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Love 365 is your portal to otome romance!

300 gorgeous men are vying for your heart!
Which of them will sweep you off your feet? The choice is yours!
Have a new guy for every day of the week, or stick to just one man!
Find the perfect ikemen for you!

Over 5,000 episodes, stories, and situations!
Experience heart-melting first kisses,
passionate nights, or even explosive adventure!
Your life is about to get a whole lot more exciting!

Your Romance, Your Way!

【About the Monthly Access Pass】
・Subscription period: A full month after payment is made.
・Stories available for Pass Holders: Any three stories from the app. **Restrictions may apply
・New stories that can be acquired with Monthly Access Pass: 20-30 per month
・Monthly cost of subscription: $8.99 USD

*Subscriptions will automatically renew
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Why can’t I see my cariter


I want to admit I have a love-hate relationship with this app. I like how all stories are in one place so I don't have a bunch of apps on my homescreen. It took me a while to find this app though. I was interested because Kissed by the Baddest Bidder was my very first otome game. After it was removed, I did research and learned I can still read it on this app. I was introduced to many new interesting stories that I otherwise would not have read or known about if it were in a standalone app. I dislike is the coins/hearts system. It's time consuming to save up enough free coins to buy a single story. I probably spent more time watching ads than reading stories. It's even harder to save up hearts - I heard we can get free hearts with the daily roulette, but I think that option was removed before I learned of this app. I would love for it to be added back in now that I'm collecting the Collector's Campaigne for Tokyo Love Hustle. I would love to read more Love Choice stories if hearts are easier to collect. What I do like is how the coins/hearts are at a fixed price and easy to calculate in the store (I'm using USD, which is 100 coins/10 hearts for $1. I don't kow how the prices are in other currencies). One other thing, several months ago, my Android device broke so I had to redownload it on my Apple device. I was saving up coins until there was a sale but it was gone because of the different operating systems (I had around 550. They were all free, so months of watching ads went down the drain). I wish there was a way to prevent this from happening. Thank you for making this wonderful app. I hope you'll consider my suggestions.


I am way too involved with fictional men. I need help


Guy can be rude and toxic at the beginning but he’s hot so yeh


I’m a huge sucker for childhood friends and I’ve followed my last first kiss for years since it was first released! Too bad I’ve lost all of my previous data on it’s standalone app, but I’m so glad voltage came back with Love 365 while releasing the story on Nintendo. I purchased the digital copy of the game and realized some contents are still missing. So I made my way back to the mobile app! Love the preview of season 4 and 5. Adorable kids they have!! 🤩🤩😍 Please make more and keep updating the series if you can!


I have played Voltage games for 10 years, and there is a major variety of stories that can be chosen to enjoy. Compiling them all onto one app makes the process much easier and the system is very F2P friendly compared to when we had to pay for all stories up front. I also enjoy that Voltage is bringing some of its classic titles that were previously untranslated to the app; I definitely appreciate that. I also enjoyed the English branch’s works in Lovestruck app, however that app is shutting down. I hope Love 365 will archive the Lovestruck stories onto this app for that audience. And of course I look forward to the new releases offered by Love 365!


At first I didn’t like the app. I didn’t like that they compiled all of their stories into one app, but over time it grew on me. I’ve read a lot of their stories and I’ve gotta say they are some of the BEST ones I’ve ever read. These stories are perfect for people wanting to escape into a fictional world where you are the main character. I love voltage. ❤️❤️❤️


Overall a well written story but not being able to have as good of an ending because I have to spend money for points is a little ridiculous. Other wise the art and storyline is great!


I love this game there is no problem but I have a question. Can you see your self? I do not know because I love stories that are romance and love when you can see your self plz tell me if you can cause but that’s it that’s all Love the game


I downloaded these weird apps for a joke but this is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting I’m disappointed


I really want all of the original stories to be added with their original storylines/music too. I so badly miss Pirates in Love (American version). I can’t find or read the story anywhere, please bring it back. I would so greatly appreciate it!


I enjoy the stories! I haven’t had a problem yet but I would really like to say the soundtracks for the stories be HITTIN’ 😂😂. I wish I can download them.


I like a lot of the stories, but the app UI is abysmal. There should be a way for me to access all my purchased stories and be able to sort them. There isn’t - the purchased section includes all stories I’ve ever read including the ones I haven’t purchased but read as a weekly free story. It also shouldn’t be this difficult for me to search for a specific title or LI. Honestly, I’d probably give a 4 if not for the UI. The coin stories in later seasons and in the newer games are literally 1/3 to 1/2 of the length they used to be for the same price. And the LC are misleadingly expensive. One star off for this.


the VIP rooms used to be free now i have to pay $8.99 to have it.


I liked it at first, but I think that there should be gender neutral options/other gender options in the game, and be able to chose your pronouns too.


There is sex in this game like probably 12 yolds play this and see it like take it out!!!!!


I am a LONG TIME Voltage reader and supporter. I played so many voltage games. Ones from over 8-10 years ago. But it’s just hard to see how they’ve taken the stories and characters that I loved, away. I remember playing games like Be my princess, Be my princess 2, Love letters from thief X, Kissed by the baddest bidder, My forged wedding, Her love in the force, Our two bedroom story, and so much more when there were all their own app and you had to pay once for the characters story that you wanted to read and you could read it all in one sitting if you wanted too. You didn’t have to wait a whole day just to read the next chapter of the story for free. It feels like the company has gotten more money hungry than what they used to be. Now you have to either play for the characters EVERY CHAPTER, (which ranges from 15-20, or more chapters), and you have to pay if you want to continue reading. It’s so sad to see these past games be stripped from us and put into one app that requires so much money to read them. It used to be $5.00 (USD) for the entire characters story then another $5.00 if you wanted to read the sequel and it’s times like these when I look back on what Voltage Inc used to be and get sad. I wish you would make these games the way they used to be and not be so motivated by money. So many people were willing to pay for every character and every sequel from each app and, to me, the experience has been ruined by this. I miss how it used to be. I wish you would listen to your long time supporters on this too.


It doesnt download


as a real true Christian I do enjoy the game because of the romance but what I don’t like is the characters disrespecting God and Jesus Christ and it seems like the owners of the game must be atheists or something I’m sorry I think most of the characters are just devil worshipers in the characters are kind of mean and rude and nasty to very rapist and controlling and does make the MC do whatever they want her to do it makes the MC seem dumb and not smart and I wonder do some women in japan really act that way? I’m in American some of your games look crazy because the way the characters are in some of your games attitudes are terrible.


every time i open the app to read the daily story and i exit out before reading or my app crashes, there’s no way for me to access it again. it’s either i read it ALL immediately or i lose it. just the other day, i was reading my daily story from “our two bedroom story” and i read through only half of the free episodes before my app crashed. i have no idea how the story ended and i’m not too sure where to find it through the app now because it was a story collection(?) so i can’t even purchase it :( the overall layout of the app is also very confusing. more improvements should be made to make it easier for the readers to navigate and find stories.