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We’ve redesigned your Care Plan page so that it’s easier to read than ever! - Medication names are now simpler, shorter, and more clearly displayed so you know what you need to take at a glance. - See more of your medications with less scrolling! Longer medication names are now abbreviated to help you make sure you’re not missing a medication in your check-in. Want to see more? Just tap the medication name to view the full information.


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emocha helps you form healthy medication habits by supporting you at every dose.

With the app, you can:
+ Receive daily medication reminders
+ Submit video check-ins and report side effects or symptoms
+ Connect with your dedicated care team through video or chat
+ Track your personal progress

Validation & Awards:
+ emocha’s technology has been clinically validated in over 12 peer-reviewed publications
+ CB Insights recognized emocha as a top 150 company in digital health
+ Fast Company recognized emocha as a top 10 most innovative company in health

About emocha:
emocha Health helps patients take every dose of medication properly to improve health outcomes. We’re a diverse team of designers, technologists, researchers, nurses, coaches, and pharmacists committed to helping people with chronic and infectious disease get better faster. Our CDC-endorsed model has been embraced by hundreds of customers across the healthcare landscape including health departments, health systems and health plans.

Since 2014 we’ve supported patients with a range of conditions including asthma, diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis C virus, tuberculosis, and HIV. We’ve also helped employers keep their workplace and communities safe through outbreak symptoms monitoring. We’ve proven that with the right knowledge, tools, and support, improved health and better outcomes are possible.




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Required to use this app for work. It crashes on the last checkin step every time.


All it needs to do is record a video. Even a high school student should be able write a better one thats more stable.


Unfortunately my job requires us to use this in order to get through the front gate. It’s annoying how it doesn’t let you stay signed in. So I have to open the app while I’m driving. It is really annoying with how I have to upload my vaccine card. I don’t have my email attached to the app, now it’s not letting me update my email. Thus not letting me upload my vaccine.


My employer requires us to use this app and it is very poorly made. It only works occasionally and often requires a restart of my device for it to register my information. No alerts are sent to my phone even though I authorized them. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not solve the problems. While it is not my choice to use this app for the health check ins, I would not recommend it to another entity who is looking for a similar app.


I hate you. I deleted you but you keep sending me emails. STOP sending me emails.


Terrible app. Been trying to upload my covid vaccine and keep getting rejected.


Our district has made it mandatory to use this app. It does not work when I download it on my phone and it gathers personal data. The app is mandatory to pass with a green mark in order to work onsite yet it does not work ona smartphone


This app won’t show an upload successful check mark after you’ve recorded the video. Fix it. Fix it.


Got a pop up that it needs an update - weird since my phone is set to do that overnight. App Store only has option of “open”, no cloud symbol update. I restart phone, reinstall app, blah blah blah. THEN MY BOSS REALIZED THAT WAS AN ADD SAYING TO GO TO THE STORE AND UPDATE IT, had to X out of that window to sign in..... LAAAAAAAME, BOOOOOOOO


Using iOS 14.4.2 The screen freezes when you have to enter the temperature. Frustrating and you have to restart the all. Please fix. Overall great app. When it’s fixed I will move it to 5 star


Every time I login I have to reset my username and password through a call in.


1) When I save my “Personal Goal” it’s gone when I log back in. 2) SMS notification reminders to check in stopped working for me months ago, they were helpful. Push notifications never worked. 3) add an email option you can also send your badge to for the day so for example, a manager who doesn’t have access to the administration side of emocha can be notified also that you badged in before coming on-site.


This App is horrible. I was able to log in for the first two days. I have not been able to log in since. It continues to say my log in is invalid. I’ve tried resetting my password and user name. However, a link is never emailed to me.


Do I have a new headache? Yes. I am under stress quite a bit, so, YES Do I have a runny nose or cough? YES—but it doesn’t ask if I have asthma or allergies It doesn’t ask if I’ve been vaccinated. This app will have me using every sick day I have because it won’t allow me in my school building because of my NORMAL LIFE. Get it together.


I am unable to open this app on iOS 14.5 beta. You would think after a few months, their programmers would fix the sibling sign on and multiple badge display as well. Disappointing to say the least.


I forgot my username and it won’t send an email to change it. I wish it would save both username and password or use the fingerprint to log in.


I am not able to sign up or make an account on the mobile app.


It launches, I see our two student ID’s and as fast as it opens, the app closes. I can’t access the app. I’m using an iPhone 12Pro and iOS 14.1.


The forgot button does not help at all.


Checkin through web portal works, so emocha account definitely exists, but app login does not work at all. After multiple app download-delete-download cycles and many Reset Password requests, the app does nothing but generate “Incorrect username or password” errors even after the password has been reset. Login does nothing but fail.