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FightCamp is the most enjoyable and effective at-home boxing workout you can do whenever you want.

We offer a growing library of more than 1K on-demand boxing and kickboxing workouts. You’ll see punch goals in each workout so you know exactly how hard to push yourself.

Paired with our wearable punch trackers, you’ll see your workout stats on screen, in real-time, including your punch count, punch speed and total output. At the end of each workout, you’ll see a summary that displays your data and progress.

After each workout, check the leaderboard to see how you stack up against the community. Compete against your past performances or others with the versus mode feature designed to fuel your competitive side.

∙ Interactive punch goals set for every round
∙ Real-time workout stats when paired with FightCamp punch trackers
∙ Community-wide Leaderboard
∙ Efficient HIIT-style workouts
∙ World-class trainers with real fighting experience
∙ Syncs to Health App
∙ Versus Mode to compete head-to-head with other members, or to compete against your previous best score
∙ Stack multiple workouts together to enhance your workout session
∙ Instructional paths teaching the basics of boxing and kickboxing
∙ Advanced paths for experienced boxers & kickboxers
∙ Total output score to show workout intensity
∙ Achievements & badges earned by working harder
∙ Ever-growing selection of on-demand home workouts that challenge your body & mind
∙ New boxing & kickboxing workouts added to the app each week
∙ Connect with your favorite streaming platform to listen to your own music

Download the FightCamp boxing app and try your first class for free today!




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I hadn’t worked out in a long time. At the end of the day, I lacked motivation. Fight Camp is so enjoyable I look forward to my next workout. Just so you know, I was 275 pounds and out of shape… if I can do it, so can you! Stop reading the reviews and jump in! The investment is an investment in yourself and it’s already paying off for me!


I absolutely love Fight Camp. It’s a great workout EVERY TIME!!!!


Thank you Fight Camp. With the pandemic and my crazy schedule and no gyms to work out, Fight Camp is helping me get back in shape and work my core muscles which “really” need to do right now as I am so “flabby” Thank you Fight Camp


FightCamp has been a great addition to our lives as a family! All five of us use it almost each day. My youngest came running in the other day and said he was so excited because he finally built up to a full push up. He is a cancer survivor so these seemingly small steps are huge for him. Thank you for all of the work you put in to make FightCamp beneficial for all!


Truly the best workout program. I will never belong to a gym again. I have developed so much, mentally and physically. Lost weight and built muscle on my own time, no gym or class schedules to rush to. So thankful for FC, trainers, and the amazing community.


If my internet blips when I open the app, i need to enter my login again. Clunky way to activate the trackers. Can’t just do my own session without instructions and get the trackers to count my punches.


This app is by far the best fitness app out there! I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and I picked this for my home over all the other apps out there! I LOVE Shandy Smash and Tommy Duquette. Both of them are amazing coaches they are super fun and knowledgeable! Thank you so much!


There are only a few free workouts. The punch trackers are $399. The bad part is they don’t tell you it will cost $39/month to be able to use the trackers. You have to have a paid subscription to use the trackers. I can get a gym membership for far less money per month.


I’m still fairly new to fight camp but I’m already super happy I got it. It was a major decision as to which interactive system I was going to get and I finally settled on fight camp and I’m not disappointed at all. I feel motivated and I’m learning boxing skills. I am an amputee and this type of workout works perfectly for me. I can do most everything in the workouts so far. Great job fight camp. I look forward to seeing my future workouts.


This was the first piece of equipment that we purchased as we created a home gym during 2020 and out of them all this is by far my favorite! Boxing is a whole vibe!!


FightCamp has fantastic technology, equipment and the best trainers. There are a lot of copycats out there but they don’t come close.


This app is awesome! It’s easy to use and once you are set up you don’t need to think about planning a workout. The trainer guides you through everything, teaches you skills, and gives great motivational advice. No boxing or kickboxing experience necessary. I feel great after every workout.


I don’t really know how to put this best. I tried the prospect path without spending a dime. Absolutely fell head over heels in love with it. I mean it’s great cardio, but stress reliever from hitting things is fantastic. I caved and bought the connect package and the customer service I received was top notch. Delivery in 2 days. Just did my first tracker workout and it’s well worth the money and the subscription. Well done FightCamp. Btw, whoever you have designing and coding your app, make sure you keep them onboard and never let them go. Sincerely, Very happy customer.


Quite a few great things about this app, I love playing my own music, stacking warm ups & core workouts, and more. But it’s a bummer that I bought a $300 Oura Ring, largely due to fightcamp saying that it will work, but can’t ever get it to connect or register despite my ring being connected to my phone already.


Been doing CrossFit for more than 10 years and this is kicking my butt! So worth it and I’m doing from home. 🙌


App is good. Trackers are good. Instructors are great. The community is incredible. You won’t find this anywhere else for boxing/kickboxing, which I feel is the most impactful workout in the shortest time. Aka - the same full body + cardio workout you get in 20 mins kickboxing takes an hour + doing something else.


It took me months to finally pull the trigger and spend $1,000. I got mine after a friend loved theirs. This was the best money I have spent. The workouts are fun and burn so many calories. In 20 minutes you can get an awesome workout done. Great system well worth the money.


I’ve been traing for triathlons for the past 2 years. Was looking for something new for off day work out. I actually look forward to the workouts. Taxing and fun.


Completed my first Combo Buildup Workout with Tommy and absolutely love Fight Camp! So easy to plug the iPhone into the TV and watch the app workouts on the big screen. Pairing the punch trackers to the app couldn’t be more simple. Will probably swing back to try the Prospect Path to learn the punches and basics, but it was too much fun just throwing punches with Tommy!


Do it! It’s a game changer!