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【图】A Nameless EVIL – It is a Book(截图 0)【图】A Nameless EVIL – It is a Book(截图 1)


Only 17+ HORROR interactive book with Multiple endings –

Are you afraid of clowns? You must fear this one. An intense and bloody story that will not let you sleep at night. Many stranger Things happens in this mystery interactive book. One of the best horror books of the year.

Linda and her friends must fight with their biggest fears, an enemy that changes shape to make them go through terrible nightmares.

-Multiple Endings
-Make decisions in the story
-Intense story

It is a terrific thriller. “A nameless Evil” is available today, you get to choose the course of the story, become the main character, choose your path wisely and discover our multiple endings. If you like horror movie or book, it will be a great experience.

Definitely not your average young adult thriller, you need to be at least 18 to read this murder and terror by the book type of story some of our readers say it could gain its place like one of the best horror books of all time.


Linda waitedinthe police car, crying, she couldn’t think of anything other than the pain she felt for her family’s death, and she weirdly thought of that red balloon too, but something else was unsettling her, she felt like she wasn’t alone out there, something was watching her, waiting, she suddenly heard footsteps behind the trees, she turned around but she couldn’t see clear until she heard whispers, behind a tree her father James came out, he looked all roughed up, with his hands stained with blood.

“Dad!” shouted terrified.
“Come, come closer” her father said while smiling.

In a blink of an eye, his father wasn’t roughed up anymore, he was looking very good, clean and with new clothes, as if he was ready for a party.

“Come my love, everything is going to be okay, we’re going with your mother and Joseph, they’re waiting for you.”

Linda didn’t know what to do.

Decision 1:Run to the house
Linda should run to her houseimmediatelyand ask for help from thepolice officers.

Decision2:Come close to her father
It’s her father, maybe what she saw inside the house was all an illusion and they’re ok

Decision 3: Screamat the officers
There is no time to run, it is better to close the car door and scream at the officers.


if you are a seeker for horror stories to read maybe you are in the mood for an intense novel or good thriller books, “A nameless Evil” won’t let you down follow Linda and her story, help her decide the best path, what would you do in her place? You can choose your own path and discover a different ending for the story.

One of the best thriller novels to read filled with ecstasy, emotion, definitely a must if you are into horror and terror stories.

You should decide which actions our protagonist should take. Help Linda, Daniel, Stephen and John, be the king and confront the unexpected events and determine what is real from what’s not.

If you like a good horror movie or an intense horror book, this app is for you. It will be a scary experience. It’s not a gamebook, it’s not simple chat stories, it’s not a game, it’s not just an interactive fiction book or creepy story, it’s a Pathbook.

You make the decisions in this bloody story, you can die, or your friends can die, maybe all, you will be the one who decides the actions of the characters.

The best scary book ever.

A reading experience

Ordinary people, book lovers, and writers from around the world are writing our books. Be part of this adventure and become the author of your own interactive book. You just need to write the story and Living a Book will design, program and publish it as an application at no cost.




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Still really freaky and kept me sucked into it therefore I am really enjoying it. Just wish the writing was a little better, seemed as if some words and sentences or should I say “connotations” were written wrong. But overall it is a scary freaky story and I like how I can choose my own endings.


If this were an original idea through and through I’d give it probably a four. I want to give zero stars but that’s not an option. That being said this story owes its dividends entirely to Stephen King’s “IT”. From the very beginning the introduction to the clown, the look of the clown and the unmistakable “the dead float” it’s so painfully obvious that it was either intentional (if so then it needed to say in the intro or the about the author that it was influenced by Stephen King’s “IT”, if it did reference it I didn’t see) or if it was somehow unintentional then that’s a miraculous coincidence. If so, read a book. It’s pretty obvious and yet I saw no recognition given to the original material which constitutes plagiarism. I would have paid to see more of the story but as an aspiring author myself, I can not and will not give a penny-wise to what appears to me to be a thief.


The story itself has a lot of major (and pretty stupid) spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors that make it hard to read and understand. I would appreciate it if you fixed those problems.