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This update contains: Performance Improvement. Special Character include.


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Hysab Kytab: a user-friendly app that offers a one platform for all financial activities. It encapsulates all your financial information and present it in a concise 360-degree view which enables you to have a quick review of your financial activities effortlessly. You can keep your finances in a pretty good shape with hysab kytab, as it helps you to attain financial stability by managing your finances and helps you to develop saving habit. Manage your finances and say goodbye to your money miseries.
Hysab kytab has some incredibly helpful features that can transform your shopping experience and spike your savings at the same time.

PFM (Personal Finance Management):
Hysab Kytab is a multi-dimensional app that covers all areas of personal finance management. You can track your expenses, set budgets, set saving goals and view reports of your financial activities with just few taps. It provides you 360-degree view of your financial activities which lays ground work for sound financial decision making as it provides you analytics to understand spending pattern, money behavior etc.
Perks of PFM
• Total Expense breakdown
• Category-wise expense breakdown
• Income Breakdown
• You can add your bank accounts, cards etc.

Get your money problems fixed, avail unlimited discount offers with a better shopping experience, Hysab Kytab is a must-have app on your phone. So, what are you waiting for? Download Hysab Kytab app now and curb your finances and avail massive discount deals & offers. Explore our features and Make your shopping and saving fun.
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Been using it for the longest time but up untill recently the app asked inadvertently asked for a login and when i did that all of my past entries were gone. No backup No Nothing. It just vanished. I was so used it to by now that i treated it as my daily for recording any small or large transaction. But now I’m not sure what to do.


I'm using this app from 2-3 years. It is very helpfull to maintain my daily activities but in the mid of this year they ask to verify my email. So I enter my email and all data is erased after the verification. I email to customer care to fix this issue but nobody reply till today. But I give this app second chance because I like this app and I already export my data about months ago Now the day before yesterday same thing happened. So l verify my account again and data erassed now I don't have data from last 2-3 months. Now I'll change my opinion about this app because if they can not save data of customers how we can trust and use this app again. Even the app is customer friendly Bad customer support.


We should be able to select currency for each account separately. I am in US and have accounts here and use account from Pakistan as well.


A good app for managing and monitoring spending. It is suggested that an option may be introduced for selecting customise interval I.e in between dates of months


I had to reset my phone for some reasons and before that I made sure of backing up my Hysab Kytab app data on iCloud. After reinstalling Hysab Kytab app I was left with a shock when I found out that the app was unable to find any Backup whatsoever on iCloud. When I looked into the setting of my iCloud for Hysab Kytab app’s backup, there’s still backup file present in iCloud but app is unable to find it and can’t restore. This is simply absurd.


The new update fails to deliver on the basic stuff. - Quick ledger registering. Before it was quick, now you have to wait until API search to completes. - Bugs. Recent bug is causing to register a lent amount as borrowed / transfer amount against a person account.


Was a great app to begin with but the latest updates have been super glitchy and now I’m fed up of it not working. I’ve updated it thrice but the numbers aren’t adding up and the errors are crazy. Extremely frustrating that such a good app has been failing to perform even the most basic functions.


Overall an excellent app but lacks a very important feature of automatically backing up. The back up feature is manual and is buggy making a new backup doesnt overwrite previous files. Please devs look into that


Recommend this app for everyone who needs an expenses tracking app.


It is an excellent and well thought app. Only needs a little optimisation, addition of few things and attention of developer.


I am impressed....


Do not download this app. Suddenly, one day all the data got deleted and does not show any thing. Very Frustrating !!


This app is perfect and has helped me organize my expenses down to the penny. But suddenly one day the app just wouldnt start and would keep crashing upon opening. This issue needs to get fixed because its a shame for such a great app to he ruined by this issue that makes the app unusable.


The app crashed for a long period of time and now its finally back to its original capacity.


I think this is the worst ap on IOS store. Doesn’t open. Gets stuck and restart automatically. Lots need to be fixed.


Since the latest update, unable to open the app. It tries to load, then crashes. Restarting the phone did not work as well. Hope it gets fixed soon.


The app doesnt even load and open most of the times. It is the worst app I have seen on app store. I dont know why apple has allowed the developer to publish garbage. Even my 6 years old nephew can design a better app than this.


amazed to see such a good expense manager this is what i needed