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Fret Trainer is the ultimate educational game to learn the notes and chords on the fretboard of the guitar and other stringed instruments. There are 6 instruments available to practice on:

5-String Bass

Choose your instrument and pick one of the many games available to you to practice the fretboard until you have mastered every fret and every chord pattern.

Customize your experience by selecting which section of the fretboard you want to practice on. Practice the first frets, a section in the middle, or the entire fretboard.

Many games are available. Choose how you want to train. Learn by simply matching random notes with the fret on the fretboard, or try something different with the Color Matching game!

Learn and master all kinds of chord patterns on the guitar with the Name Chord game. Choose which chords you want to practice on any section of the fretboard, and go at your own pace. You will learn to identify any chord pattern very quickly!

Learn how to quickly read notes on a staff in the Staff game. Choose whatever section of the staff you want to practice on, choose the staff type, and start training!

Or master the fretboard and staff at the same time in the Staff and Fretboard game. Select a fret on the fretboard that matches a note on the staff!

Explore scales on the fretboard of your instrument with the Scale Explorer game. Choose a root note, pick one of the 63 different scales available, and start memorizing your scale. Change the color of the notes on the fretboard to identify intervals easier.

View your progress as statistics are logged for each instrument, tuning, and fret. A heat-map is used to show your progress. Share your progress with your friends!

More games and features to come!


– 6 different instruments available to master!
– Explore any of the 63 musical scales with any root note while customizing the scale how you want!
– Train any section of the fretboard. Choose any range of frets that you want.
– Learn and master many kinds of chords on any section of the guitar with any tuning! From simple major and minor triads, to more complicated patterns like diminished sevenths!
– Use the Staff game to learn the position of notes on the musical staff. Learn to read music!
– Follow your progress by viewing your fretboard heat-map. Each fret has its own statistics.
– Common tunings included for every instrument, or add your own.
– Compete with your friends on Game Center or share your fretboard heat-map with them.
– Left-handed mode is available as well.

This version of the application comes with free access to train the first few frets of each instrument. Each instrument can be fully unlocked via in-app-purchases.





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There are a fair amount of good things about this app, a number of things that need improvement, and a couple things that have me going elsewhere to learn, app or otherwise. The concepts of the games are solid, and I like that it covers a pretty wide range of aspects of the fretboard. The game mechanics and learning methods themselves are satisfactory. Now, what needs improvement: a) I don’t find the GUI very intuitive, prohibitively so. Screen space isn’t utilized as effectively as it could be. Note names on the bottom would be easier to navigate and select if they were rectangular. I think then it might be possible to design it in a way that flats and sharps are both displayed. At the very least, a sharps/flats toggle should be immediately accessible. The fretboard could be wider if other IU were consolidated as well. In games that require one to chose a fret position of a string, things are a bit unresponsive and clunky when selecting. Another reviewer mentioned their desire for voice recognition so one could speak the note names. I think that’s a bit much to ask, as I’m sure the implementation would be a significant undertaking, but a feature like that would increase this app’s value markedly. b) There’s no option to have both enharmonic note names. I understand that musically flats and sharps don’t appear together in a key signature, and the difficulties of implementing this as a feature, but there’s nothing I encountered that reinforces the association between enharmonic notes. In practice, as I go about music, much of the time I don’t have a specific key in mind or it isn’t really identifiable at the time. Knowing your enharmonics strengthens your ability to think in multiple different possible keys at the same time. It’s a vital skill and something that an app like this should account for. c) Now the deal-breaker. I understand that developing an app takes resources and thus ads are a necessary evil. If I like an app enough and use it often, I will sometimes pay for an ad free experience. Upon trying out the games in this app, I liked it overall, despite the flaws, and was tempted to put down some money for it, so I headed to the store menu. Lo and behold, one can pay to expand the app’s contents, but there is no option to eliminate ads. I might have thrown $10 or $15 down, maybe a few dollars a month, to have an ad free experience, or, heck, even $1-$2 dollars a month might be worth it to see just 1 ad every 5-10 minutes. With the frequency at which ads pop up, I just don’t find it worth it to pay for any additional content. Especially in a music education app, where sound ON is essentially necessary, an ad popping up every 1-2 minutes with volume twice as loud as anything in the app itself is, for me, just unacceptable. Again, I understand app development takes time and money, but, if a customer likes your product, let them buy it and be allowed to use it without being constantly intruded upon.




