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Fixed sending 180 twice


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ReachUC is a unified communications client that brings all the features of your business desk phone to your mobile phone and desktop.



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App works wonderfully on our VoIP system!


Please, immediately fix the issue where calls come through when the app is closed and not in use. Calls are coming through on days I am not working and not using the app.


This has got to be one of the most frustrating apps I have ever dealt with. When you try to call people, all it does it keep showing error and won’t complete the call. Then you send text and it won’t go through at times. If I could give it 0 stars, I would. I am not the only one who feels this way. Other ones that also try to use this app complain of the same thing. I never give bad reviews because I try to give one a chance, but this is just a really bad app. I hope the developers listen and try to solve the problems.


I have been using this app at work with no problem and all of a sudden no calls are coming in. IDeleted the app and brought it back and still is not working right???


New SMS messages won’t come in unless you restart app


The app works good for calls. Recently even after the most recent update then when I want to send a text message I need to write my message elsewhere and then copy it and paste it into the ReachUC message body because if I try to send a message when the after adding text to the message body then the keyboard doesn’t go away and I cannot tap the send message button.


Needs a voicemail feature instead of having to dial a number to access your messages also needs an option to log off when you’re not using it. The DND feature where you turn off calls for a period of time is confusing to use.


My company transitioned to this cloud based platform to streamline the virtual workplace. The concept is wonderful, but the actual configuration of the system is terrible. There are consistent delays between answering calls and the calls actually being connected, or the communication itself lags between each end of the call resulting in echoes. I work out of the browser, desktop app or mobile app depending on my needs for the day. I find the browser works the best but still not great. All 3 apps fail to communicate with one another yet they all use the same account credentials which is frustrating. After updating the Mobile app, I no longer have microphone permissions. When I go to settings, privacy, microphone to try and approve, the app isn’t listed for requesting permission to access. I would love this system if it ever truly worked the way it was designed or even portrayed. Great concept, needs major improvements!


I used this for work cause lots of problems to my iPhone 11 Pro Max this is not iOS 14 compliance and should be removed from the store. Every time I receive a call it screws up my phone that I need to shut down my phone and restart it whenever I receive calls they will get messed up thanks to this app. Fix it or it should be removed


When answering from my cell phone, it only works about half the time... if that! Calls get dropped when I hit answer


I’ll start by saying I’m a phone vendor so I’ve tried at least a dozen soft phone apps usually only to be disappointed due to glitchy, QoS, not user friendly, and other reasons. When I first started using ReachUC I thought “meh, ok kind of generic, but let’s give it a try”. Man was I wrong!! Super user friendly, I’ve rarely dropped any high quality call, feature rich, diagnostics, and super customizable!! From voice, video, and text capability to personal ringing schedules, faxing, multi-number SMS/MMS management, this app has it all! With 3 Softphone apps on my device now this is my “go to” app!! Get it, try it, and adjust as necessary and most of all it’s on the geo-redundant SkySwitch Netsapiens platform that is rock solid and gives me the ability to analyze even a customers ReachUC calls if a problem reported to pinpoint the issue and resolution. If I were an inbred I’d give it three thumbs up!!!!


I absolutely hate this app. No matter what, any outgoing calls I try to make get dropped mid conversation while I’m at work. VERY FRUSTRATING.


We’ve been using the app for a year but more since the pandemic as most, working remotely. Very poor reception - it’s not the wifi connection either.


Every other call is dropped and it messes up my phone! Please make this app better!


Since the last update EVERY call rings my phone. Bad part is my phone is in DND mode. This also means EVERY call interrupts anything I am doing at the time of the call!!! Love the app. HATE this feature. Very annoying!!!!!


On this new version the call history shows up on the “iPhone”history even when app is closed and on DND. (Not just in App). Please patch. Thx.


We just switched to this app over the weekend, and I use my IPad for office calls. The app is not doing full screen, which is quite annoying.


Works awesome I like the design


It good (not great) when it works. But all too often it does NOT work. Anyone find a better app for this purpose?


This app is great for working from home or outside the office. It has Callkit integration for a smooth iOS experience and even recognizes my Bluetooth audio sources automatically, where as other apps I have tried did not.