to college and careers. Our digital platform helps identify programs in 10 key areas (arts, sports, tech/STEM, tutoring, employment, voluntarism, camps, wellness, mentoring, and remotely provided activities). In addition to searching for user-specific programs, thanks to our partnership with Utah State University, spotivity has built a machine-learning algorithm (the Pocket Genie) to link users to opportunities that play to user’s strengths or challenges them – helping teens better leverage opportunities and/or find activities that they never knew existed.

App Features:

*Pocket Genie
spotivity’s research-informed tool to help teens make decisions that are more informed. The Genie currently provides insights into activities and college major alignment and will evolve and become even more useful over time.

*User Forum
spotivity provides an in-app forum where all spotivity teens can engage in lively chat on topics that interest them.

*In-App Program Videos
Each Premium Program is offered the opportunity to upload links to videos they have taken to support participant engagement. These video links are found directly in-app to each enrolled participant.

Curated Articles from around the world are regularly posted for users to read. Go in and have a look – there may be items that interest you!

*Spotivity Transcript
The full memorialization of all Check-ins made over the life of the users engagement is provided via the spotivity transcript. No more guess work will be needed with what you did after school! Use this transcript to support college admissions as supporting documentation to your school academic transcripts.

*Program Details
A detailed contact overview of mapped programs is provided (Please Note: this feature is currently only for mapped programs in the Chicagoland Beta. New locations of mapped programs to roll out near you soon.)

Check out how you rank against your personal networks, school networks, and the entire spotivity user universe.

*In-App Chat
Talk with other members of your team (so long as you are all enrolled in the same Premium Program) thanks to our integrated chat feature.

*Safe Passage Notification
Spotivity disallows any one-on-one direct communication from program management to users – all messages are shared to a connected Parent / Guardian (via the optional Parental Tethering Feature).

*Team Store
Buy items and support your programs via their Team Store.

*Alerts & Notifications
Internal Alerts and Notification are easy to navigate so that you never miss an important message from connected Programs, your Parents / Guardians, or from the mothership at spotivity HQ.




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Pretty Straightforward and no confusion. Very clear and different


Spotivity has been such an amazing app for me so far! I love how easy it is to use, and it has connected me to so many more opportunities. I would definitely recommend it!


Spotivity has given me a way to find activities near me and also allows me to interact with other teenagers about anything and everything! The app has given me a way to find activities both in-person and online allowing for variety and control of my time as I want.


Spotivity is a great resource for parents and teens to find resources in their cities. Love the in app features to stay connected and the variety of programming.


Great app


A close friend of mine recently introduced me to Spotivity, and I have to say this has helped me find new activities during this pandemic! I am so grateful to be able to make good use of all the free time I have now.


A great way to find remote activities during this pandemic!! I am so glad I found this app!


This app is the future of programming.


Love the variety of activities. Is occasionally buggy or laggy but overall very informative and the new features, like the forum, are really cool.


my friend told me about this app and i wasn't exactly sure if i would find anything i like but there were a ton of activities in my area even during quarantine. i would definitely recommend spotivity if you're bored over the summer (like me)


I don’t know what I would do without Spotivity, it is basically the cure to boredom! There are so many great activities and a ton of them are free!


This makes finding activities 10x easier! 😍