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Days of Empire is the first true war game to restore the history of the Ottoman Empire.
The war at sea is over, but the war on land is just beginning. As the designated successor of the aging Ottoman sultan, you must unite the great warriors of this mighty, historic empire. Eliminate your enemies; rescue captive heroes; amass great armies; build an impenetrable fortress; bolster your economy; and take over the reigns of the empire!

Game features
Puzzles with rewards:Solve brain-wracking puzzles to pull the pin, help heroes destroy monsters and find treasure!
Faithfully recreating the Ottoman Empire : Experience exquisite Ottoman architecture and take part in epic campaigns!
Summon historical Ottoman heroes : Over 50 real leaders from the Ottoman Empire await your commands!
Large-scale battlefields : PVP, PVE, and Kingdom War; fight for glory!
Strategic battles : A wide variety of troop types, weapons, and flexible hero combinations; experience strategy on a global scale!
Naval Warfare competition : War engulfs both land and sea, harking back to real historical campaigns!
Global interaction : Awesome real-time translations and language chat features!
Alliance battles : Form powerful alliances, occupy strategic strongholds, plunder resources, and expand your empire!

Real player comments
“The game is completely faithful to history, the music is inspiring, and the whole experience is immersive”
“It’s intuitive and easy to play and the graphics are exquisite”
“It’s addictive and you can play for free”
“After entering the game there are so many alliances waiting to welcome you, it’s a really tight-knit community and everyone works together to fight enemies!”

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The game is having a glitch


I don’t have a credit card to update my billing information it won’t let me do anything I haven’t been playing for about five months because I don’t have a card yet is there another way that I can pay to get updated so I can keep playing


The game was ok now everything cost money don’t waist your money and time


I am looking for English speaking players to recruit to my team here within kingdom 129. We own the palace with really no immediate threat at all and we have billions of resources for constant growth. Let’s come together and build a team that we can enjoy and kill alongside. I’m looking to recruit bloodthirsty players, and again, English speakers please. This game is full of all nationalities, but for this game to truly expand into other countries, there has to be a group in that country that is spreading the word to others.


I have loaded $100 dollars to my days of empire account. I still haven’t been able to play my game in full version. I have tried to contact them via game and website contact email. Non of them responding for a week. watch your money they will not explain anything! Please contact me if you are a game admin! This is ridiculous to ignore your customers!


I’ve had it for 2 years and I can’t get any better


Now this game is awesome because it’s not too complicated and it has that thing we’re you choose how the thing goes and I like keep up the good work


Developers don’t care they just want your money


لعبه ما تطبق البنود ولا القوانين حقها ودعم ما يعترف غير بالفلوس حتي لو ارسلت لهم اكثر من دليل يطلبونه منك وبعد يفضلون اشخاص عن اشخاص حسبي الله علي الإدارة والدعم انصح الجميع بعدم تحميل اللعبه والله انه حراميه يبون ياخذو فلوسك وبس


This game is very bad it’s support some people and don’t care about others also it’s a racist game. 👌🏻


لعبة منحازة وغشاشين وهدفها جمع الاموال فقط


لعبه كلها عنصريه ضد العرب حتي الإدارة الغبيه! لا تنزلها و تندم!


فقط ما يبون العرب بلعبتهم كل همهم ان يخلون الاتراك رقم واحد


اللعبه ما تطبق بنودها وقوانينها اللي يدفع اكتر يكسب حتي لو اثبت لهم وأعطيتهم اكتر من دليل دامك المشكله مع شخص يشحن اكثر منك الدعم ما يساعد حسبي الله عليكم ولا تقولو الدعم علشان الدعم احسهم ياخذو رشوه لان بعد تقديم الادله برضو ماكو فايده


Một game chiến thuật hay nhưng tạo cho tôi tốn khá nhiều thời gian


Incredibly awesome game


Oyun günden güne para tuzağı oluyor ve her güncelleme ile daha da zorlaşıyor artık 4 krallık savaşı var 2 krallıkta iken bile zor ödül alırken yeni sistemde savaşacak rakip sayısı artı ve verilen ödül sıralaması yine aynı sıralamaya girmek hayal oldu ve GM ne yaptıklarını bilmiyorlar oyundan anlamayanlar bilmeyen yöneticiler var aklınız varsa hiç indirmeyin oyunda ki tek önemli şey dostluklar yoksa kimse oynamaz bu oyunu artık oyuncuların isteklerini göz önüne almalısınız yoksa çok yakında oynayacak oyuncu bulamazsınız


لعبة مشوقة جدااا


Buenas empiezo para decirle que el juego me encanta en su totalidad y tiene muy buenos eventos a cada semana , llevo 6 meses con el y soy un jugador que invierte en su castillo. Pero en esta actualización hicieron un evento nuevo de asedio donde hay unas ciudades en el reino que debes ocupar y otras alianzas te pueden atacar. Pero fallaron que cuando tus tropas son atacadas mueren. Y eso esta muy mal porque no es un evento de aniquilación ni lucha de reino que puedes revivirlos. Deberian hacer como campo de llamas que solo heridas aunque debas gastar de tus recursos para curar. Perdi muchas tropas por este evento, que tan siquiera pusieron es su descripción nada de perder tropas. Se les fue el avión. Incluso si hubiera perdido todo borraba el juego . Consejo describan mejor los eventos en especial si vas a peder tropas gracias


Your game is too lopsided towards those that have money to waste. I will not be around too much longer because I cannot compete with the people that can spend $1000’s on a game. Too bad because this is a great game otherwise. If you were not quite so interested in making quick profits, you might find that a lot more people would hang around and spend $50-100 per month. I will be sorrybto leave but just don’t want to play a game that I can’t win at without wasting $1000’s. Thank you for listening.