Fret Trainer features a variety of exercises, and seems pretty easy to use. The sounds are pleasant, and the look and feel of the game is clean and straightforward. Comment about the navigation: I fiund it a little confusing, and got stuck a time or two early on. One thing I wish were different with Fret Trainer: in the “name the notes“ exercises, I wish that instead of asking players to identify the note on the fretboard as “B” or “F#”, that it would just display the note as it appears on the musical staff. To me, the names of the notes are in the way, and are less relevant somehow than the way they look in the score. If you read music, you already know the letter names if the notes. There is a musical staff exercise that does match to the letter names of the notes, but again, that seems less useful than matching those notes directly to the fretboard. Also, minor visual improvement for that exercise would be to display the ledger lines above and below the staff clearly, not grayed out; the lack of clear ledger lines is extremely distracting. I like the app, and I really like that it displays the fretboard from the guitarist’s point of view, not vertically or as seen as if looking straight at the instrument. Nearly perfect…if it allowed a setting to view notes as they really appear, instead of only by name, I’d give it two “p”s up!


Purchased the guitar extension and all the sounds are gone. Can I have my money back?


The banjo fretboard is marked incorrectly. The 9th fret is marked instead of the 10th. Threw me off for awhile.




I’m getting full screen ads every 3 notes. Surely this is a bug?!? I don’t mind paying for the app but the ads are so intrusive I can’t even evaluate the app.


Useful, I bought the guitar version and it keeps giving me notes outside the range I choose. Because of this, it is literally impossible to get a correct answer even if I click every single option.


I had a problem with my purchasing unlocking. I emailed them and they fixed with an update within a few hours.


Spend the extra money on the other add one. This app is quickly replacing my Mel bay and Hal Leonard guitar scales books


However, the name chord portion of the app never shows some triads and 7th chords that are easily fingered. Edit: The developer contacted me to ask what was missing. A version of the app containing the missing triads would easily earn a 5. By the way, the app sounds the notes when you select them, clean and clear enough to help with ear training.


Fun to learn the fretboard this way. Wish I would have started years ago!


Hey what’s up with your program? I bought it thinking I can learn the fretboard better, but you guys need to fix some bugs or I want a refund. There’s a bug when playing note names. Let’s say I just want to learn just the 4th fret. It keeps on trying to teach me the B note on the same string. It also won’t register correctly when I choose sharps or flats to play the 4th fret challenge.


Unfortunately this app turns off any other audio that might be playing when in use. It would be nice to have the ability to change a setting so it wouldn’t do that, even if it meant not being able to hear the notes or chords within the app at times. Sometimes I like to study and memorize the physical layout of such things as fretboards while listening to an audiobook, but can’t with this app.


So stupid, literally no way to exit this app. Had to power off iPhone just to get out of it.


I had to update my last review since my previous concerns were addressed. Thank you for the fixes! The name that note layout is great, just like a piano keyboard. No more searching for notes. I really appreciate the response from the development team. Awesome! Thanks again. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I want to give this app 5 stars but I just can’t. Not until this one issue is resolved. When playing the “Name that note” game, the main notes are set up in order. That is of course expected. But when you tap the flat key or # if that’s your thing, the order of the notes above don’t make any sense. Why are they not set up in the same order as a piano? Ab should be above A, Bb above B etc.? Instead there are redundant notes, 2 B’s 2 E’s…. WTH! Fix this please! I shouldn’t have to search for the notes. How is that helping me study? If it’s set up like a piano, the visual representation will connect across both instruments and the intervals will be correct. Please fix!!


This is a fun arcade style app that features so much games, you don’t get punished for picking the incorrect note, interval, chord, etc. rather it just shows your stats(that you can reset anytime) it really shows how much you’ve improved. I can easily get sucked into a round and find myself a thousand answers in! Time flys for me and it’s helped me learn to apply music theory to the guitar! Right now I’m working on the staff and fretboard game which is the closest thing to sight reading music notation. The one thing that I wish was implemented in the app was if there was accompanying videos to supplement it. Some of the games I had to surf the internet to connect the dots so I could actually understand how to play the game. Super awesome app and worth paying for the upgrades! I really hope that there will be more mini games added in the future… especially a few to help with sight reading measures of music and even sight reading chords on the staff! Download this right now if you’re serious about learning your stringed instrument!


Great app for seriously learning the fretboard notes. This app made it possible for me to learn in my spare time whenever I was unable to bring my guitar with me. Well worth the investment.


I try to use it everyday to improve my fret knowledge


So I wrote a previous review but can’t find it where I mentioned that the banjo tuning is wrong. I scrolled through some of the critical reviews and forum one from two years ago that mentions this and they just say that you can change the tuning to whatever you want so it’s not a problem. Sorry, I know you can change the tuning but as an app developer you should have the standard tunings and chords correct. The chords you have in the app make no sense. This app is poor andIm a bit mad that they could easily change the default tuning of the banjo but they take this attitude towards their product. Now im definitely not buying this.