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1. Optimize the binding process; 2. Fix some bugs;


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Jawa is a free application for new generation cloud camera, it is used for remote video monitor.

The app features are as below:
1.Users can check real time video and playback remotely any time,any place.
2.The app supports remote video recording and image snapshot.
3.The app supports alarm function.
4. With intelligent stream media cloud technology, 720p HD video can be real-time transferred.
5.Support video image zoom-in.
6.Users can record video manually on live video and playback video interface. And the video recorded manually can be checked on album.
7.The app can control PTZ.




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I have had 2 of these cameras for over a year and they have worked perfectly until recently. Literally within minutes, I went from no issues to not even being able to log in and getting the message “network exception.” All other devices and apps are working perfectly fine so it is not a network issue. This is an app issue. Frustrating since they have worked well for my needs and then all of a sudden not work at all. The sound wave binding is outdated since it needs to happen in a quiet environment. I had to dismount my camera from where I had it outside to bring it inside to do the sound wave but that still did not work. I guess at this point the cameras are worthless for me.


This recent update will not allow me to access my account. When I try to sign in it says network error. I am not receiving notifications either due to this issue. Please fix ASAP.


My cameras stopped working after a network outage. When I try to log into the app, I get a message of “network exception.” I can’t find any place to contact to get support assistance for the app or for my cameras. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing these at this point simply because there isn’t a way to get any support.


Worthless app!! It gets stuck at 95% 99^ of the time. And if you get it to load the camera goes offline. The whole setup is a joke. As of July 2021 this app no longer allows you to log in and view camera.


Jawa’s network connection continuously goes out. Had no issue for about a year but now it is hard to connect to my camera’s due to network outages unrelated to my home internet connection. Contacting the developer is non existent.


Please update this app. I purchased the cameras to help me keep an eye on my elderly parents, and now the app does not open. What is the purpose of a camera that you cannot view. Please update!!


I havent been able to connect to my camera for a few months already, Please fix the problem asap!!!!!


App will not send verification code to email or phone number!


Initially working fine then after a year it stopped recording. You can see that my SD card is getting full but nothing is displayed on the app….. how am I supposed to review my footage. I can’t even update the app… Contacted support all I got was format SD card, put an SD card, the typical stuff that I’ve already tried. Looking into another camera and app and putting this one in the trash.


only time it works is from local network. try to remote connect and suddenly internet problems. i’m on a 5g tower on both ends. 500mbit connection down and 100mbit up. these cameras need less than 1mbit bandwidth. the problem is the app plays man in middle. it goes through their servers unless on same network in which case it seems to use local routing. i really need to find out if i can get these cameras to work with something else


Apple has please take this trash off the Market.


My app stopped sending alert notifications all of a sudden, the notifications are On in iPhone settings. The app is horrible.


Just installed iOS update 15 on my iPad and the screen orientation won’t work. It won’t stay in landscape orientation. The Camera was working good before this. We have 3 of them. So if you are thinking about keeping these cameras without this app not being updated don’t bother. I am going to try to reinstall but I doubt it will make much of a difference.


Since the IOS15 update my IPad Pro 10.5 can not go to landscape mode. It flips it to a sideway portrait mode. It worked fine prior to the update. This really needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Then it will be a 5 star rating.


Worked fine until recently, can’t pair any of the two cameras that had no prior issues. Maybe the company decided not to continue to update the interface or technology.


I really wish they would work properly. After the app updated my cameras have been offline. Now when I try to sign in it says network exception:-/ please fix


Loved this camera/app until the last update which has made it impossible for me to log into the monitoring software. I have two of these cameras for my home and it’s ridiculous that because of an app update they are rendered useless. There needs to be an alternate way to view the monitor page from web browser. Do better!!


The layout option is critical for viewing multiple camera at the same time. Please add layout especially 2 cameras side by side, and that’d be awesome. Also we need a true HD version of iPad for a better user experience. Thank you Dev. Appreciate it.


Landscape mode not working on 15.3


Says network exemption