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The eToro Money crypto wallet enables you to hold multiple types of cryptocurrencies, saving you the hassle of memorizing or writing down private keys or phrases, on an extremely user-friendly platform. The crypto wallet allows you to use a single username and password combination, giving you a seamless blockchain experience. With the wallet, you can track your eToro cryptocurrency portfolio on the app, and store different types of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and more. It takes care of all the technical issues in the background, offering you a blockchain solution that frees you to focus on your investments.

At eToro, we strongly believe that the disruption of the financial arena begins with accessible solutions that empower investors of all backgrounds to join the space. Our blockchain wallet allows beginners and experts alike to store cryptocurrencies with ease.

Following the massive surge in demand for cryptos and leaning on our vast experience as leaders in the fintech and cryptocurrency industries, we knew we could offer crypto traders and investors an amazing solution. By creating simpler blockchain tools, we’re opening a new world of opportunity for traders across the globe, who can now hold an impressive selection of cryptos.

The eToro Money crypto wallet offers a seamless solution, engineered and designed by cryptocurrency trading experts and blockchain specialists, which provides clear and simple access to the world of cryptocurrency trading. The crypto wallet enables you to operate freely across devices, and enjoy an experience that is fully localized. From now on, storing cryptocurrency is as easy as can be!

Download the eToro Money crypto wallet now and join the blockchain revolution with a single click.

The services of eToro Money are provided by “eToro X Limited”, incorporated in Gibraltar with company number 116348, which received an “in-principle” approval from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission in respect of its application for a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Provider License Application.




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Title says it all. Not only is etoro horrible for fees (spreads) and lack of staking, etc. Complete rubbish. Your coins go in and never go out. And they make no effort to fix it. Hopefully the SEC gets wind of this and does something about it.


The most horrible crypto app on the market, it's very complicated to use it if you want to get in the world of crypto just use Binance or OKx, these are one of the best apps with very low fees to use about crypto. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APPLICATION AT ALL.


I don’t even want to waste my time on writing review on this application but i want to give information to people who are going to check this application to invest on money. Worst platform they don’t even have sync between their own application useless developers and money eaters. Please don’t try eToro at all..


Ridiculous. Apparently you are only allowed to control *certain* assets. Only certain coins are allowed into the wallet. For example, and unless I’m totally missing something here, I cannot send my DOGE to the wallet. Therefore, if I want to remove all of my DOGE from eToro I have to sell it all. I feel like they have taken MY assets hostage. We should be allowed to send any coin to any wallet we want. Should be illegal. Total fraud.


EToro has a habit of finding excuses to lock me out of my account, restrict transfers, and not have a service to support undoing their issues. This is the wrong company to use for crypto. I recommend you get a real wallet that holds the actual coin, an account at a reputable company like coinbase, or find another path forward. EToro is only headaches.


This app has been a total failure to the point where a joke doesn’t accurately describe it. I had to send funds from the trading app to the wallet where I couldn’t send them or do anything with them for months. I contact customer service who keep saying I must be doing it wrong and need to lower the send amount to account for fees which I did upwards of 20-30 times. Upon providing them pics and whatever they needed they kept insisting I wasn’t doing it right. When I finally was able to get it to go through and got a receipt it showed that I sent it to not one but two contact addresses that were not the one I specified. Then I was told well that’s not our fault. EToro stole my funds and blatantly disregarded my issue. I recommend that no one use this company for any reason. Unless you want to just give them your money. Because they will take it anyways if you use their exchange.


I can’t even log in with my normal etoro credentials. It keeps asking to reset password. As everywhere else, I am autofilling with Bitwarden. There is no logical reason why etoro would refuse to fix the log in. There are nonsensical fees just to get crypto from etoro to their own etoro money. It’s an internal transfer and they keep skimming off the top from their own users. This would be like banks having the same level fee to transfer from checking to savings. And still in this day and age etoro thinks they can get away with it and squeeze their users.


In a nutshell they don’t accept my password—I got to change it and the “submit” button doesn’t click. I go to ask for help they have no way of contacting anyone unless you log in…the very thing I am trying again


Try using your “wallet” when there’s actual money in it. See what happens. Nothing happens. The app mysteriously stops working, with no error codes. Just dead. Cannot contact anyone. Cannot do anything. This is a joke.


This platform needs a lot of development. If you buy crypto using this platform “BEWARE!” that you will not be able to put all your coins in a wallet. Their are better wallets out there. I had high hopes for this platform because it do have some great use cases. But what is the use of you can’t put all your investments in a wallet and stake them. It’s so much money that you will be missing out on if you use this platform and wallet.


I’ve sent 50$ worth of bitcoin to this wallet just for test. I cant convert it to other crpytos (always getting error converting) and cant send to other wallet (error). Dont use this app. I’ve basically lost 50$ because of this scam. Beware!


What a complete piece of trash. I don’t think it even does anything. Can’t seem to do much other than see my balance from eToro. It’s the crappiest wallet app ever made or eToro is desperately trying to keep your crypto on eToro. My guess is a lot of both.


I tried to login with me eToro trade credentials and got a message saying the app wasn’t open to the public.


If you use eToro to buy/trade crypto, they’ll force you to use this app. You pay a fee just to move assets from the eToro platform to the wallet, which is inexplicable. The wallet itself is confusing and a terrible user experience. There are so many other exchange/wallet options out there, stay away from this one! You’re welcome.


Lots of tap focus shift UI bugs make this version of the app nearly unusable. Try to copy and paste your password from a secure password vault. I dare you.


Can’t t transfer TRX from Etoro to Etoro Wallet. Wish I knew this before signing up.


I’m closing my account. Can’t even login to the money app. The sign in screen doesn’t work. iPhone 12 Pro Max. Definitely doesn’t feel like a safe place to keep investment assets if they can’t even get this right.


I have been attempting to either withdraw my ethereum or convert it to btc and I always receive an error message. It was fine when I deposited my crypto, but no way to get it out. Stay Away!


I have had a terrible experience with Etoro wallet. Their app did not allow me to transfer the full amount out. So I was left with a useless amount in this wallet app, and can’t do anything with it. Terrible experience, will be looking into other ways to report this.


This app is a joke. You are unable to buy any crypto to put into your account. The closest you can get is attempting to verify you account via an arbitrary web browser version of the regular app. Even at that you are still unable to verify your account. Waste of time.