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App features and performances have been updated for better, more convenient inventory management. - Cost & Price fields have been added. - Display format settings for products are available. - Favorites feature for the Partner has been added. - Minor bug fixes for service enhancement. BoxHero is always striving to be a better service. For any feedback or inquiries, please send it to the BoxHero customer service.


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No more complex inventory management, BoxHero is the key to simple inventory management.
Start your stock control right from your smartphone now.

■ Only the Necessities for Inventory Management
Unnecessary features are not our interest. Only the core necessities for stock control are what the BoxHero team has built.
No experience with inventory management? No problem. BoxHero suits all industries and businesses.

■ Accurate Transactions and Efficient Teamplay
Manage alone or as a team.
Who, when, and what’s are all recorded on every transaction to be shared in real-time on your team.

■ Barcode Scan Support for Efficiency
Use your smartphone as a barcode scanner to manage your items.
Make search items by a simple barcode scan and create transactions.

■ BoxHero Desktop Web
Log into BoxHero web for convenient inventory management by a bigger screen.
Control your stocks anywhere, anytime with BoxHero’s optimized device environments.

[BoxHero’s Main Features]
■ Easy Item Registration
– ‘Category’ that suits all types of item
– ‘Label Print’ with generating barcodes and printing labels
– ‘Item Photo’ for checking all items at once easily

■ Accurate Stock in/Out
– ‘Mobile Barcode Scan’ with a smartphone camera
– ‘Adding Past Transactions’ to add any omitted transactions
– ‘History’ to track all transactions including deleted and edited activities.

■ Convenient Analysis
– Smart ‘Analysis’ that provides turnover rates, sales, and more (BoxHero PC)
– ‘Low Stock Reminder’ for receiving push notifications for stock alert
– ‘View Past Quantity’ to check the statuses of a past

[BoxHero Customer Support]
For any inquiries, please let us know!
– Email :




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There is a monthly subscription charge that is not mentioned here. To add insult to injury, they do not go through Apple for the subscription fees so there is no recourse through Apple if there is a problem. Too bad they aren’t more transparent; there app is fairly decent. If I could offer up some advice, they should have different tiers to their subscription fees to allow for personal use, pro-personal and perhaps two or three corporate levels. Also, the subscription should go through apple and be available in the App Store. Their advertisement should be rewritten to make the charges clear. If my suggestions are followed, they will go from a one-star to at least a four-star rating.


This is a fantabulous app for inventory management Awesome features and very easy to keep track of all your stock But misleading Should clearly mention this is a trail version for only 30 days Now I’ll have to delete all data and find some other app and redo to whole thing Because a 20$/month subscription doesn’t seem fruitful to me As we keep all records on our system and this was a secondary handy tool for instant access Other than that great app


Sad that this is a subscription. I will be deleting after finding out it is a free trial then changes to subscription for such a simple inventory app. It is not worth the money for what I need it for. I will revert back to pen and paper, that is how simple I need it. I don't need bells and whistles. And will not pay $20 per month for a simple app.


I was looking for a simple way to keep track of my crafting supplies and I’m getting in love with this app, this is almost perfect. Love the design and is really easy to use. There are a few things that I would like to add though. - I can’t keep track of the total cost and retail value. - Can’t keep track of the total “Items” and “Total Units” it’s all one thing right now. - When opened on my iPad is really small (mobile size) it doesn’t fit the whole screen so it’s funny but still works perfect! Great work! I’ll be waiting the updates.


Very simple and easy. Most convenient inventory software I've ever used. Looking forward to future updates.