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Shelter for survival Game DESCRIPTION

The town is surrounded by walking corpses, you’re the only surviving sheriff in town, and there’s a shelter, and the story starts here

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指挥官!城外丧尸大军来袭,请您指挥,一起击退他们! 【末日求生】 全球病毒蔓延,人类苦不堪言,稍不留神就有可能成为城外行尸走肉的一员。这样的环境下,我们只有确保拥有足够的物资才能让我们在这个充满危机的世界生存下来。作为指挥官,你的首要职责就是建立家园,保护你的人民。带领城内的人民生存,与丧尸抗衡,重拾人类文明之光! 【重建家园】 生存只是末日的第一步,作为指挥官你必须带领你的人民建立城堡抵御丧尸! 城堡内的规划非常重要,军事、发展、生活都要划分区域,有条有理。 居民所当然是首先要完成的,还有粮田、石油、军事、科技等。是时候展现你的规划能力了! 【寻找伙伴】 末日之下,只有报团取暖才能更好地生存! 找寻幸存者,让他们追随你并成为你有力的后盾! 找寻变异体,一起招募战将为你所用,征战末日! 找寻守护者,他是你守卫家园的最强战斗力! 【等价交换】 不管在怎样的环境下,贸易物资永远是必需品,贸易商店可以为你提供各种物资兑换。 但是物资并不是你都能廉价获得的,你必须发挥你的智慧,用最少的资源去换取最多的物资。 末日之下,人类并没有丧失对生的希望,人类的文明也不会就此消失。而你,注定会成为带领人类重拾文明的那一道光!
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When gathering with friends, when you are bored in your spare time, you may as well have a "reverse challenge" with your partner! You can use the recording as a puzzle, and play back the recording to guess the puzzle for you, and use the reverse control of the sound to increase more happiness for the party! App introduction One click recording is supported: -Support recording and recording playback -One touch playback for recording -Support one click sharing, easy to share with friends around -Simple operation, fool operation, one click voice generation -Simple, efficient and fashionable --Support text to voice Related subscriptions 1) Free 3-day trial 2) 0.99 $/ week 3) 2.99 $/ month 4) 19.99 $/ year 5) Payment: the user deducts the payment through iTunes account, and the payment will be made after the user confirms the purchase 6) Renewal: users' iTunes accounts will be charged within 24 hours before expiration to increase the subscription period 7) Cancel renewal: to cancel the renewal, go to "iTunes Store and app store"> click "app ID", go to "account settings" page,..
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Gameplay: Everyone puts their finger on the screen. After clicking Start, a person will be selected and the selected person will be punished. 【Features】 1. Support everyone to tap the screen continuously without having to let go of their fingers. 2. Easy to operate in one second 3. Unlimited number of players 4. No need to network, you can play games anytime, anywhere 5, friends, family, party best game 6. Now come to the game and have a fierce and exciting match with your friends! ! !
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Last day Shelter for survival
The town is surrounded by walking corpses, you're the only surviving sheriff in town, and there's a shelter, and the story starts here
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Description of playing method: the ball will randomly enter the screen from different directions. Tap the screen to exchange the positions of the two balls, so that the ball of the same color will collide. One point

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The game itself looks great but even if it says it had english, half the game is still non-english so I can’t navigate it


English version for 5 stars. (Edit: Hey great job thanks for English so here's your 5 star!)