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All the basics are on craigslist: jobs, housing, furnishings, cars/trucks, goods and services. Save your favorites for later, filter results, set search alerts to get the latest matches sent to you. View your results on a map. Reach a large local audience instantly.

Find your next job on craigslist. Part-time jobs. Telecommute jobs. Jobs paid weekly. Entry level jobs. Side jobs. Flex jobs. Gig jobs. Extra money. Save your job search and receive alerts when new jobs match your criteria.

Transportation jobs. Restaurant jobs. Computer jobs. Healthcare jobs. High tech jobs. Startup jobs. Creative jobs. Blue collar jobs. Office jobs. Work from home jobs. Driver jobs. Warehouse jobs. Retail jobs. Design jobs. Marketing jobs. Sales jobs. Government jobs. Seasonal jobs. Side jobs.

Employers reach millions of local job seekers ready to work. Local applicants. Wide array of job categories. Reach candidates you won’t find anywhere else. Searchable resume section. The go-to for hiring since 1995.

#1 local resource for rental housing. Find an apartment for rent. Use search alerts and get all apartments or houses for rent that meet your search criteria. View apartments for rent on a map. Save apartment search list to share with others. Receive new apartment search results as soon as they arrive. Find roommates. Rent rooms. Find sublets. Top apartment finder app.

Find qualified tenants – apartments, houses, sublets, rooms, roommates. Best roommate app and roommate finder.

Browse local real estate listings, condos houses for sale. Lease office space. Buy or sell commercial properties. List real estate and land for sale. Find available parking spots. Find local storage. Vacation rentals.

Buy & sell cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, pickups, motor boats, sailboats, planes, RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, trailers, buses, heavy equipment. Auto parts, wheels, tires, motorcycle parts and accessories, boat parts, RV parts. Huge local automotive marketplace: used cars, new cars, late model cars, classic cars, commuter cars, electric cars, hybrids, sports cars, compact cars, fuel efficient cars, fixer uppers.

Buy and sell locally: furniture, antiques, household items, appliances, electronics, computers, cell phones, sporting goods, bicycles, bike parts, collectibles, clothing, jewelry, arts, crafts, toys, games, books, magazines, cds, dvds, video games, electronics, music, records, tools, power tools, materials, farm and garden, cameras, photography equipment, video. Barter, free giveaways, garage sale finder, see all local garage sales, yard sales, tag sales on a map.

Find local service providers: contractors, skilled trades, plumbers, electricians, painters, flooring experts, roofers, landscaping services, yard work, gardening. House cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, junk haul-outs, labor, chores. Wedding planners, photographers, catering services, DJs, party rentals. Estate planning, tax preparation services, legal services. Music lessons. Language lessons. Tutors. Test prep services. The preferred app for connecting with local service providers.

Amazing gig finder app: side jobs, odd jobs, shifts. Flexible hours. Driving gigs. Creative gigs. Household gigs. Computer gigs. Delivery gigs. Music gigs. Crew gigs. Talent gigs. Caregiver gigs. Pet gigs. Event gigs. Transportation gigs. Writing gigs. Modeling gigs. Photography gigs. Find side jobs, odd jobs, flex jobs, shifts, work from home gigs. Earn extra.

Activity partners, groups, artists, musicians, pets for rehoming, ridesharing, classes, local events, neighborhood information, local news, local community, announcements, local politics, discussion forums, missed connections, lost and found.

craigslist – The original, and after all these years, still the best.


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Cant reach anyone from cl. They dont care at all. Im literally willing to pay to have this resolved but they refuse to help.


They keep taking your post down and banning


I do not like this app every time I post someone always flags me look at all my post I would not recommend anyone to this app People buying sex and looking for dates no one flagging there post awfully strange !!!!👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽


it keeps deleting my post and I’m not even posting a lot


Do not put a phone number , I posted an item and within minutes got different numbers texting me asking for a verification code . Seriously a verification code ?! These scammers think we were born yesterday . Please do not fall for this trick. If someone that doesn’t let you call them , this is definitely a scam . Cragslist you should seriously do better and protect buyers/sellers . I don’t care what your disclosures say, there should be more protection added to your business to keep everyone safe. This is my first time and last time I will be using this.


Terrible app!Advertising becomes active only after 2 hours!When it is no longer needed


The only reason I gave 1 star is because the number of times it got flagged


The worst app and they are thieves


No contacts from Craig’s list


I am a local rescue and everytime I posted my animals it would get flagged and taken down immediately. This significantly impacted my ability to foster and rescue. My posts never broke any guidelines, I tried to contact craiglist for support, they have NO number you can call to get help and they NEVER reply to emails. Craiglist only still exists because we all use it, but based on the terrible user experience and support, I know they are going to be replaced very soon. I am personally working on a app right now. And I’ll make sure you can get support and don’t get falsefully flagged consistently


Alot of scams on here


Unable to reply to any ad. Needs to be fixed. Bummed it was working before. Some ads do not include phone numbers…


It would be great if Craigslist could offer a verification system like most apps do so that it’s users can avoid scammers. It can’t be that hard to implement and since so many use Craigslist to find housing it would be nice to know that the post is actually valid and that person posting actually owns or manages the property. There’s nothing stopping anyone from screen shorting images from other rental sites and then pretending to own or manage that property to collect application fees and even rents and deposits. If Craigslist won’t update this feature then we will all stop using it for Zillow or other apps that actually took the time to implement a verification system.


I been trying to use this platform to sell and or buy but keeps flagging me and I have to reposted again and again and keep flagging me… I try to see for customer service so they can tell me what’s going on with the post but can’t communicate with them


Craigslist has fallen off pretty bad over the years. I used this site for all my buys and sells. Now it’s the worst site to pull in business on, and now they want to charge you for it when all others are free… This will be the death of CL unless they change things up. Not sure how they think they’ll be able to compete with FB market place, offerup, ect. With that business plan. It’s starting to be a waste of time to even make a post because I rarely ever get a buyer on here anymore. Advice get off your A$* and make some productive updates!


New update? New problems.. now app rendered useless.. cant retrieve and posts.. please fix..


You can’t find anything that you type


Cannot post


It’s as simple as that. Massive information harvesting which could be resolved very easily resolved with identification. instead expect to be immediately berated by moderators who have no sense of the industry, sale of goods, or services offered. I realized things were going downhill several years ago. It’s hit a rock bottom. You can still find the same vehicle scams unmoderated, but cannot advertise tutoring or lessons if you’re not lgbtq. Note that it is ok to advertise personals for lgbtq.


The UI/UX for the app is a mess. It’s not merely dated and quaint like the perfectly acceptable web experience. It’s confusing, unreliable, and glitchy. My biggest gripe is with sign-in. Fields don’t register with iOS for autocomplete, so I can’t use 1Password to sign in without a back and forth app switching dance involving multiple Face ID runs. This is made worse by the app forgetting credentials/authentication frequently. It’s better to just use the website, even on mobile.