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On some devices, the button that allowed users to hear talks on networked stereos did not display. This has been fixed.


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Easy and powerful access to thousands of Dharma talks. These talks were given over a 20-year period at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA, which is led by Gil Fronsdal. Listen to hundreds of leading Dharma teachers from around the world, representing many different traditions and viewpoints, speak on a wide variety of topics.

New talks are continually added.

Search for talks, download and share them, add notes, build your own play lists and see what the community is listening to.




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I am really grateful to IMC for sharing the dharma talks and developing the app. There were some issues with the rollout of the updated app (I lost all of my previously downloaded talks, favorite talks, etc. And the long press to open menus for talks didn’t work on my iPhone until I deleted the updated app and reinstalled again and updated my iPhone iOS.) But overall it’s an excellent app. Thank you!


Since the update a few weeks ago (which changed the icon to orange and has a darker theme) - the app’s performance has taken a huge hit for me. Buttons are slow to respond, page transitions are laggy, the app crashes or just becomes unresponsive and requires a quit and restart. This happens often when I return to the app to continue a talk - almost every time it seems. Design-wise it was a nice update, but I hope there is something that can be done to return to the previous versions stability and performance. Also, a small nit while I’m here - please make the app compatible with the native iOS media player! It’s cumbersome to have to go into the app and interact with the UI every time I want to pause or resume a talk. All other audio content apps do this - I use my headphones to pause, as well as the Lock Screen / control panel media controller for everything audio based. I doubt I’m the only one! That said, thank you for the gifts of your efforts with this app. It is changing the world! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏☸️🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏼🧘‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️🧘🏿


It’s a wonderful (5 star) app, but I am very sad that the update deleted all my favorite and downloaded talks/meditations. I’d accumulated a number of them over time and I don’t know if I’ll be able to find them all again.


This update has changed the visual contrast. Finally I can see without squinting. A big deal for me!!


I learned to meditate from the guided meditation recordings from the Insight Meditation Center (Audio Dharma). It has improved my life in so many ways. For those computer people out there... I like to think of meditation as “de-fragmenting” my brain.


Gil Fronsdale is a digital father figure to me lol


The talks are Life changing and the app makes them easily accessible. I download via the app, then listen in my car while driving. Makes it easy to share inspiring talks with friends. Also bookmark your favorites. VERY well designed app with lots of functionality.


Please consider adding a Played marker. I love the dharmettes. It would be very useful if there were an indicator for those I’ve already listened to. Thank you for this great resource!


i listen to the extraordinary dharma talks on the website all of the time. Having this app to make it easier to listen is so very helpful. One simple improvement would be to make it possible to sign into the app. This way it would be possible to listen to the talks with different devices and not have to specify favorite talks on each device separately. It would also be helpful to change the order of the talks in the favorites list. Overall, great work. I look forward to giving you the 5th star!


Thank you so much for all of the work put into this. This is a huge gift to all!


Thank-you this wonderful - much appreciation. Do have 2 suggestions that would help users - It would be great to have the names of the speakers on "all talks". I know you have pics but they are so small ican't tell who they are on my phone or iPad. Secondly - for some iPad users it would be helpful to be able to change the direction of the screen to landscape.


Thank you for the app! Is there a way to make it save your spot when you close the app in the middle of a talk?