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Fixes an issue with the phone number field for the Contact Us form Fixes an issue that was preventing applying to resources from the first click


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The purpose of the Keys to Success app is to help students unlock their future and connect them with scholarships, internships, and other career opportunities. As students are matched with opportunities within their identified career interests, students gain points for awesome rewards. Students can track their progress, navigate career pathways, receive push notifications, and use additional tools like College Planning Resources, ACT Prep, and FASFA Help. Additionally, Keys to Success is partnered with multiple universities, post-secondary educational institutions, and business sponsors to provide students with scholarships and career opportunities.




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We can’t even log in. We’ve tried a parent account and a student account, and it says it will email us a code to change the password, but they never send it.


I don’t care


It’s okay so far it took a few updates for me to sign in but, it will probably fine. thanks for the response it took a while for me to go on the store to see the response so 4 stars for now maybe 5 later


This app literally made high school for me. The prize opportunities are amazing and the app greatly enhanced my school experience. Benefits from the KTS continue to pay off, even after graduation


The app has some great features like the careers tab and prizes. However despite it being an app for scholarships I kind of feel like I can barely find any scholarships that I am eligible to apply for which is frustrating because I take advanced classes and I get good grades but I rarely find scholarships even for that! Overall though I guess I would recommend this app but it needs more scholarships!!


This has been so good for my child as she navigates her success route. It’s organized, easy to use and so helpful.


Great app!


I am honestly really annoyed. I love the app because it’s got so many great things. But I used points to get a Chick-fil-a meal but it says I have received it but never got it. Then it won’t let me login to the app. I can login on safari and everything but when I try using the app it doesn’t work. As well as there was a drawing that I was a finalist for my school. They were to release the winner on their social media, but I have no social media platforms so I tried get in contact. They still have not responded and it had been really ridiculous. I am really annoyed but oh well.


I had about 45 points in my account. I tried selecting a prize (Wendy’s) for about 25 points, but now I just can’t order and have no idea how to use it. It asks for my address and information, so I thought that it was a delivery. Now it just says that I have a prize available(?), and when I try to redeem it again to see if works (which says it’s free points) The app says that don’t have enough points to redeem the prize. Now I just have 20 points and is totally useless, I don’t search for scholarships yet and It was my first time using. It doesn’t work anymore because of coronavirus?


As I was trying to sign up for this app my high school and another small high school next to mine was not included.


It isn’t sending me the verification code for my account despite my email for both being correct?


Prizes are near impossible to claim rendering the rewards you earn as useless.


Tried signing up for the first home and it told me an account with my email already existed. Tried getting the password through the “Forgot Password” sequence but it told me no account with my email existed. So... which one is correct? Guess I’ll never get that free Chick-Fil-A meal, hah.


i’ve been trying for several days now to redeem these points for a reward and have been every time with an error code saying that “You cannot redeem prizes at this time” with no further explanation. i have a perfect wifi connection, no vpn on, nothing that i can think of that would interfere with this process. extremely frustrating considering i only downloaded the app because of how poorly optimized the website is.


Why isn’t Bingham High an option????


Try to load scholarship descriptions and I’m stuck with too loading circles. My app is updated and I have a perfect internet connection.


Just recently, I updated the app onto my phone and for some reason, I am unable to reset my password. After several attempts in trying to reset my password, all with the correct information and token information, I’ve just given up and can’t get accessed into my account. The app is great but the downfall for me is the password reset process.


It makes you reset your password every time you try to get into the app. Also, I never got the prize I redeemed my points for.


Upon using this app the first time, it was impossible to ignore that it had some major bugs. However, I am not above admitting when I am wrong, and the developers of this app have done a wonderful job correcting and improving it overall. It is a pleasure to use, and I can find no faults. Thank you so much to those who work tirelessly to improve the education system. And for the record: I would indeed recommend this app.


This is so amazing. I had no idea I could get so many cool scholarships. It also lets me get points and redeem them for cool stuff. It used to have some bugs but now they’re all fixed. Super glad i gave it a second chance.