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- Added the “Cake” event - Added the “Cookie Jar” event - Added the “Hike” event - Added new UI/UX - Optimization and bug fixes


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Can’t get enough of cooking games and tasty dishes from all over the world? Looking for cool games in the Time Management style?

Well, you’re in luck! Hell’s Cooking is a free culinary game for the entire family. It’s about a chef and a restaurant where food to be cooked. A real cooking madness with stunning visual effects and spectacular gameplay. Food preparation is intuitive and dynamic. The large number of cafes and restaurants, fresh appearance and improved kitchenware to attract more customers, and a variety of locations and guests all combine to make HC a game you love.

Help Roger and his friends manage the best restaurants and cafes in town, outsmart Inspector John Lowe, and become a culinary mogul. Cook food, participate in spectacular culinary contests, immerse yourself in the captivating plot, and become famous as the best cook in the world. You’ll encounter a kitchen, tasty recipes, and cooking fever in real time with friends around the world!

Over 500 delicious dishes of the highest quality, to be cooked with the best ingredients, seasonings, and spices, which you can serve to your guests. In the kitchen, you can make crepes, burgers, hot-dogs, roasted duck, ice cream, milk cocktails, fish dishes, and much more, just like a real cooking craze chef. Practice cooking techniques and management skills and start your own cooking diary!

Try every single kitchen appliance from juicers and frying pans to grills and ice cream makers. Enhance your store and kitchen equipment! Combine different gadgets for fast food preparation in the kitchen. In each restaurant, you will find unique equipment. Update it, receive additional abilities and bonuses, and see what you’ll be able to do in this cooking game about a restaurant chef.

Hell’s Cooking is a game for fans of burger king, restaurants, and cafes. Cool optimization even for weak phones. Thrilling graphics, realistic sound, and a complete immersion in the crazy kitchen! The user-friendly controls will help everyone, from kids to adults, enjoy the game. Play a culinary game has never been this easy and simple! Dive in the cooking fever universe right now on your phone for easy on-the-go fun.

The new culinary game will change your idea of food preparation, and you’ll find out what it’s like being a cool chef! The game offers restaurants with dishes from all over the world. A pastry shop or ice cream parlor, Chinese cuisine or American fast food? What will you choose? We hope you’ll have a great time in our new restaurants! Want to prove you’re the best chef and sushi master? Download Hell’s Cooking right now! Enjoy cooking and keep treating your Facebook friends to tasty dishes!

English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, German.

The game requires internet connection.

We welcome any feedback during your experience to improve the game.





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Got stuck after Chinese restaurant and it says “in the next update” but looking through reviews, people have been saying this for over a year now. It’s a fun game, but doesn’t seem like the developers care for it much


It’s a cool little game. Takes my mind off of things, and it keeps my eyes sharp at the same time.


I am in the first restaurant with all the upgrades and trying to use boosters to beat a level. I even did the no burn and had my grandchild sitting keeping the pancakes going and couldn’t beat the level. I like the game, but think I’ll probably be deleting.


Great game with absolutely no glitches


Great game


I would have given this game 5 stars because I love it but I cannot because I made it to level 179 in the Peking duck level and one day I went to play the game and it put me back to level one like I just started playing. Mad!


I like it but I’m still on the Chinese level does it ever end


Already beat level 330 please upgrade to add more levels.


After you reach a certain level, there’s no more


I really like this game but not even gonna finish it because the amount of coins you got to spend is ridiculous I can understand 50 coins to continue if u mess up but 120 that is too steep


The game cheats you out of time when you use a booster. Then in order to pass the level you need to buy more crap.


When are new levels coming? It’s been a month since I have been able to play. What is the hold up, it didn’t take y’all long to take my money so why it is taking you guys so long to put new games in!! I have written you about this a couple of times but I have not heard anything from you. MORE GAMES NOW PLEASE!!!!!


Slow the game down I can’t serve everyone it’s to fast food burns remove the stupid clock I don’t like being timed


Can y’all let us enjoy the game before u start cheating to try and make people spend money. I like the game and don’t mind but it’s not ok.


So far so fun!


love it


Ridiculous how every level can be beat but never have enough customers and run out of time without letting upgrade. Was fun for awhile but continually fails you. Done wasting my time. Not fun after u ace it every single time and lose


I really wanted to like this game but there is a big problem. Why at the beginning after each level you offer a video watch to boost coins then all of a sudden that stopped. Also why can’t I go back to the previous game to boost coins? The upgrades are so expensive that you can never upgrade. When a level is won you don’t get enough points for the upgrades. I feel like you guys are doing this to make us spend our own money on coins , boosters and diamonds. Well if the game were worth it I would spend a little money. You don’t even make it worth it for us to want to spend. Be fair and put back the video offers and I would spend.How in the world can someone buy a $5000 upgrade when you’ve already played 6 or 7 levels and still only have 1700 coins. Really!When you offer nothing I’m not going to play at all. At this point this game deserves not 1 star. Believe me the one star is very generous that I gave you. If you at least offer the videos or let us go back to the previous game to boost coins I will come back and revise this review!


Rigged and flawed to the max to try to get you to dump money into it to play. Will literally cheat til you either break down and dump money in it or do as I do which is delete due to unfair gameplay to profit. I realized that when I played a level and used 2 boosters to accomplish task still failed. I used 2 add 3 more customers boosters as well on same level and what do you know?! Still failed! 🤬 4 boosters in 1 level and still failed tells me 1 thing and that is obviously the makers of this game is nuts to think I’m going to dump my money into it on top of that! I had another booster I should be able to use if I lose other than the add 3 more customers which is about 4-5 add extra 30 seconds boosters and guess what?! This crappy cheating game won’t even allow me to use it to complete a level if I need too! 95-99% of the boosters is at least 150 gems for 1! Gems of which you definitely will not earn completing levels as completing levels coins etc is totally skimpy and that’s with watching a video for 100 more coins. Then it will only allow you to watch a pitiful few not even worth the bother there’s a limit how many you can earn extra off of each day. Playing to open a new restaurant is a nightmare! I’m on level 81 in the first restaurant and still haven’t moved to the next! It’s totally insane to have to complete that many levels to open the next restaurant! You obviously have to complete almost 100 whole levels to move to the next restaurant! I think I’ve lost interest the odds is definitely stacked too much against getting any entertainment out of this game!


Is this game should I delete it?? When is the new city going to be done?? I have tons of gems & bonuses!! Please tell me when I can actually play it again. I would give the game 5 stars but I haven’t been able to play it. 🤷‍♀️