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- You can now track your cycle more detailed with new input possibilities - We have improved the display of the patch application day within the calendar and today-screen - In the new learn more section of the today screen you can get insights on your cycle and maybe learn something new - Changing the length of your luteal phase is now possible - App FAQ-Screen based on your current cycle


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Family Planning – and Planning a Family

Take your family planning into your own hands with femSense! Track your cycle with the app and combine it with the femSense temperature measurement patches to display your individual high and low fertile days. The femSense patch detects your ovulation and thus increases the accuracy many times over. It is hormone free, discreet and completely natural. And your personal details? Safe, anonymous and protected!

Take control of your fertility with femSense. Track your cycle and see at a glance whether your fertility is high or low on any given day. The femSense sensor patch uses the temperature method to measure and confirm ovulation. The combination of the app and the sensor technology means femSense does all the measuring, charting and analyzing for you. Hormone free and natural femSense can help you plan or prevent a pregnancy.

femSense can not only predict but measure and confirm that ovulation has taken place. The medically certified patch measures your temperature 24/7 during your fertile window until it detects ovulation and notifies you that ovulation has occurred. The calendar in the app gives you daily updates on your fertility.

It’s so easy:
Download the app, register and select the mode for you: do you want to use femSense for fertility awareness or to get pregnant? You can buy the patches in the app or in our online shop. femSense will guide you every step of the way, tell you when to apply the patch and when you have your fertile days. As soon as ovulation has been detected femSense will let you know, and you can remove the patch. The discreet patch must only be worn for a few days during your cycle.

With the femSense patches you can:
• See your fertile phase in cycle tracker mode and find out your daily fertility status (high fertility / low fertility)
• In the get pregnant mode, find out your 4 most fertile days and get pregnant faster
• Determine if and when you ovulated

femSense also offers:
• Precise sensor technology; continuous and exact temperature measurement without any effort.
• Comfort; the wafer-thin temperature sensor in the patch measures reliably and discreetly.
• Continuous measurement; femSense compares temperature curves over several days and can therefore reliably determine ovulation.
• NFC technology; the femSense patch is read out using Near Field Communication technology, radiation free technology used worldwide on a daily basis in contactless payments.
• Clear instructional videos.
• Period calendar and diary with the femSense Cycle Tracker

For reliable prediction and accurate measurement and confirmation of ovulation, we advise combining the app with our femSense patches. But even without patches, the femSense app can be a useful companion: You never want to be surprised by your period again? You want to know if your migraine is cycle-dependent? Simply note down your period and various symptoms regularly in the femSense app and look for patterns or connections in the statistics. This way you’ll always have an overview and get to know yourself and your body better.

With the femSense app you can:
• Always see when your next period is due
• Identify your fertile days
• Keep a record of symptoms and moods
• Have a statistical history of your cycle and see patterns
We care about protecting your data! femSense only stores your data within the app. Your private health information will NEVER be shared with or sold to third parties. Only you have access to it.

femSense does not substitute the consultation of a medical professional. App indications are just recommendations and can’t be used for diagnostics or medical purpose. Always seek a doctor’s advice before making any medical decisions.

Please note that femSense is not intended as a method of contraception.
femSense is a registered trademark of SteadySense GmbH.

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I love the idea behind the patch but it’s honestly useless until they actual provide results of what was recorded using the patch. When you scan all it tells you is that it’s not ovulation day yet. It should at least tell you what your bbt is so we can know too or somehow graph the results the patch recorded in the app. The app gives no insightful information at all. It’s very plain and boring. It’s needs more, it needs to provide more information and actually show results of what’s being tracked with the patch. I was really hopeful this would be something useful but it’s more of a waste of money


Any app does that without the patch .. what is the reason for this patch is it reads only based on input in app... this is useless... App doesn’t save My Body info.. it keeps going to default even after clicking save for you info.. that is a defect in app that needs to be resolved...