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“Buckle up yourself for Dirt Bike game. Are you ready for going in the dirt and doing bike stunts all the way in the dirt? Become a dirt bike rider with a hot wheels in the dirt. Survival racing in this freestyle dirt bike exhibits freestyle stunts of dirt, mid-air dirt ramps and mad skills against dirt bike rivals in this dirt motorcycle racing. Experiencing the thrill of extreme speed stunt handling in dirt and variety of crazy off-road stunt in the dirt. Explore dirt bike racing with the zigzag jump in rock crawling game. This stunt bike game is action packed with tricky motorbike race in the dirt and you have to prove yourself as best dirt biker on this impossible dirt journey. Play freestyle bike game as an impossible trial with stunt riding by avoiding hurdles e.g. water stunt. Tricky stunts on bike race are enthralled with real bike racing in the dirt. Your dirt enemy is time, reach the finish line and become the champion of motorbike racing.

Compete your dirt opponent in best dirt bike game with your mad skills and become the ultimate champion of dirt bike. Controls of bike race have nitro boost throttle, especially for dirt stuff. Apply it and reach the finish line performing all motorbike stunt in the dirt. Dirt Bike is amazing in this bike game. Motorcycle game never has such multiple controls for the dirt bike. Bike stunt game 2018 has five controls to drive turbo champion nitro dirt bike. Bike jumper in hill stunt needs to have mad skills to control the trial Xtreme over the dirt stunt race. Dirt Biking have emergency breaks to apply after the extreme freestyle actions by the rider.

Trail stunt racing is single mode bike game. Dirt bike game has lots of levels and many more competitive are under development. Dirt bike game has stunt challenges. Freestyle dirt bike has intuitive controls. Trail racing with stunt riding is not straightforward. Dirt racing has multiple camera views. Dirt bike racing enables the bike rider to move back to its start point if missed any stunt on its way. Real bike racing offers latest modern bike stunt. There are 10 intriguing levels in real bike racing. This is undoubtedly the best dirt bike game. There are three dirk bike models introduced in bike race highway game. The racing dirt bike with latest models which are specially designed for this stunt bike game.

Racing game has following features:

1. Thrilling motorcycle Models
2. Intriguing competitive levels
3. Unleashing interesting Environment
4. Intuitive controls
5. Relevant Sounds

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