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- Updates & Improvements to engine - Fixed Puzzle toy telephone for easier tapping and solving - Fixed Puzzle Viewmaster slide insertion tapping area - Updated inventory item placements for easier placement


【图】The Long Journey: Adventure(截图 0)【图】The Long Journey: Adventure(截图 1)


Travel to a faraway and distant land nestled in the mountains, where mankind is often unseen, and stories of the ages unfold.

You crash land in a very isolated, dense area in the forest. It appears to be another world – totally uncharted territory, where only outliers dwell.

With a backpack as your only supply, you start your journey through the vast woods, picking up clues on your expedition.

Along your way, you see visions of young children in the distance, waving you to keep moving along, as if there is a path and destiny to be reached.

Where did you come from? Who are these young children, and what are they leading you into?

The mystery of the Long Journey will unravel before your very eyes, and another improbable twist ending will unveil and leave you astounded, and wanting to discuss the turn of events that lead up to the epic finale…

Features Include:

Over 110 Gorgeous HDR Scenes from many places around the world, sewn together to bring you one stunning game.

Beautifully crafted music and sounds immerse you into a whole other world.

Captivating new storyline that builds up into an improbable twist ending!

Includes a Map System, Hints, Answers & other tips and tricks to help you along the way!




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I really liked all the scenes in this fun game.But I was hoping that it would be longer. What really stood out for me was the fact that there was a lot of great things that were there.The end was great.


Worst app ever


The Apple version of this game (or at least my game) has a glitch at scene 30. I have looked up two different cheats for the dial puzzle, and they give the same solution. When I turn the dials to the correct positions, nothing happens. Otherwise, this game is great, but it’s very disappointing to not be able to finish it.


I have been dreaming about a pack like this. Just for $15 you get endless entertainment. I am a fan of adventure games and tried all of them out there and I can say that these 5 games in the bundle are just awesome


Pictures are awesome and puzzles were good for my level. I play to relax or fill time in a waiting. I loved the music because it didn’t drive me crazy repeating itself like most games. I usually turn music down or mute it because it usually gets to a point I can’t stand it on most of the games I play. Some of the puzzles I had to use the hints which didn’t come out and tell you the answer, but just pointed you in the right direction. I had to look up a walkthrough for a couple because I was trying to solve it the wrong way. Overall I really enjoyed the game and I loved the story and ending. I didn’t see it, but I wish it had an area that you could go back and read content you miss because there were a couple places I clicked too fast and missed some things. Also there was a diary entry I missed all of at the end and couldn’t go back because the game was over.


As with the other games in this bundle, this too is short and easy. The scenery would make more sense if they weren’t so disjointed realistically. I’ve played many other point/click adventure games from Fire Maple to Media City to Lost Lands and this bundle has none of the challenge or continuity that those games have. 3 stars for effort.


I have both items needed for scene 95 but the game refuses to recognize the second item. I can’t finish the game and there is nothing I can do to get it to acknowledge that the slide is there and to accept placement of the film.


I have been playing this game for a few days and would like to say that it's truly awesome and I enjoyed it from the very first second


Some puzzles have been exciting but most of all are quite easy and boring.


No matter if you’re alone or with friends or someone else you can play it. Sometimes I just want to play without any help but there are some difficult moment so I ask someone to help. Very interesting!


Guys I totally recommend all of you to try out this game as it has super addictive and fun gameplay, gorgeous graphics and exciting tasks. I am satisfied with the purchase


A spellbinding app with beautiful landscapes!Except this I like puzzles on the way on my expedition.The journey with a nice graphics does it’s bit.Can’t stop playing.


Very good game. I love it. It helps me to get away from reality for a few hours to rest and relax playing it. The game has beautiful locations and interesting tasks. That's what I need after a busy day. So it worth money.


It's extremely picturesque and adventurous game! I've fallen in love with it. There is a huge diversity of scenes and situations which are really interesting to go through. The only thing which does prevent me from the full entertainment is a heaviness - over 100 Mb! Nevertheless, it seems ordinary for such an extended and various app. The graphics is over the top and the muzac is also worth paying attention. Even the price is quite OK for that wonderful game.


I enjoy the interface, it doesn't contain anything unnecessary. Backgrounds are marvelous but the price is a little too high :(


The Long journey is awesome and it really satisfies me when I'm stressed cause the nature pics are so pleasing and so are sounds. The game would be much interesting if it had more gameplay choices


I put 4 stars because I think the game is too expensive and doesn't actually worth $4.99


This is the best game - All Midnight Adventure games have been wonderful! The Hint System really works and the game just goes on and on. I love it! I only hate that it will be another year until the next Midnight Adventures game will be available. I know I will be replaying this. Thank you Midnight Adventures LLC for all your quality adventure games! A priviledge to purchase.


The best thing about Midnight Adventures LLC is that there is an opportunity to play the game free and then buy a full version if you really like it. That's how I did with The Long Journey and I don't regret it. The beeeest way to entertain yourself.


...but the puzzles were a little pedestrian. Nothing new or different. Really nice art and scenery, but it only gave me about an hour of gameplay, making it a little short for the price tag. Also, I solved quite a few of the puzzles without knowing how I had solved them, leaving me unclear as to which clues I had already used. This says that the puzzles are too easy, and the notebook too cluttered. Just as tools disappear once you are done with them, so should clues. Still, a fun game. I just wish you’d ramp up the difficulty and freshness of your puzzles to live up to the strong graphics and story.