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Transform your chats into amazing spaces with beautiful color themes. Get more out of your threads with two new thread types: • Social Feed: Share what you love on their own private feeds, and • Lists: Coordinate life with shared lists.


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Messaging is better with threads. Instead of one endless thread for everything, thready lets you add threads for anything that deserves its own space.Add threads to:

• Share – Threads keep life’s best moments together on their own private feeds. Start a thread and watch it grow.
• Keep Track – Threads make it easy to keep track of important messages.
• Coordinate Life – Turn any thread into a shared to do list and get it done.

Personalize Everything – Make your chats amazing with themes, wallpapers and frames.

Your People – Whether it’s with your other half or your BFFs, create private spaces with the people that matter the most.

All the Good Stuff – Enjoy GIFs, reactions, animated emojis, dark mode and more.

Additional info:

• Free – thready is free to download and use (subject to your data plan).
• Secure and Private – Your messages are encrypted and securely stored in the cloud using industry certified technology developed by Google.
• Cloud-Based – If you lose your phone, you won’t lose your messages. They’ll be safe in the cloud ready to sync with your new phone.

Join the thread life. Get thready.




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Love the idea and love the app! Takes all the best elements of normal text messaging and apps like Slack and make it both fun and user friendly. Great to use with your family and core group of friends. Download it NOW!


Honestly, this basically the way chat should be! Using threads makes a huge difference—I am actually able to organize stuff I talk about with my friends in a way that allows me to track it down later on really easily. Also, the app goes the extra mile on giving each thread its own look and feel. Very happy about this app!!!


The thread idea is great. I always wanted to keep certain memories or images in group chats. And I love the new sports chat rooms. Way better than regular group texts with my friends.


Love all the ways to customize chats


Emojis and custom wallpaper are fire. Thready makes sharing your favorite show/team/hobbies with friends easier. Gotta try it.


Love all the ways you can personalize chats and threads are a fun way to keep track of all the things we care about. 👍👍


Best app ever makes life so much easier !!’


In hindsight the approach makes a ton of sense, but great to see this 'threaded' approach implemented. Can't believe this didn't exist before. Was super quick to figure out, and have used it to help plan a trip and also to keep my conversations with a best friend and business partner totally organized. I'm sure there are features I haven't figured out/discovered yet but looking forward to using a lot more. Nice work.


Love it, super intuitive and great features!


Been using this for group chats with friends, the best part is that it organizes your conversations, making it easy to reference a previous comment and keep track of topics


I didn’t know I needed Thready until I used it. It makes messaging much more organized and - actually - fun.


I was looking for a simple way to message and organize threads. Great utility so far.


I use this app with my boss to keep track of work related matters and non work related matters. It helps me keep track of what is important and different lists I can look up very easy.


It makes it super easy to reference past info/pics on the fly.


I have been a user of Thready since testing and have loved the simplicity but the organization is that sold me. Has someone ever mentioned something about an old text that you had to searching for through throusands of texts to find? Thready has made it much easier to look for and talk about exactly what you want to be talking about. It takes your conversations and gives you the ability to separate it into separate threads. For example, a friend of mine is a new father and wants to share photos and milestones with me. Instead of sharing them in our regular conversation, we could create a new thread specifically for the purpose of only mentioning the babies. Then it won't clutter up our regular conversation but I can always pop into that thread to add more anytime. Great app that takes messaging to the next level.


Thready revolutionized how I connect with my people and organize my life. So much easier to find old convos and info — makes it so hard to go back to old-school texting.


Life Changer! Helps me stay on top of conversations with family. No longer loosing old pics or jokes to the endless stream of text messaging!


I’ve been using this app as a tester for a while now. It’s super easy to go from your normal text chat into a specific thread which is super helpful for keeping track of things, inside jokes, or posting awesome photos of things.


Obsessed with the fact that I can organize my convos with different people/groups and different things going on in my life. Whether it’s “Must see movies and shows” with the friends I trust most about that or “Cat’s bachelorette party” to plan and organize all the trip details with everyone... I can find exactly what I’m looking for fast! Didn’t think I would stray from regular messages, but with being able to send photos, gifs and emojis and the convenience of having different threads for different topics; I’ve made the switch.


Used this with college buddies, groups at weddings, following sports, group trips abroad as well as standard texting. Organization is useful but what I like most is that the threads setup leads to conversations and running jokes living longer. It’s a pretty fun platform, and for me a more engaging way to talk, especially in a group.